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M50 Creative Park

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M50 Creative Park is located in Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai. The original M50 creative park is Shanghai Chunming coarse textile factory. It has been transformed into an art creative park since 2000. In July 2011, Shanghai Chunming woolen mill was renamed Shanghai M50 cultural and Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd., covering an area of about 36 mu From 2008, the management of fashion business department of Shanghai Textile Group and M50 Creative Park put forward innovative ideas for the brand construction of M50, that is, from subject to object, from entity to carrier, aiming to take M50 Creative Park as the basis, make full use of the park's resource gathering ability and resources, put M50 to a higher level, as a "art, creativity, life" Live "as the core value of the brand to create.
Chinese name M50 Creative Park foreign name M50 geographical location: No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai Art Creative Park covers an area of 34.45 mu, opening hours: 10:00-18:00, scenic spot level AAA class ticket price free of charge, China's city, Shanghai City, recommended 3 hours of playing time suitable for all seasons
  • Traffic information
  • transit
Take bus No.76 and No.105 (get off at Macao Road Station of Changhua Road and turn right to Moganshan Road 200 meters north), No.63, no.941, no.966 and no.922 (get off at Jiangning Road Station of Changshou Road and turn left to Changhua Road about 100 meters east and turn right to Moganshan Road about 500 meters straight), No.9, No.68 and No.112 (get off at Macao Road Station of Jiangning Road and cross Changhua Road East and enter Moganshan Road) , tunnel line 3, airport line 5 (new passenger station)
  • metro
Take subway line 1, line 3 and line 4 to Shanghai railway station, exit from South Square, walk from Hengfeng Road to Tianmu West Road to Changshou Road, walk along Suzhou River through Changshou Road bridge to Moganshan Road, or get off at Zhongtan Road station, go straight to Zhongtan Road, turn left through Luqiao to Moganshan road. Get off at Jiangning Road Station of Metro Line 13, go straight east along Changshou Road for about 400 meters, and then go north along West Suzhou River Road for 500 meters.
  • Park profile
M50 is located at No. 50, Moganshan Road, the peninsula on the South Bank of Suzhou River. It covers an area of about 41 mu, with a building area of 41606 square meters. It has more than 50 industrial buildings in various historical periods from 1930s to 1990s. It is the most complete national industrial building heritage preserved by Suzhou River. M50 was a family enterprise of Zhou family, one of the representatives of modern Huizhou merchants. After liberation, it was renamed as Shanghai 12th wool textile factory and Shanghai Chunming coarse textile factory.
According to the need of Shanghai textile industrial structure adjustment, Chunming factory stopped the production of the original main business from the end of 1999. Since 2000, through the construction and format adjustment of urban industrial parks, artists' studios, cultural and art institutions and design enterprises with visual arts and creative design as the main body have been gradually introduced, and gradually become one of the creative parks with symbolic significance in Shanghai.
In recent years, M50 art industrial park has introduced more than 140 artists' studios, galleries, higher art education and various cultural and creative institutions in 20 countries and regions. At present, it has high-quality customers such as xiangner, Huafu art, Minami graphic, jipintang, 99 Art Center of Shanghai University, Art College of Fudan University, and half awning. In terms of the selection of enterprises, M50 always follows the orientation of the park and introduces the influential institutions in the field of cultural creativity. The presence of these institutions creates a strong artistic and creative atmosphere along the Suzhou River and attracts many collectors, media, celebrities, art lovers, citizens and tourists at home and abroad.
  • Activity overview
M50 creative park has successively held and participated in the 2005 Shanghai International Clothing Culture Festival, fashion week, fashion night, Shanghai Suzhou River · 2007 cultural and creative industry forum, "sharing the Olympic sentiment, all the way to excellence" to cheer for the Olympic athletes, creativem50 annual creative emerging review, M50 Gallery joint opening, BMW auto show, adicolor Star Charity party, L'Oreal product push A series of fashion activities. The play floating livelihood, which was produced by M50 investment, was put on public performance on October 1, 2008, with nearly 30 performances so far M50 also participated in various training projects such as "welcome the Expo, learn bilingualism", "textile enterprise culture sub concept and Expo knowledge training", "2009 tour guide qualification training" and so on.
In 2016, the activities held in the creative park included "shuffle" 2016 youth art project, "Le Hua" long face and Zhao Muyang media art exhibition, "Taohua island" Wu Xiaoshen works exhibition, "five centimeters off the ground" Qiu Shijie solo exhibition, "Yuexing cup · Suzhou River Tourism Souvenir creative design competition", "M50 college students entrepreneurship market", etc.
  • M50 art season
From July to September, the M50 art season is based on the M50 Art Industrial Park, in which there are 64 galleries and art institutions, 117 artists from different countries and regions, and more than 137 exhibitions will be held during the art season The "M50 Award" is a revision and upgrading of the "M50 Award for creative talents" which has been held for 8 years. Combined with the past and the competition experience, it expands the perspective of attention from the original school students to the young artists and designers, and projects the focus on the future development of the young artists and designers after the selection.
  • Event summary
In 2001, Xue Song, the first artist, put his studio in No. 50, Moganshan Road
In 2002, xianggena Gallery, donglang art and other first galleries, Ding Yi, Zhang enli and other artists entered the park at No. 50, Moganshan Road
In 2003, the queen of Belgium visited No.50 Park, Moganshan Road
Time magazine Asia 2004


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