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Shenlong Ecological Park

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It is located at the junction of Qianqiao Town, Qingcun town and Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District, covering an area of 11780.5 mu, involving three towns. It is adjacent to the planned golden coast of Shanghai - Bihai sands.
Shenlong Ecological Park is located at the junction of Qianqiao Town, Qingcun town and Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District. It covers an area of 11780.5 mu. It is open all day. The ticket price is 68.00 yuan. Shenlong field base, a famous scenic spot, is recommended to have a 3-hour tour. It is suitable for all seasons and the best in spring and autumn
  • Main attractions
Economic fruit forest -- on the left side of Forest Avenue. In addition to the Strawberry Garden with the first fruit in spring, there are also vineyards, peach orchards, apple orchards, orange orchards, pear orchards, date orchards, etc. In addition to viewing, you can also enter the orchard to pick seasonal fresh fruits.
"Agritainment" cultural street covers an area of more than 20 mu. It is the second phase of the ecological park project and officially opened in 2007. In the hall of the water restaurant, there are 60 antique eight immortals tables, and private rooms for families and groups to get together. There is a barbecue hall next to the water restaurant, which allows tourists to enjoy the wild barbecue; there is also a conference hall which can receive more than 100 people. Next to the barbecue hall are agricultural and sideline products shopping malls and tea rooms.
Birdsong Island (bainiayuan, amusement park) - bainiayuan is a major feature of Shenlong ecological park. It covers an area of 36 Mu and raises 87 kinds of rare birds at home and abroad, most of which are national second-class protected animals. There are wrens who can sing and starlings who are good at imitating human language. The most common green peacocks in the garden are Yunnan green peacocks, which belong to the first-class protected animals in China. In the waterfowl Pavilion, there are noble and beautiful black and white swans, pairs of multicolored mandarin ducks, cormorants known as "fishing experts", etc. The most favorite is the bird acrobatic performance, more than 30 wonderful programs are dazzling. In addition, there are other leisure projects in the playground, such as raft rafting, pirate ship, ball slide, braver's road, trampoline, island bike, leisure cruise ship, shallow water fishing, etc.
Education and Training Center - the center covers an area of 25 mu and is equipped with many classrooms, multi-functional halls, basketball courts, military training venues and agricultural bases. The living area has restaurants, health care, shops and bathrooms for 500 people. The education and training center has received a large number of students to participate in military training, agricultural labor and social practice activities.
Reception center - the main building in the ecological park, consists of the reception center room department apartment building and three blue villas connected by a long corridor. The yurt shaped restaurant behind Swan Lake is eye-catching and can serve hundreds of people. The square pigeon on the lawn is another beautiful landscape of the ecological park.
Shenlong lake fishing area - the ecological park is crisscross with rivers. There is a Zhenlong Lake covering an area of 700 mu. The nine artificial islets in the lake are paved with green land, the willows are swaying, the pavilions are close to the lake, and stone arch bridges are connected between the islands, forming a wonderful landscape of "lake to island, bridge floating island, people to island, lake, island, bridge, and people painting together".
Ginkgo Avenue -- in 2006, the ecological park purchased 100 ginkgo trees with a price of 30000 yuan each from Guangxi. Walking on the gingko Avenue, I saw the thick gingko trees on both sides, tall and straight, as if the honor guard was welcoming the guests.
On the tortoise shaped artificial island on the north side of gingko Avenue, the eight immortals come to the earth. Afforestation has made great contributions to the present age and benefits the future. It is everyone's responsibility. Shenlong, as a private enterprise, actively invests in afforestation. This diversified investment and afforestation mode, just like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, is exploring a new way for afforestation and ecological city construction in Shanghai.
  • Agritainment
Shenlong Poyuan village is located in the central village of farmers. It is a farm paradise integrating guest rooms, catering and leisure facilities.
At the beginning of the development, Shenlong ecological park implemented a number of preferential measures for the farmers in the park. Tongji University planned and designed the farmers' central village and built a total of 1127 conjoined villas, which greatly improved the living conditions and quality of life of the farmers. There are 17 farmhouse style guest rooms in total, which can be divided into two types, a and B, and can accommodate five and four guests respectively. The standard room of the upstairs suite is spacious with bright decoration, complete facilities and recreation room; the living room and kitchen are downstairs.
  • Cultural Center
Shenlong agricultural culture museum is a building full of the flavor of the times.  Agricultural culture museum is divided into five pavilions: Agriculture Museum (ocean industry, salt industry, fishery, planting industry, animal husbandry, agricultural tools), folk custom museum, bird garden simulation Museum, famous and special products exhibition hall, Modern Agriculture Museum, which display hundreds of kinds of food, vegetables, fruits, livestock, aquatic products, handicrafts products, famous and special products and old agricultural tools in Fengxian area, fully showing the worship The past, present and future of Xian agriculture.
Shenlong agricultural culture museum is a new scenic spot of popular science education because of its originality, knowledge, interest and participation.
  • Tourism information
Admission ticket
(1) half ticket for children under 1.2m
(2) full ticket for children above 1.2m
(3) 80% discount for the holder of the certificate: refers to the old person certificate, retirement certificate, disability certificate, and active serviceman Certificate (for personal use only)
(4) 20% discount for social organizations
Traffic guide
Address: Shenlong village 1, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District (formerly Zhujiang Village)


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