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Shanghai Peace Park

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Shanghai Peace Park, located at No. 1131, Dalian Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, was built in 1958, covering an area of 264 mu, including 50 mu of water area. It is a comprehensive park characterized by Chinese natural landscape garden style and a national AAA level tourist scenic spot. Shanghai Peace Park is divided into three scenic spots, namely scenic area, animal viewing area and children's entertainment area.
Chinese name Shanghai Peace Park foreign name Shanghai Peace Park geographical location no.1131 Dalian Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai climate type subtropical monsoon climate covers an area of 264 Mu opening time 5:00-21:00 (summer time) 6:00-21:00 (non summer time) scenic spot level national AAA level scenic spot ticket price free famous scenic spots Animal Island
  • Historical evolution
  • Newly built
The predecessor of Shanghai Peace Park was a desolate small village. During World War II, many Jews were exiled in the tiranqiao area of Shanghai, China (at that time, peace park belonged to the tiranqiao area). After the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, Hongkou was occupied by the Japanese army. At that time, the Japanese aggressor army built six air raid shelters as ammunition depots in the present park.
After liberation, in order to benefit the people, the party and the government transformed the land that had suffered from war into a paradise for the people.  Relying on the people to dig lakes, build mountains and plant trees here, a comprehensive park with beautiful scenery and beautiful mountains and rivers has been built. The park was named "basket Park" because it was located in Tilanqiao District, Hongkou District. In 1959, in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, and to educate future generations to never forget history and love peace, "basket Park" was renamed "Shanghai Peace Park".
  • Reform
In recent years, great development has been made in the construction and management of the park. The municipal governments have invested a lot of money to adjust and reconstruct the scenic spots in the park, build mountains and rivers, improve the environment, increase more than 30 kinds of new plant varieties, pay attention to the construction of scenic spots, and enrich the varieties of plants and the colors of scenic spots. Reached the winter plum floating fragrance, spring peach red willow green flowers, summer lotus pond, autumn sweet scented osmanthus intoxicating realm. Especially along the second gate of Xingang Road, Heping Park, through green reconstruction, now the green environment is elegant and colorful, with rich plant communities, 47 plant species, spring flowers and autumn colors, and new landscapes with ecological and technological characteristics, which are welcomed and loved by the majority of tourists and citizens.
Shanghai Peace Park is also people-oriented, and often works with the tourist community to organize educational, ideological, artistic, interesting and entertaining activities. The general tourists and citizens participate in the cultural and sports display and performance activities, and build a harmonious garden atmosphere, which is welcomed and loved by the general people, especially the majority of young people. Peace park has its own characteristics both in the cultural background and in the garden environment. It belongs to a comprehensive park which is free and open to the outside world in Shanghai.
  • Garden scenic area
  • Characteristics of scenic spots
Shanghai Peace Park is a comprehensive park with Chinese natural landscape garden style. It is designed by Chen Lifang, senior engineer of Shanghai landscape design. There are baihuaguan, waterside pavilions and stone boats in Heping Park, which can reflect the characteristics of Chinese classical architecture, for tourists to enjoy tea near the lake. Park mountains, water, buildings, plants, configuration complement each other, beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery.
  • Main attractions
The park is divided into three scenic spots, namely scenic area, animal viewing area and children's entertainment area. The scenic spot is rich in plant communities, with luxuriant forests and bamboos, and beautiful environment. The ecological animal island is surrounded by water and covers an area of about 10 mu. There are more than 60 kinds of animals in the park, such as lion, tiger, bear, leopard, birdsong forest, etc. The diversity of biology makes the park show the harmony between human and nature.
  • Animal Island
Peace Park, which has been built for 50 years, has undergone the largest transformation since September 2007. Before the renovation, the park issued 1000 consultation forms to tourists, and 96% of the citizens asked to keep animals. For this reason, the park decided to transform the bird island around the lake into an ecological animal island. African lions, Amur tigers, brown bears, leopards, monkeys, white cheeked gibbons, sika deer and birds, which were originally scattered in captivity, moved to the island for free breeding. In 2008, the Spring Festival opened to the public. Shanghai Peace Park is the only park in Shanghai except Shanghai Zoo where animals are displayed. The whole ecological animal island covers an area of about 10 mu and is surrounded by water. On the west side of the island, there is a unique bridge to enter the ecological animal Island, from which tourists can enter the island to watch animals. In tiger, lion, bear, leopard and other animal sanctuaries, there are transparent plexiglass viewing windows on the fence. Young children can see the animals when standing, so as to avoid the insecurity when adults hold children to watch. The park has also set up a special sewage treatment pipeline to discharge animal manure to avoid pollution of the island and lake water.
On the east side of the island, a long wooden bridge has been built. From the bridge pavilion at gate 2 of the park, the two sides of the lake are connected into a winding and undulating bank. On the inner side, a wetland covering one fifth of the island has been increased. The wetland will be planted with ornamental plants such as lotus, water lily, rushes, flower leaf reed, etc., and the small white goose and other animals will be raised on the water surface to enhance the ornamental effect. In addition, some fruit trees will be added to the plant configuration of the ecological animal island to create the visual effect of spring flowers and autumn fruits, reflecting the characteristics of "biodiversity" of the ecological animal island.
The opening hours of ecological animal island are 9:00-16:00 (15:30 stop admission)


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