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Shanghai Pudong International Airport

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport (IATA: PVG, ICAO: ZSPD), located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, is about 30 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai. It is a 4f level civil airport. It is one of China's three major composite hubs, a member of the Yangtze River Delta International Air Cargo hub group, a member of the East China airport group, the largest hub airport and gateway in East China Airport.
Shanghai Pudong International Airport was completed in 1999, the first phase of the project was completed and navigable on September 16, 1999, the second runway was officially opened on March 17, 2005, the second terminal and the third runway were officially opened on March 26, 2008, and the fourth runway was officially opened on March 28, 2015.
According to the information on the official website in November 2017, Pudong Airport has two terminals and three cargo areas, with a total area of 824000 square meters and 218 seats, including 135 passenger seats. There are four runways, namely 3800m 2, 3400m 1 and 4000m 1 By the end of 2016, Pudong Airport has attracted 37 airlines to operate the whole cargo aircraft business here, with 31 countries and 112 navigation points for the whole cargo aircraft, taking off and landing nearly 1000 times a week.
In 2017, Pudong Airport handled 70.043 million passengers, 3.8356 million tons of cargo and mail, and 496879 flights. By the end of 2017, 110 airlines had opened regular flights to two major airports in Shanghai, and Pudong Airport connected 297 destinations in 47 countries and regions around the world.
Chinese Name: Shanghai Pudong International Airport foreign name: Shanghai Pudong International Airport Airport Code: IATA: PVG, ICAO: ZSPD navigable date: September 16, 1999 flight area level 4f airport type civil transportation airport area of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China area management of civil aviation East China Area Management Bureau terminal area 824000 square meters (as of September 2017) 218 seats (as of September 2017) 3800 meters 2 runways, 3400 meters 1 runways, 4000 meters 1 runways (4 in total, as of September 2017) 106 domestic routes, 114 international cities (as of the end of 2016) 297 (as of the end of 2017) 70 million passengers (2017) cargo and mail Handling capacity: 3.8356 million tons (2017) take-off and landing sorties: 496900 sorties (2017) operation organization: Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd
Historical evolution
In 1986, Shanghai began to plan Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It was originally planned to be built in Heqing Township, Chuansha county. After technical demonstration, it was found that there were two seismic fault zones under it, so it moved 4.8km southward into Zhuqiao Township and Donghai Township, Nanhui County.
In the 1990s, the central government and Shanghai made a strategic decision to build Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
In February 1994, Pudong airport project entered the stage of Sino Japanese cooperation in the preparation of airport master plan and pre feasibility study.
In July 1994, the Shanghai municipal Party committee and the Shanghai municipal government put forward the construction policy of "improving Hongqiao and speeding up Pudong", and decided to build Pudong airport while renovating and expanding Hongqiao Airport.
In May 1995, Pudong airport construction headquarters was established.
At the beginning of 1996, the proposal for Pudong Airport Phase I project was issued after being discussed and approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.
On May 16, 1996, the terminal area scheme of Pudong Airport Phase I project was awarded the bid by Paris Airport Company of France.
On October 15, 1997, a grand commencement ceremony was held in Pudong Airport, attended by Jiang Zemin and other party and state leaders at that time, and personally laid the foundation for the airport.
From August 17 to 20, 1999, Pudong Airport Phase I project passed the industry acceptance of CAAC.
On September 16, 1999, the first phase of Pudong airport was completed and navigable. After the completion of the first phase of the project, it has met the demand of annual passenger throughput of 20 million people and laid a foundation for the construction of Asia Pacific aviation hub port.
From February 16 to 20, 2003, the international expert review meeting on terminal area master plan and terminal area scheme of Pudong Airport Phase II project was held.
In May 2004, the overall preliminary design plan of Pudong phase II project was determined; in July, the architectural design plan was determined; in September, the formal plan was issued; in October, the initial expansion plan was determined.
On March 11, 2005, Pudong Airport Phase II flight area (the second runway) project passed the acceptance of civil aviation industry.
On March 17, 2005, the second runway of Pudong airport was officially opened.
On December 22, 2005, the general plan of Pudong Airport expansion project was approved by the State Council, and the expansion project was fully started.
On January 15, 2006, all design processes of Pudong phase II project were completed.
From March 6 to 7, 2008, Pudong Airport expansion project passed the industrial acceptance organized by civil aviation administration.
On March 26, 2008, the second terminal and the third runway of Pudong Airport expansion project were officially opened. So far, Pudong Airport has entered a new era of two terminals and three runways operating at the same time, forming a guarantee capacity of annual passenger throughput of 60 million people.
On March 28, 2015, the fourth runway of Pudong airport was officially opened.
On December 30, 2015, the satellite hall project, the main project of Pudong Airport Phase III expansion project, was started and is expected to be completed in 2019.
