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Hongkou Football Field

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Hongkou Football field is the first professional football field in China and the home of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club of China Football Super League (a league). Hongkou Football field was started on February 22, 1998, completed on February 22, 1999, and officially opened on March 14 of the same year. The total construction area is 72900 square meters, 35000 audience seats, and the cost is more than 300 million yuan.
Hongkou Football field is located at No. 444, Dongjiangwan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. It is adjacent to Lu Xun Park in the East, Dongjiangwan road in the west, Hongkou Football Field Station of rail transit line 3 and line 8, North Sichuan Road in the south, West Dalian Road and Shanghai Foreign Studies University in the North.
Chinese Name: Hongkou Football field foreign name: Hongkou Football Stadium location: no.444, Dongjiangwan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China completion time: February 22nd, 1999 opening time: March 14th, 1999 capacity: 35000 owners original name of Shanghai Changyuan group, operation unit of Shanghai Municipal People's Government Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club
development history
Hongkou Football field is a multi-functional comprehensive sports activity place built on the original site of Hongkou Stadium with 46 years of glorious history. It was started on February 22, 1998, and completed at sunset on February 22, 1999. It was officially opened on March 14 of the same year. It is the first professional football field in China and the home of Shanghai Shenhua Football Club of China Football Super League.
The reconstruction project of Hongkou Football field has passed the international scheme bidding, which is planned by RIA design office of Japan, deepened by Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute, and is responsible for the construction design. The whole structure of football field is huge, without expansion joints or settlement joints, and the temperature stress and overall deformation are considered in the overall design; the natural planing of football field adopts the advanced technology and equipment of turf cultivation and expansion such as ground heating and strong drainage circulation irrigation; the huge oval opening of football field project ensures the maximum sunshine time of the grassland in the field, while maintaining the air flow 。 Reasonable building structure and flexible space treatment ensure that the audience can keep a good view at a glance. Hongkou Football field is adjacent to Lu Xun Park in the East, and connected to the east station of the elevated light rail Pearl Line 3 in the West. It is hidden in green trees and integrated with the surrounding elegant cultural environment. The football field covers an area of 5.6 hectares, with a total construction area of 72557 square meters, 35000 spectator seats, 47 boxes, 3045 square meters of VIP rooms and 11840 square meters of development and operation rooms. In addition to holding high-level international and domestic football matches, Hongkou Football field also has indoor swimming pool, table tennis room, billiard room, football shooting training field and other all-round sports and entertainment facilities, as well as supporting restaurants, Beauty Sauna, shopping malls and other modern facilities.
  • Main achievements
Since the completion of Hongkou Football field, it has successfully undertaken all the home matches of Shenhua team of National Football League A, the A3 Champions League football match, the four countries Invitational match and various commercial international and domestic matches, and has been awarded the title of "the best match field of CSL" by Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau for several consecutive years, and the title of "China Football League" issued by the Organizing Committee of National Football League (Shanghai match area) Association Super League (Shanghai Shenhua stadium home) competition work excellence award ".
  • Theatrical performances
On August 11, 2006, Zhang Shaohan's World Tour Concert in Shanghai
October 15, 2011, duo2011 Eason Chan Shanghai Concert
Tao Zhe's "Rhapsody of little people" tour on May 18, 2013
On August 3, 2013, soda green "when we walk together" toured Shanghai Station
Eason's life Shanghai station, October 11, 2014
July 13, 2015, sodas green 2015 meet again Shanghai
On November 7, 2015, Xiao Jingteng's "triple jam" World Tour Concert Shanghai stop
On April 17, 2016, Zhang Xinzhe's World Tour Concert of "return love light year" - Shanghai Station
On November 11, 2017, the great Yoga World Tour - Shanghai Station
May day Shanghai Concert, December 2, 2017
On June 9, 2018, Mr. Xiao Jingteng's 2018 "Mr. entertainment" World Tour Concert Shanghai Station
On June 16, 2018, good sister's 2018 free like wind Tour Concert Shanghai Station
June 23, 2018, Mok's stunning Tour Concert - Shanghai Station
October 2018 06,07, Joker Xue skyscraper 2018 World Tour ShangHai Railway Station
April 20, 2019, Zhang Jiewei Live Tour Concert - Shanghai Station
May 11, 2019, Lin Yujia Idol World Tour Concert Shanghai Station
  • Stadium utilization
At the same time, the stadium makes full use of resources, expands business, creates corporate brand and establishes corporate image. On the basis of the successful concerts of Meng Tingwei, Zhang Xueyou, Qi Qin, Ren Xianqi, Zhang Xinzhe, Wang Fei and other famous singers in the past years, as well as the Jazz performances in the United States and Japan, the National Day fireworks party, and the first square concert in Shanghai after SARS in 2003 - "blessing China" large-scale literary and art party, Mo Wenwei, Xie Tingfeng, Huang Pinyuan, Cai Yilin, Zhang Shaohan and sun were also successfully held Performances of famous singers such as Yanzi and Zhou Huajian. On November 12, 2003, Maria Kelly, a famous American singer, held two concerts in Hongkou Football field, becoming the first European and American artist to sing in Hongkou Football field On September 26, 2004, the Backstreet Boys' concert in Shanghai was held in Hongkou Football field 2006's "heroes of heaven and earth on campus", "flying in China", "06 night of Lianhua jinmailang", "you can do it, I can do it - for the world of 2007


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