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Chongming Martyrs Memorial Hall

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 In order to remember the heroic dedication of the martyrs and educate future generations, at the beginning of 1951, Shi Shengwu and other people from Xinhe District proposed to build the martyr tower. After the proposal was approved by the people's Congress from all walks of life in Xinhe District, a martyr memorial Committee with Xue Linxiang as the chairman was formed to lead the construction of the tower. According to the principle of "voluntary, rich, powerful, and joint contribution", funds are raised from workers, farmers, shop assistants, school staff, business people and fellow citizens in Shanghai.

The memorial tower of martyrs is located in Xinhe Town. It has five floors and 15 meters high. The ground was broken at the end of March and the completion ceremony was held on September 3. The coffins of Qu Du and other martyrs were moved here one after another. In the tower, there is an honorary plaque with the names of 38 martyrs such as Gong Zhaoqi and Guo Zelu. Xie Juezai, Minister of interior of the Executive Yuan, personally wrote an inscription: "those who sacrifice for the socialist revolution will always live in the hearts of people who live a happy socialist life.".

In 1956, a martyr memorial hall was built on the east side of the martyr memorial tower, which was completed in early 1957 and named Chongming martyr memorial hall. In 1984, the Museum covers an area of 10 mu, with a building area of 538 square meters. There are exhibition rooms, martyr memorial towers, martyr monuments and other buildings in the museum. There are 312 martyrs' remains and revolutionary resumes in the exhibition room, and 11 martyrs' deeds, pictures and photos with outstanding achievements are mainly introduced. The ashes of 46 martyrs were placed in the pines, cypresses and flowers.

After the "0" started, the martyr hall was closed, and the stone cattle, stone horse, stone sheep and garden flowers and trees in front of the martyr's tomb were damaged. In 1971, the exhibition room and monument to the martyrs were expanded, and opened to the interior in 1974. It was reopened in 1977. In May 1983, the county finance allocated 50000 yuan to rebuild the martyr memorial. After reconstruction, the monument covers an area of 30 square meters, with a height of 14.7 meters. On the front of the monument, there are six red characters "long live the martyrs". The five pointed stars on the monument are shining, and the red steel bricks on both sides are pasted, symbolizing the two red flags dyed red with the blood of the martyrs. From 1981 to 1984, more than 100000 people from all walks of life visited the museum.


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