Construction scale
Construction stages
First stage project

The first terminal of Pudong airport was fully opened in October 1997 and opened to traffic in September 1999. The first terminal has 800000 square meters of aircraft apron, 76 aircraft stands and 50000 square meters of cargo warehouse area. Meanwhile, it is equipped with navigation, communication, monitoring, meteorological and logistics support systems, which can provide 24-hour all-weather services. It is composed of two parts: the main building and the waiting corridor, all of which are three-story structures, connected by two channels, with an area of 278000 square meters, 13 baggage conveyor belts to the port, 28 boarding bridges, and 60000 square meters of commercial catering facilities and other rental service facilities in the waiting building.
First stage expansion
In May 2004, in order to meet the "up to standard" requirement of passenger flow in advance, Pudong Airport started the reconstruction project of the first terminal. The first stage reconstruction of the first terminal mainly includes: increasing 14 international check-in counters to 150 in total, which can basically meet the needs of flight passenger flow in 2005; increasing 30 and 8 international border inspection channels and 8 international security inspection channels to 56 and 19 in total, which can meet the requirements of passing 9000 people in 2-hour peak period, and the second phase of the terminal will be completed and put into use in 2008 Before that, it basically met the needs of flight operation. At the same time, after reconstruction and expansion, there will be four international and three domestic long-distance waiting halls, including two more international ones. The second runway of Pudong Airport is 3800 meters long, parallel to the first phase runway, with a distance of 2260 meters, which can meet the takeoff and landing requirements of A380, the world's largest airliner.
Two phase expansion
The expansion project of Pudong International Airport was started in December 2005, including the construction of the second terminal and the third runway.
Terminal 2
The whole station area of Pudong International Airport Phase II is 780000 square meters, and the building area of the second terminal is 480000 square meters, nearly twice that of the first terminal. It is composed of 414m long and 138m wide main building (divided into three passenger activity floors of "13.6m", "8.4m" and "4.2m") and 1404m long and 42-65m wide front row finger Gallery, which is connected by 70000m2 corridor. There are 42 boarding bridges and 25 switchable stands in the corridor. Moreover, a transportation center with an area of 170000 square meters will be built between the two terminals.
Third runway
The third runway of Pudong Airport is located on the west side of the first terminal, 460 meters west of the first runway. The third runway is 3400 meters long and 60 meters wide. At the same time, two parallel taxiways with the same length as the runway, six fast exit taxiways, six crossing taxiways between the first runway and the third runway are constructed. Designed to meet the use requirements of 4f flight, it can take off and land all kinds of large aircraft including A380.
The three phase project
New East Airport Apron and expansion of South Airport Apron
The South Airport Apron of Pudong airport was put into operation in December 2014, and the East airport apron was put into operation in December 2015. The total investment of the two projects exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, adding 40 parking spaces to Pudong airport. The construction scope of the new East Airport Apron starts from the south side of the vertical connecting taxiway in the north and ends at the expressway in the South; starts from the west-2 smooth of the second runway in the East and ends at the extension line of the east side of the T2 terminal building in the west, with a total investment of 1.13 billion yuan, which was put into operation in December 2015. The South airport apron expansion project is located in the reserved land on the north side of Pudong airport maintenance apron and the south side of the original special airport apron. The west side is adjacent to a runway, and the east side is the reserved land of satellite hall. The total investment of the project is 377 million yuan, which was put into operation in December 2014.
After the completion of the two major projects, the East Airport Apron has increased 34 far parking spaces for Pudong Airport, and the South Airport Apron has increased 6 near parking spaces and 3 taxiways.
T1 terminal reconstruction project
The T1 terminal process transformation project of Pudong airport was completed at the end of 2012, with a new building area of about 68000 square meters, which was put into use in the first half of 2016.
Fourth runway
In November 2013, the fourth runway plan of Pudong airport was approved In 2014, the construction of the fourth runway of Pudong airport began On March 28, 2015, the fourth runway of Pudong airport was officially opened.
Design parameters
Operation situation
Route point
By the end of 2016, Pudong airport had base airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Jixiang airlines, Spring Airlines, etc., and China Southern Airlines, China International Airlines, etc. set up branches in Shanghai. By the end of 2016, two airports in Shanghai had regular flights to 280 destinations in 49 international and regional destinations. Among them, 156 are domestic (including 6 in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and 124 are international. In 2016, Pudong Airport added 14 new international destinations such as Boston, Madrid and Prague, including 2 new pure freight destinations in Miami and Edmonton By the end of 2016, Shanghai Pudong International Airport has opened to 250 cities around the world.
Domestic passenger point
International and regional waypoints
Manual check-in
Check-in time
The check-in time of most flights in Pudong Airport is still 30 minutes before departure. China Southern Airlines and China International Airlines shall check in 45 minutes before departure. The check-in time of domestic flights of China Eastern Airlines is 40 minutes before departure, and that of international flights is 50 minutes before departure. From October 30, 2016, the closing time (i.e. the check-in time) of all international flight counters in Pudong Airport will be advanced from 40 minutes to 50 minutes before the departure of the current flight.
Airline distribution
Convenience facilities
On site enquiry
Business Centre
Luggage Deposit
Lost and found?
medical service
Passenger and freight volume
In 2002, the annual passenger throughput of Shanghai Pudong International Airport exceeded 10 million.
