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Chongming Qianwei Village

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Qianwei village of Chongming is located in the north central part of Chongming Island and the north side of Dongping National Forest Park. The existing land is 3671 mu, with 284 resident households. The village is listed as the national agricultural tourism demonstration site by the National Tourism Administration.
The village covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers, with a population of 753. It was born from a beach in 1969 - reclamation. After more than 30 years of hard work, it has developed from a desolate and quiet border village into an ecological village with modern features, idyllic poetry, harmonious unity of man and nature, and relatively developed economy. In recent years, experts at home and abroad have come to visit the village, praising the ecological engineering here. At the end of the 20th century, with the approval of the Municipal Tourism Department, the avant-garde eco village grandly launched the "agritainment leisure and vacation project" to the society, with the slogan of eating agritainment food, living in agritainment houses, doing agritainment work and enjoying agritainment, which is favored by urban tourists. It has received hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. The villagers of Qianwei village are simple, harmonious, warm and thoughtful, and the dishes are delicious.
Here the water is clean, the soil is clean, the air is fresh, and the flowers and fruits compete for fragrance around the village. Green waves, brocade scales, turtle and crab playing in the water, spray irrigation in the shed, a beautiful scenery, forest of trees, birds singing and flowers fragrance, walking between the fitness garden in the depth of the green, like walking in the peach blossom garden, make people feel the high harmony between human and nature. The park is divided into two scenic spots in the north and south by the east-west axis. From east to west, gradually four areas and four sceneries. It is divided into four exhibition areas: Jielu pioneer, Yuyan prosperity, rural farming and weaving, and yingnong ancient style. In yingnong ancient wind park, it's more interesting to experience the farm life on the island. Push stone mill, water wheel, iron ring, brick board, wheelbarrow, elastic cotton, spinning and weaving. You can also choose your son-in-law by throwing the ball and sitting in a sedan chair - to be a temporary rural bridegroom.
Since the 1980s, Qianwei village has been exploring the way of ecological agriculture development, and unswervingly taking the direction of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development. It has made remarkable achievements in ecological economy, environmental protection, spiritual civilization, community construction, etc., and has been fully affirmed by the central and municipal leaders. He has successively won more than 40 national and municipal honors, including the nomination award of the global 500 best in ecological environment of the United Nations, the National Top 1000 afforestation villages, the national popular science education base, the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, the national civilized villages and the Shanghai ecological environment education base.


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