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Shanghai Guhua Park

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Shanghai Guhua Park is located at No. 220, Jiefang Middle Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District. It starts from Tangnan road in the East, ends at Guhua shopping mall in the west, connects Xinjian East Road in the north and faces Jiefang East Road in the south. The area is more than 100 thousand square meters, designed by Chen Congzhou, a famous architect, and collected from the essence of Jiangnan gardens. It was formally opened to visitors in 1984.
Location of Guhua Park: No.220, middle Jiefang Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters, designer Chen Congzhou
  • Development history
In October 1982, the people's Government of the county reported to the city to build a park with an area of 122000 square meters in Nanqiao town by stages. In March 1983, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of capital construction approved the plan for the construction of the park. In July of the next year, after the first phase of the project was approved by the municipal urban planning and construction administration, the land of Shuguang village and Nanxing village in Jianghai township was expropriated, totaling 51000 square meters. The overall planning and design of the park is in the charge of Sima Quan and Chen Jiukun from the Department of architecture, Tongji University, and constructed by Wuxi garden classical architecture company and Zhejiang Shangyu Gaibei construction company.
The construction started in October 1984. In the following year, 28500 cubic meters of earth were excavated and piled up, 1128 meters of stone revetment, 733 meters of wall, 600 meters of stone slab and elastic stone road were built, 1 ancient bridge was relocated from outside the park, and 11 new arch bridges, flat bridges and curved bridges were built. In 1986, it completed the South Gate Scenic Area, autumn water garden and park management rooms, restaurants and sales department. On October 1 of the same year, the park was initially completed and opened. The name of the park is Fengxian County, which is originally Huating county. It is named Guhua Park. After the opening of the park, construction continued, and Xingyuan scenic spot, children's Park, sannv temple, Huanxiu bridge and Wanghai Pavilion were successively built. By June 1992, the first phase of the project was basically completed, with a total investment of 4.516 million yuan. In the same year, it was renamed Guhua Park.
  • Characteristics of scenic spots
Guhua Park has a unique conception, with pavilions, platforms, buildings and pavilions among small bridges and flowing water, and flowers and trees, forming a beautiful image of Qingming architectural style, which is simple and elegant, quiet, comfortable and complete, and has become a beautiful scenic line of the new tourism trunk line in the suburbs of Shanghai.
Many allusions in Fengxian's history have been collected in the construction of Guhua Park. "Three women's ancestral hall" is a simulation building, which is based on the historical "Wu and Yue contend for needs". Gou Jian, the king of Yue, led his department to approach Suzhou, and the king of Wu ordered his three women to flee to the south. When they traveled to the North Erli of Nanqiao Town, Fengxian, they were afraid of falling into the hands of Yue soldiers and hanging themselves on the spot. A large number of historical buildings, such as "the first bridge in Nantang" and "Xingyuan", have moved in and rebuilt, which makes the ancient Chinese Park show a simple and elegant historical and cultural style.  People are looking for archaeology here. They have different tastes. These "main" scenic spots with profound historical and cultural imprints also attract a number of ancient Chinese parks
Another group of tourists visit the "magnetic field" that makes people forget to return.
  • Main attractions
The park is simple and elegant, with traditional gardening techniques as the main part, imitating natural landscape. The East and west of the park are rectangular. A park lake, which accounts for nearly 17% of the total area of the park, lies in the middle of the park. On the island of the lake, there is a park called autumn water park. In the southeast of the lake, there is another park named Xingyuan. Hubei is the sannugang scenic area, and the west of the lake is the children's play area. There is a square paved with slate outside the south gate, covering an area of 790 square meters. In front of the door stood a pair of stone lions. Inside the door, there is a screen wall, granite base, green glazed tile top, 5 meters high and 14 meters wide. On the front of Zhaobi, there are clear water square bricks, engraved with the name of "ancient Chinese garden" in the book of song Lichang, and inlaid with blue stone relief on the back. The theme is from the Scripture of Fengxian place name, that is, the legend of Confucius' disciple Yanyan coming here to lecture. There is a pool in front of the light wall, covering an area of 96 square meters. In the pool, there are lakeshore peaks. In 1994, there were 25 colored lights and 50 sprayers in the pool. Behind the screen wall is a platform. Outside the platform is a wall spring near the lake. The spring water flows into the lake from five bluestone faucets.
West Lake
Located in the center of the park, it covers an area of about 8000 square meters.  Weeping willows and green peaches are planted all over the lake. There are 11 bridges around the lake and the islands in the lake, all of which are made of granite. Most of the names of bridges are the old ones in the county, such as Qixiu bridge, Jiexiu bridge, Xianghua bridge, Huanxiu bridge, Fushou bridge, etc. The largest one is "the first bridge of Nantang". It was originally located on the East Street of Nanqiao town crossing the nanqiaotang (River). Its original name was Leshan bridge. In the first year of Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty (1736), it was changed to this name. Now the bridge was rebuilt in the first year of tongzhi (1862), with a length of 25.8m, a width of 3M, an arch span of 7.6m, and 27 stone steps on both sides. In front of the wulongbi spring in Hunan, there are three pavilions named Shuixiu, shuinuan and Shuilv standing in the lake, all of which are of square mixed structure, with small green tiles accumulating on the spire, covering an area of 27 square meters. On the side of Biquan, there is an 11 curved flat bridge connecting three pavilions.
Autumn garden
Located on the island of Huzhong, covering an area of about 1300 square meters, it is built to imitate the abandoned autumn water garden in Xizhuang town of the Qing Dynasty by Zhang brothers. There are Nantang first bridge, Xianghua bridge and Jiexiu bridge in the north and south of the island. In the garden, the main building, Chaoran hall, is a three Bay, brick and wood structure, with a single eaves resting on the top of the mountain, covering an area of 137 square meters, and the hall amount is written by Chen Congzhou. In the hall, there are large-scale woodcarvings of "overview of ancient Chinese places of interest" and sculptures of Yan Yan, a student of Confucius. Between the transcendental hall and its south moon Pavilion, the East listening Pavilion, and the West Hanbi Pavilion, the cloister and the whitewall are enclosed into a courtyard, which is connected with the moon cave door and the leaking window. In the center of the courtyard, there are pools and rockeries of Lake rocks, two cinnamon plants and a pomegranate plant over 100 years old. Other places on the island are planted with osmanthus, sycamore, bamboo and plantain.

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