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Shanghai Grand Theatre

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Shanghai Grand Theatre is located at No. 300, Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai. It is adjacent to Shanghai Museum in the south, Huangpi North Road in the west, people's Park and Shanghai History Museum in the north, and Shanghai Municipal People's Government in the north of the central axis of people's Square in the East.
Shanghai Grand Theatre covers an area of about 21000 square meters, with a total building area of 70000 square meters and a total building height of 40 meters. It has 10 floors. It is a cultural landmark building in Shanghai. It has performed opera, musical, ballet, symphony, chamber music, drama, opera and other large-scale performances and variety shows.
From 2000 to 2017, Shanghai Grand Theatre won the title of "Shanghai civilized unit" for nine consecutive times; in 2004, Shanghai Grand Theatre was named as "national cultural industry demonstration base"; in 2006, Shanghai Grand Theatre won the "China's best theater operation Gold Award"; in 2008, Shanghai Grand Theatre passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
Shanghai Grand Theatre, No. 300 Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai, climate type, subtropical monsoon climate, covering an area of 21000 square meters, building area of 64000 square meters, height of 40 meters, floors of 10
  • Evolution of construction
In 1993, Shanghai Grand Theatre, as a part of the cultural center of the people's Square, was put on the agenda and located on the west side of the Shanghai municipal government building.
On October 1, 1994, the first pile was built in Shanghai Grand Theatre.
On July 17, 1995, the construction of Shanghai Grand Theatre was officially started.
On August 27, 1998, Shanghai Grand Theatre officially opened.
In November 2013, the Grand Theatre of Shanghai Grand Theatre was overhauled.
In April 2014, the small and medium-sized theatres of Shanghai Grand Theatre opened after renovation.
  • architectural composition
Shanghai Grand Theatre covers an area of about 21000 square meters, with a total building area of 70000 square meters and a total height of 40 meters. It is divided into 8 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground. The Shanghai Grand Theatre consists of three theaters: large, medium and small. It has Ticket Center, Ballet Rehearsal Hall, band rehearsal hall, VIP Hall, exhibition hall, art shop, coffee bar, banquet hall, parking garage and other auxiliary facilities. At the top of Shanghai Grand Theatre, the steel structure is used to reduce the self weight, and six transparent columns are used to support the top cover which is tilted to the sky; at the bottom, the concrete structure is combined into different plates, with gaps in the middle, so as to facilitate the insertion of the steel structure.
The Grand Theatre
Shanghai Grand Theatre is mainly composed of gold and red colors, mainly performing opera, symphony, ballet, drama and other large-scale performances.  The auditorium is about 1000 square meters, 19.5 meters high, divided into three levels of stands, with 1631 seats in total. The overall design, from the building structure to the decoration materials, meets the requirements of building sound. Meyersound's loudspeaker and surround sound are used.
The front edge of the stage of the Grand Theater is a music pool that can accommodate 100 Orchestra on-site accompaniment, with an area of 140 square meters and a depth of 2.7 meters. It can be raised as an extension of the stage, making the stage as deep as 50 meters. It can also be adjusted to the ground height of the auditorium, adding four rows of seats to accommodate more audiences.
Waagner Biro control system is adopted in the full-automatic mechanical stage of the Grand Theater, which can be used for translation, lifting, tilting, rotation, ladder and other transformations. The total area of the zigzag stage is 1700 square meters, including the main stage (728 square meters), the left and right stages (270 square meters each) and the back stage (360 square meters, with two rotating platforms with diameters of 17 meters and 10 meters respectively). The floor of the stage surface is made of flat cypress imported from the United States, as well as the elastic wood floor and adhesive tape specially used for ballet performance. There are 82 suspenders, 40 lifting points, 3 light bridges, 2 light poles and 1 two curtain hanging on the top of the stage. The lighting adopts etc (electronic theatre controls) system, with 900 dimming circuits for performance.
Middle Theatre
There is a Chinese Theater on the west side of the first floor of Shanghai Grand Theatre, with walnut as the main color. It mainly performs chamber music, small and medium-sized drama, various public welfare performances and art education activities. The auditorium is divided into two levels of stands, with 575 seats in total.
The stage entrance of the middle theater is 12 meters wide, 6 meters high and 11 meters deep. There is a voice echo board and 25 electric suspenders above. The load capacity of the suspender is about 300kg, the maximum lifting height is 14m, and the maximum lifting speed is 1m / s. There are 5 dressing rooms in the backstage for 50 people to make up at the same time.
Small theatre
There is a small theater on the fifth floor of Shanghai Grand Theatre, which is a "black box theater" with black and gray main colors. It mainly presents small plays of exploration and fashion. There are 220 fixed seats and 80 mobile seats in the venue, which can be combined according to the needs of the performance. The performance area is about 140 square meters. There are 4 dressing rooms in the backstage for 30 people to make up at the same time.
The lobby of Shanghai Grand Theatre covers an area of nearly 2000 square meters and is about 20 meters high, with five floors in total. There are six Austrian crystal chandeliers in the shape of Panpipe hanging above the lobby, named "Blue Danube River". The main color of the lobby is white. The black and white marble floor looks like piano keys. The central pattern is abstract eyes and ears, which symbolizes that it is an art palace to watch with eyes and listen with ears.
The lobby displays paintings and sculptures given to Shanghai Grand Theatre by many world-class artists. The great oil painting "the spirit of rejuvenation" hanging in front of Zhu Dequn was created by the late painter Zhu Dequn for the fifth anniversary of Shanghai Grand Theatre in 2003. It is the largest work completed in Zhu Dequn's art career.

