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South Gate Sightseeing Dike

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Chongming Island, known as "Yingzhou in the East China Sea" and "Pearl of the Yangtze River", is another popular project jointly invested by the city and county. The South Gate Riverside Landscape dike (also known as the seawall standard project) was fully completed on October 20, 2000, and officially opened to the public on the eve of the new century.
The landscape levee starts from the third wharf of "Yatong" in the West and ends at the east side of Yingzhou Park, with a total length of 670 meters. The front of the levee is all reinforced concrete structure, with 15 11-12 level 30 meter long rest inclined ladders, and two-level hydrophilic platforms of 3.65m and 6.85m are set according to the tide level line; three light belt lines are set on the levee, and service facilities such as leisure chair, audio and telephone booth are set on the colored brick levee;
The landmark building in the middle part of the levee is the magnificent nine Romanesque arches, the highest of which is 12 meters. In front of the arch, a 4.8-meter-high granite stele is erected on the levee, which is the figure of Chongming Island in the Pleiades.
The construction of South Gate Riverside Landscape levee has absorbed the advanced concept of "people-oriented" and the affinity and integration of human and nature. It is not only a dragon body that can resist the once-in-a-century hot tide and add 12 grade typhoon, but also a new tourist and leisure scenic spot on the island.

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