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Jin Ao Mountain Park

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Jin'ao mountain is a famous scenic spot in Chongming. It is located in Aoshan village, Houjia Town, Qiaozhen, Chongming County. It covers an area of 1.2 hectares and lives next to Shouan temple. It has both the charm of the ancient temple and the beauty of the garden, which can be regarded as the resort of Chongming leisure.
Jinaoshan Park Location: jinaoshan Park, a famous scenic spot in Aoshan village, Houjia Town, Chongming County
Approaching the mountain gate, we can see the vigorous characters of zhougucheng, the gate tower with Ming and Qing characteristics, entitled "jin'ao mountain". The following is a picture of the characters of Ming and Qing Dynasties, which is quite ancient. Walking along the west wall root of Shouan temple, you come to the most famous scenic spot of jin'ao mountain, Zhenhai tower. According to the introduction, Zhenhai tower was built in 1893 (the 19th year of Guangxu). It was built by a large family in the county and was located at the peak of jin'ao mountain built in the seventh year of Kangxi (1668). The original Guanyin pavilion was changed to Canghai Pavilion, and it was one of the eight scenic spots of Ao mountain in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. The tower was rebuilt in 1986. There are nine floors in the tower, and each floor is decorated with six little Bodhisattvas.  The higher the space, the smaller the space, and finally only enough for one person. Climb to the top of the tower and have a panoramic view of everything.  When the weather is very fine, you can even see the beach from afar, which is about the origin of Aofeng overlooking. Jinaoshan park also has the charm of Jiangnan gardens. Qingyuan hall, Guanyin Pavilion, Hanmo forest, zuihuaxuan, Jiashan Pavilion, Zizhu forest, Deyue bridge, shuixiangxie and Yuepu are all the landscapes. Although they have not won the original "eight sceneries of Aoshan", the water and wood are clear and the winding path is gentle, but they are the same exquisite.
Historical reasons
Jin'ao mountain has a long history, the wind and rain of the years has put a mysterious veil on it, many beautiful legends about jin'ao mountain have been recited. First of all, Zhao Yanwei in the Song Dynasty described jin'ao mountain in his journey to the East: "there are jin'ao mountain and Zhapu on the sea, and Xiangfu tower yard on the mountain." Another said that in Song Dynasty, there was a great drought in Chongming and the seedlings died. In order to save the suffering farmers, Jin Ao went ashore to spit out water and was killed by Lei Gong. In order to report the kindness of jin'ao to spit out water, so as not to expose his body, the farmers chose soil to build mountains, named jin'ao mountain, and built temples beside the mountains to commemorate it. In the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty, Shen Wenhao, a Chongming native, took part in the palace examination and was hired to become jin'ao mountain overnight.
In fact, there is no mountain in Chongming Island, which is artificially built by jinaoshan mountain system. In song and Yuan Dynasties, it was located in Dongren township of Sansha, which was the symbol of navigation. In the name of the mountain where Emperor Gaozong of Song Dynasty came, the mountain had already collapsed. The jin'ao mountain was rebuilt in the seventh year of Kangxi (1668). There are nine peaks in the mountain, the highest peak in the mountain, on which Tibet was built. The jade lotus pond is chiseled in front of the mountain, and the purple bamboo forest is planted behind the mountain. We have planted many famous flowers and trees. In the fourth year of the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1777 AD), fan Guotai, a magistrate of the county, donated money to rebuild the bridge, pavilion, platform, building, pavilion and Yuepu. At this time, the park has "shoucha bell, Qingyuan lotus fragrance, court shade conggui, Aofeng overlooking, Meilin snow, green water ring Pavilion, Changdi new willow. Eight sceneries such as Houle fish watching. After the tourists watch, they are full of praise. There are poems, dances and inks, cherishing "the painting of a temple in Aoshan for thousands of years, the ancient Qin without strings in the river." In the temple, the moon is outside the Qingshan mountain, and the water is green in front of the eaves. The picturesque jinaoshan Park was destroyed by Japanese ghosts and Kuomintang reactionaries. On the eve of liberation, only the crumbling Aofeng overlooking (Zhenhai tower) was left. After liberation, jin'ao mountain was listed as a cultural relics protection unit by the county people's government. Under the care and support of the relevant departments of the city and county, several funds have been allocated for restoration.
Now, Jinao mountain has been restored to a small, exquisite and ancient park with concentrated scenic spots. It is a resort for people to visit, take photos and have a rest.
Aoshan Road, Dongshou, Qiaozhen (Nanmen port), Chongming County
Traffic guide
By car
Shenchong bus line (west gate bus station of Chengqiao town to North Zhongshan Road hub station) leads to Chengqiao town directly; at Baoyang road Wharf in Baoshan District, passengers can directly arrive at Baozhen wharf, and then take Nanbao line to Chengqiao town; or take Pengshi line (Pengpu new village to Shidongkou wharf) to Baoshan Shidongkou wharf, and then take a boat to Chongming Chengqiao Town, walk eastward along Nanmen Road, cross Dongmen Road The road crossing is Aoshan Road, which goes East. Jinaoshan Park and Shouan temple are located on Aoshan road in Qiaozhen (Nanmen port) of Chongming County. They echo from north to south. You can have a panoramic view of jinaoshan in Shouan temple. Because there is no bus, you can only take the local rickshaw or taxi (about 15 minutes by car).
Self driving route
Zhonghuan Xiangyin road tunnel Wuzhou Avenue G40 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway (Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge) - Chenhai road Gulangyu road Aoshan road jinaoshan park.

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