Multifunction Room
There is a multifunctional hall on the west side of the first floor of Shanghai Grand Theatre, which can be used to hold art lectures, press conferences and pre (post) performances. The 400 square meter space can accommodate 100-150 people and is equipped with independent sound system, accompaniment piano, bar, VIP lounge and washroom.
Dressing room
There are nearly 50 dressing rooms (40 large theatres, 5 medium theatres and 4 small theatres) for actors of different sizes in the three theatres of Shanghai Grand Theatre, which can be used by more than 1000 actors at the same time. Among them, the six luxurious dressing rooms of the Grand Theater provide vertical piano, sofa, independent toilet, shower equipment, refrigerator, safe, etc.
Rehearsal Hall
There are many professional rehearsal halls in the backstage area of Shanghai Grand Theatre. The Ballet Rehearsal Hall covers an area of about 250 square meters, and the orchestra rehearsal hall covers an area of about 400 square meters. Both of them are equipped with vertical piano, which can accommodate large dance troupes, bands or chorus groups for rehearsal. In addition, there are laundry room, tea room and business office.
Banquet hall
The banquet hall of Shanghai Grand Theatre is in the shape of a boat, and it is parked on the 8th floor of the Grand Theatre (top floor, entrance of door A1). The banquet hall is composed of a hall of more than 1000 square meters, a VIP Hall and 12 luxury private rooms, which is suitable for holding various large and medium-sized banquets, celebrations, conferences, wedding and other activities.  The main dish is meijiacai of Shanghai, which is also a local delicacy of Jiangnan and all over the country. A panoramic view of Shanghai People's square can be seen from the balcony of the banquet hall.
Exhibition hall
There is a exhibition hall in the central area (G1 or G2 door) on the first floor of Shanghai Grand Theatre, about 1000 square meters. It mainly cooperates with the performance repertoire and all kinds of theme cultural activities to hold public and popular art exhibitions.
There is an art shop on the east side (G2 door) of the first floor of Shanghai Grand Theatre, which is open during performance or opening activities. It mainly deals in gifts designed and developed by the theatre itself, souvenirs around the performances, and art books and audio-visual products such as opera, symphony, dance, drama, art education, art management, artist biography, etc.
Green space
The green space around the Shanghai Grand Theatre is more than 2000 square meters, with hundreds of trees, flowers and plants, mainly including cypress, azalea, Begonia, guayeju, Phnom Penh Chlorophytum, all of which are planted in the shape of musical symbols.
Architectural features
The design scheme of Shanghai Grand Theatre is jointly designed by French architect Xia Bangjie, French architectural design firm Xia Bangjie and East China Architectural Design and Research Institute. The interior design is in the charge of American Stio and tianshevin company. According to the shape design of Chinese classical architectural Pavilion, the roof adopts a white arc with both sides inverted and the sky embracing, which means that the sky is round and The Place is symbolic A huge "cornucopia" of splendid cultures in various countries The facade of Shanghai Grand Theatre is composed of glass and marble, which is crystal clear from top to bottom. It is a combination of modernization and national wind. At night, through the light irradiation, the combination of crystal facade and roof light curtain and the reflection of water light from the fountain reflect each other, turning the whole building into a water crystal palace.
The third generation of glass curtain wall "steel cable glass curtain wall" is selected for the glass curtain wall of Shanghai Grand Theatre, which is characterized by the use of stainless steel cable and stainless steel claw to form a suspension support system, so that the theatre can achieve the effect of hazy day and transparent crystal palace under the light at night. The curtain wall glass also adopts the European high-tech color glaze printing technology, that is, self Light white checkerboards are printed from sparse to dense. The coverage of white checkerboards reaches 95%, which can reflect 30% ultraviolet rays, reducing light pollution and warming effect.


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