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Jinjiang Park

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-02 13:32
Jinjiang Park is the first large-scale modern amusement park in Shanghai, China. It covers an area of 170 Mu and has 40 amusement projects. It is suitable for tourists of all ages and receives about 1 million tourists every year.
In 1998, a total of more than 90 million yuan was invested to build two unique projects of "happy world" and "canyon rafting" with international level, which greatly changed the appearance of Jinjiang Park and significantly enhanced its attraction.
Location of Jinjiang paradise Shanghai, China opening hours: 08:45-17:00 July 13-august 25: 08:45-22:00 entrance ticket price: 60.00 yuan famous scenic spot canyon rafting best travel time 5-6 hours China city Shanghai Minhang District suggested travel time 5-6 hours best season April October Long time
  • Paradise introduction
Jinjiang park is a modern large-scale amusement park with 32 kinds of large-scale amusement facilities. Such as roller coaster, luxury air dance, double deck Trojan, Jinle Shinkansen, Shanghai turntable, etc. Located at No. 201, Hongmei Road, it is the first large-scale amusement park built in Shanghai after the reform and opening up by introducing foreign amusement facilities. It was completed in early 1985 and is subordinate to Jinjiang International Group. Jinjiang park has complete functions and pleasant environment. Jinjiang park is divided into "land world" and "water world". There are 40 amusement projects, which are suitable for tourists of all ages. Each year, it receives about 1 million tourists. The classic entertainment projects and the pleasant environment of Jinjiang park are favored by tourists. Such as Huanyuan train (formerly known as Jinle Shinkansen), double deck Trojan horse, hurricane flying chair, monorail bicycle, bumper car, roller coaster, wave rolling, ghost house, etc Visitors can choose their favorite projects to participate in, get joy in the thrilling atmosphere, exercise courage and wisdom.
"China's first giant Ferris wheel"
"Happy world" is a world of fairy tales. Through modern technology such as sound, light and electricity, it shows the famous fairy tales at all times and in all over the world.
"Canyon rafting" is the transplantation of natural canyon rapids, which can make tourists feel the thrill of rafting in the rapids.
Jinjiang park is located at No. 201, Hongmei Road, southwest of Shanghai. Shanghai Metro Line 1, Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and Shanghai Hangzhou Railway directly reach the park. In addition, more than 20 bus routes in the urban area have stations around the park.
Jinjiang Park covers an area of 110000 square meters, and now has more than 30 large and medium-sized amusement projects. The modern amusement project integrates entertainment, interest, artistic modeling and natural scenery into a whole, bringing leisure fun to tourists. Most of them are imported from abroad. In order to meet the increasing demand of Chinese and foreign tourists for cultural entertainment and fitness, Jinjiang park has constantly added new projects, successively introduced the leading large-scale amusement projects at home and abroad, "happy world", "canyon rafting", and improved the elevated sightseeing train "Jinle new trunk line". In May 2002, China's first 108 meter Ferris Wheel - "Shanghai turntable" project was built, and in May 2003, a large double-layer Trojan horse project was built, which won the favor of Chinese and foreign tourists.
The supporting services of Jinjiang park include: leisure rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, guest rooms, travel agencies and tourism passenger services.  Jinjiang paradise
The park has successively introduced many large-scale amusement items, such as the internationally advanced and domestic first-class "motorcycle roller coaster", "happy world", "canyon rafting", "sounding flying shuttle" (dismantled in 2013), "Shanghai turntable", "double deck horse", "karst cave flying car" (completed in 2005), "motorcycle disco" (completed in 2008), "4D circular screen cinema", etc We have successively built "karst cave", "antique camera building", "volcano theater" and "Shanghai old station". Classic entertainment projects and pleasant park environment are favored by tourists. Catering and shopping services are available in the park. There are Jinlun restaurant, Ledao restaurant and other Chinese and Western restaurants in the park, as well as milk tea house, coffee house and many other fresh cooked food kiosks and cake houses, all of which provide fresh, hygienic delicious food and fast and convenient services. There are many theme shops in the park, selling all kinds of theme featured souvenirs, exquisite gifts, fashionable and popular commodities, amusement toys and various conveniences, so that you can enjoy your play and bring joy and good memories home.
  • corporate culture
Since its opening, the park has been rated as an advanced unit in the national amusement industry, a civilized unit at the municipal level in Shanghai, a civilized unit in the municipal garden, a civilized unit in the Municipal Tourism Commission and Jinjiang Group. Won the first batch of "Shanghai integrity service advanced unit" title.
Jinjiang park is the first large-scale professional amusement park established in Shanghai after the reform and opening up, which was officially opened on February 1, 1985. The park covers an area of 103000 square meters, including more than 30 amusement projects and more than 10 restaurants, tea rooms, coffee houses, gift houses, small supermarkets and retail stores. The park has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. There are more than 30 bus stops around the park to facilitate the distribution of tourists.
The park mainly manages large and medium-sized participatory amusement projects. In order to meet the growing cultural and entertainment needs of Chinese and foreign tourists, the park has successively introduced internationally advanced and domestically first-class "happy world", "canyon rafting", "sounding shuttle", "giant Ferris wheel", "super large double deck luxury horse turning" and "melting"

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