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Qing Cun Land Of Idyllic Beauty

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-02 19:00




Qingcun town Taoyuan ecological agricultural sightseeing park, known as "peach garden outside the world", is an ancient name of "Wujia revetment", covering an area of 1200 mu. It was called Fengxian flower and fruit garden as early as 100 years ago. "Bo'an Shuimi peach" is famous in Shanghai for its large fruit, juicy fruit and sweet meat. With the change of time, its unique charm is increasingly shown here. Today's peach garden, in addition to maintaining traditional products, has developed into a flower orchard with four seasons of spring, such as oranges, pears, persimmons, plums, apples, loquats, grapes, flowers and so on. Entering the peach garden, the fruit trees are all green and all kinds of flowers are competing. The park is full of trees, birds and flowers. The clear river flows in yuanzhongwan Bay, which is a beautiful rural scenery.
"Xanadu" makes full use of the advantages of the century old orchard and the natural scenery of Jiangnan Water Town, takes the ecological sightseeing agriculture as the main line and "ancient, native, rare and strange" as the characteristics, and has creatively opened up more than 10 tourism projects such as "wandering bamboo raft, hillside grass skiing, flying kites, visiting the garden, interesting orange picking, fishing in the countryside, archery shooting, riding carriage and brave road".

Tourists bathed in the warm sunshine, riding on the ancient servant's bamboo raft, rowing two oars, leisurely rippling in the green and rippling rivers on both sides of the river; shuttling between the fruit trees with full branches and charming fragrance, picking mature fruits by themselves, sitting in groups under the fruit trees with green eyes, tasting sweet peaches and oranges, breathing fresh outdoor air, as if The feeling of being in a paradise "The forest is deep and the birds live in seclusion. The flowers and butterflies come from it.". Attractive rural scenery, good ecological environment and rich and colorful activities attract many Shanghai citizens. Every year, nearly 100000 Shanghai citizens and students come to Taoyuan for sightseeing.

Teachers and students from Yangpu District Youth Science and technology station, Luwan children's palace, Shanghai high school students' newspaper and the general public have come to visit Taoyuan, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District. Shanghai Guotai film company, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and other units have invested in the construction of leisure resorts. The peach garden in Qingcun, with a history of one hundred years, is becoming a beautiful scenic spot of "ecological tour" in the suburbs of Shanghai.


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