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Yingdong Village Fishing House

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Yingdong village, Chenjia Town, Chongming County, is located at the southeast end of Chongming Island. Since ancient times, Chongming has a good name of "Yingzhou". Yingdong village has become the easternmost village of "Yingzhou" and the first village to welcome the rising sun. Since 1985, under the leadership of Lu Wenzhong, Secretary of the Party branch of the village, the party members and the masses of the village have gone through hardships to reclaim 4200 mu of wasteland and establish a new village mainly for freshwater aquaculture. In 1989, it was named Yingdong village.

Lu Wenzhong, as a legend, was honored as a national model worker in 2002. There are 52 farmers and 174 villagers in the village. In 2002, the total output value of the whole village reached 10 million yuan, the average labor income was more than 20000 yuan, and the per capita income was 10000 yuan and 30000 yuan. Every family lived a good life with plenty of food and clothing. It has become a civilized village in Shanghai and an advanced unit of national spiritual civilization.

Since 2001, a sustainable development road has been planned here. The article on the combination of "agriculture tourism and fishing tourism" has opened up a yujiale eco-tourism project, which has gradually developed into a unique tourism brand in the suburbs. It has rich and colorful contents, lively forms and unique ecological environment, attracting tourists from outside the island. In March 2002, Gong Xueping, director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, wrote an inscription: "Chongming Yingdong ecological village, two civilizations and two harvests". In 2005, it was rated as the national agricultural tourism demonstration site by the National Tourism Administration and other units.
  • One day fishermen
Yingdong village has opened up fishermen and fishing ponds for tourists to carry out activities, prepared fishing tools and performance projects in various forms such as fishing, forking, climbing and catching fish, so that tourists can participate in fishermen's fishing activities, work together with fishermen, and share fishermen's fun. Fishing in East Lake
The East Lake in Yingdong village has hundreds of acres of natural waters. They decided to hold fishing competitions here. The water, the wind and the fish of the East Lake will definitely impress the tourists to the East Lake. Fishing enthusiasts will forget their troubles, eliminate their fatigue and always remember the style of East Lake.
  • Fishing gear Museum
Since 2003, the villagers of Yingdong village have intensively displayed a variety of traditional fishing equipment with fishermen's characteristics, which allows tourists to touch them at close range, so that the tourists can have an eye opening, understand the fishermen's way of life, master fishing knowledge, and appreciate the fishermen's wisdom and hardship. The most peculiar thing is that there is a big flax net, which is composed of 40000 meshes and 40000 knots. Forty thousand meshes are the same size as beans, and forty thousand knots are solid.
High court bird watching
The villagers of Yingdong village build a mud mountain on the Bank of Donghu Lake. There are luxuriant forests and bamboos on the mountain. The green grass on the hillside is always green. The excellent habitat attracts migratory birds such as gulls and herons. At the top of the "yujiale Hotel" birdwatching Pavilion, visitors can enjoy all kinds of birds flying around the mountain with the help of binoculars. They can also overlook the east beach and the East China Sea, watch the sunrise of the East China Sea, and appreciate the change of the sea into a mulberry field and the refinement of life.
Commodity fishermen's banquet
The villagers in Yingdong village are hard-working and hospitable. The fisherman's feast with the characteristics of river, river and seafood is now well-known. The main style of the fisherman's feast in Yingdong village is "fresh, special and beautiful".
Spiritual statue of Chongming Island
On June 25, 2004, Chongming County Party committee and government held the completion ceremony of "spiritual statue of Chongming Island" in Yingdong village. The statue seat faces south, 5 meters high, 7 meters long and 1 or 6 meters wide. The base is reinforced concrete structure. The upper figures are carved from 40 tons of marble. It has become a new landscape of Yingdong village.

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