In 2004, the annual passenger throughput of Shanghai Pudong International Airport exceeded 20 million.
In 2009, Shanghai Pudong International

Since January 30, 2016, Shanghai's open ports have implemented a visa free transit policy for 51 countries with valid international travel documents and joint tickets to third countries (regions) within 144 hours. Transit foreigners can choose to enter or exit from Shanghai sea, land and airport ports, and stay for 144 hours without visa in Shanghai Administrative Region.
Since November 1, 2016, Belarus and Monaco have been included in the scope of application of the transit visa free policy, and the number of applicable countries has increased to 53.
Self help entry
In October 2017, the new self-service customs clearance channel for entry frontier inspection at Pudong airport port of Shanghai border inspection terminal was officially put into use, and 23 new terminals were added at Pudong airport T2, which will make it easier and faster for passengers to enter. After the expansion of Shanghai border inspection terminal, there will be 50 self-service entry border inspection channels at Pudong airport port, including 12 T1 and 38 T2 terminals The new self-service channel equipment improves the speed of document reading and personnel information comparison, and the operation interface is simpler and more convenient.
Luggage Ambassador
In February 2018, Pudong Airport launched the first "luggage ambassador" service in China. The staff will take the initiative to arrange the luggage on the luggage carousel in a neat row to help passengers find and pick up their luggage more easily.
Traffic transfer
Airport shuttle bus
Rail transit
Riding position
The taxi station is located at gate 28 of the first floor (arrival floor).
Valuation information
Long distance passenger transport
Rapid transit system
The MRT system of Shanghai Pudong International Airport will be opened in June 2019 and will adopt the world's advanced automatic metro operation and maintenance technology. The completed MRT system of Shanghai Pudong International Airport will connect the existing T1 and T2 terminals with the future S1 and S2 satellite halls. The length of the whole system is 7.8km, with 4 stations in total; 7 94 meter long A-type trains are responsible for operation, and CBTC signal and Automatic Train Control ATC system are used. The line is expected to be opened in June 2019, full day operation, equipped with drivers; the driving interval during peak hours is 4 to 5 minutes, and the annual passenger flow is expected to be 250000.
The MRT system adopts the steel wheel and rail system. Throughout Europe and the United States large airport MRT system, the basic selection of rubber tyred system. Pudong airport uses its own mature technology of subway construction, operation and maintenance in Shanghai. For the first time in the world, the metro vehicle represented by steel wheel and rail is used as the MRT system, breaking the technical closure and monopoly in the international MRT market.
According to the plan, the MRT departs every 5 minutes and operates in a double track pull box mode. Passengers only need to wait for 2.5 minutes at most, plus 3 minutes of operation time. At most, they can arrive at the satellite hall from the terminal in 5.5 minutes.
Cultural tradition
Core values
Strict, precise, cooperative and responsible
Symbolic meaning
On March 18, 2016, Shanghai Airport Group held a new corporate logo release ceremony at T2 terminal of Hongqiao Airport. The new logo is composed of the abbreviation "SAA" of Shanghai airport group. The "s" means Shanghai. The upper and lower letters "a" respectively represent Pudong and Hongqiao Airport, reflecting the characteristics of "one city, two venues and two in one".
In 2014, Pudong Airport ranked fourth in the global airport passenger satisfaction in 2013.
In 2015, Pudong Airport ranked 90th among the top 100 major airports in Skytrax world In the same year, it won the second prize of "airport service quality award" of 2015 International Airport Council.
In 2016, Pudong Airport won the Asia freight and Supply Chain Award, the world's best freight airport award.
Construction planning
During the 13th Five Year Plan period, a new round of construction of Shanghai Pudong International Airport is under way, including the third phase expansion project of Pudong Airport and the revision of the overall planning of Pudong Airport, which is related to the construction projects and planning of the long-term development of Shanghai aviation hub.
Satellite hall project
The satellite hall project is the main part of the third phase expansion project of Pudong Airport, which is composed of two connected satellite halls (S1 and S2), forming an I-shaped overall configuration with an annual design capacity of 38 million passengers. The total investment of the project is about 20.6 billion yuan. The total building area of the satellite hall is 622000 square meters, which is the largest single satellite hall in the world. Its scale is nearly 140000 square meters larger than that of Pudong airport T2 terminal (485500 square meters). The satellite hall adopts the basic section layout of domestic departure arrival mixed flow and international diversion to facilitate the hub operation of the base airlines.  The satellite hall is equipped with 83 fixed ends of various types of boarding bridges, which can provide 86-125 various types of stands and take into account the appropriate reservation in the future. The satellite hall has 6 floors, 5 above ground and 1 underground. From the bottom to the top, there are MRT platform layer (- 7.5m), transfer layer (0m), international arrival layer (4.2m), domestic departure to mixed flow layer (8.9m) and international departure layer (12.8m). It is estimated that after completion in 2019, the annual passenger throughput support capacity of the airport will reach 80 million person times.
Fifth runway

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