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1933 Old Workshop

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In 1933, the old workshop used to be the slaughterhouse of the former Shanghai Bureau of work. In 1933, it was funded and built by the Bureau of work. It was designed by balfos, a famous British designer. The pharmaceutical factory of Shanghai Bureau of work built by a well-known Chinese builder at that time was officially completed at Shajing Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. Building area: about 31700 square meters, number of floors: 5, structural mode: reinforced concrete structure.
Location of 1933 laochangfang, Hongkou District, Shanghai, opening hours: 9:00-22:00, scenic spot level AAA ticket price free of charge, city of the people's Republic of China, Shanghai, suggested 2 hours of playing time, suitable for all seasons
  • Real estate parameters
Rent: 4.5-5.5 yuan / m2 / day
Property fee: 18 yuan / m2 · month
Property area: Hongkou District
Property address: No.29, Shajing Road
Property type: Creative Park
Floor clear height: 2.9-4.2m
Delivery date: February 2008
Developer: SAIC Group; zhongtruss Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd
Property company: zhongtruss Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd
brief introduction
Building name: slaughterhouse of former Shanghai Bureau of work
Building location: No. 611, Liyang Road, Hongkou District
Designer: British designer balfos
Builder: Shanghai yuhongji construction factory
Protection grade: tentatively determined as class IV Protection Building
Building area: about 31700 square meters
Number of floors: 5
Structural mode: reinforced concrete structure
  • Historical survey
According to historical records, the building and equipment of the slaughterhouse cost more than 3.3 million yuan of silver, all of which are made of concrete structure imported from Britain. The wall is about 50 cm thick, and the hollow form is used in the middle of the two-story wall. In the 30's lacking advanced technology, the temperature control is realized by using the physical principle cleverly, and the lower temperature can be maintained even in the hot summer This building was foresight and advanced in the process design. Style and style: the architecture of the old workshop in 1933 integrates the characteristics of the East and the West. The overall architecture can be seen in the Brazilian style of ancient Rome, while the basic structure of the outer and inner circle also implies the traditional concept of "heaven and place" in the Fengshui theory of Chinese Fengshui "No beam floor", "umbrella column", "corridor bridge", "spiral staircase", "NiuDao" and many other characteristic buildings are integrated, and the infinite changes of light, shadow and space present a unique architectural work. Different seasons, different times, different angles, you can always appreciate the different customs of 1933 old square.
The whole building style is simple and unadorned. Only by careful observation can we feel the original designer's ingenuity from its seemingly inadvertent fine decoration details. Such a smooth production process, precise housing structure and excellent architectural design, appeared in Shanghai nearly a hundred years ago, which is a pioneer. Even at that time, there were only three slaughterhouses of this size in the world, and 1933 old farm was the only existing intact building, and there was no way to find any other.
  • historical background
In 1933, the old workshop was originally a slaughterhouse of the former Shanghai Bureau of work. After it was changed into a creative industry cluster area, it inherited the original structural system and spatial relationship. Because of its own historical background and architectural characteristics, it was endowed with unique charm. The architecture that witnessed how the old industrial factory buildings were reborn is reviving in the era of art awakening. The building, built in 1933, has a unique spatial layout, which is round inside and outside. The square factory area surrounded by four buildings in the southeast and northwest is connected with a 24 sided main building in the middle through stairs. The whole building is high and low, with corridors circling. The design is as precise as a maze, but the order is clear. The processing workshop adopts "beamless floor", which was a very advanced technology at that time. Shanghai is the center of fashion performance, release, display, trade, design, service, consumption and leisure, which promotes regional economic development with tourism; it forms interaction with the change of the North Bund of Hongkou District, and becomes a regional tourism featured product with unique characteristics; it becomes an important featured base to undertake the residence, tourism and consumption of Expo tourists.
  • Architectural background
In 1931, the Ministry of work purchased land at Shajing Road, Hongkou. A modern slaughterhouse was completed in November 1933 and put into use in January 1934.
In 1933, the old workshop was funded by the Ministry of works of the public concession, designed by British designers and built by famous Chinese builders at that time. The whole building can be seen that the designer of Brazilian style in ancient Rome perfectly combined the construction process with the industrial production process, and all cement was imported from the UK, which is very solid. The builder builds the blueprint into a magnificent and vigorous building entity with high professional level. It was the three parties with the official, international and domestic background of the concession that jointly created the amazing work -- the slaughterhouse of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of work.
No. 29, Shajing Road, opposite to the street of laochangfang in 1933, covers an area of about 1.5 mu. It was built in 1935. The whole building is a three-story (partial four story) reinforced concrete frame structure. Its chimney base and the whole treatment workshop have a typical baroque architectural style.
  • Builder
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