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Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street

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Duolun Road (formerly known as doule'an Road) is a small street in Shanghai. It is located at No. 146, Dongjiangwan Road, Hongkou District. In the south, it is close to the business downtown of North Sichuan Road. In the north, it is adjacent to Lu Xun Park and Hongkou Football Field. On the back, it is close to the inner ring viaduct and light rail line 3. There is more than a mile of movement and stillness. The street is short and narrow, but it is winding and winding. Jiajie small buildings, row by row, different styles. Although it is difficult for Xiaojie to have a foothold on the map, it is a strong and colorful painting in the history of modern Chinese culture.
Chinese Name: Duolun Road, cultural tourism street, opening hours, all day ticket price, free of charge, country, city of China, Shanghai City, recommended 2-hour playing time, suitable playing season: March to may or September to November
Historical culture
For more than a century, Shanghai has gone through the vicissitudes from the sand boat fishing village in the opening period to the ten mile ocean farm in the 1930s to the formation of today's oriental metropolis. The Duolun Road and its surrounding areas show the imprint and cultural epitome of this process from one side, which is really "a Duolun Road, a century old Shanghai beach". During this period, Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo, Su Xuelin, Ye Shengtao and other literary giants, as well as Ding Ling, Roushi and other left wing writers' literary activities, created the literary status of Duolun Road as an "important modern literary town". The well-known Gongke Cafe (site), Hongde hall, Kong (Xiangxi) mansion, Bai (Chongxi) mansion, Tang (Enbo) mansion and fan (Guangling) mansion have different styles The museum also makes Duolun Road an "open-air museum" of Shanghai style architecture; from Qu Qiubai, Chen Wangdao, Zhao Shiyan, Wang Zaoshi, neishan Wanzao to jingyunli, Zhonghua Art University, Shanghai Art Theatre, the former residence of celebrities and the old residence on the sea, it has accumulated a strong cultural atmosphere on today's Duolun Road, making people linger and forget to return.
Traffic information
Take the subway line 3 to Dongbaoxing Road station, cross the opposite Hengbang road to Duolun Road, or take the subway line 4 from the exit of hailun Road Station No.1 to donghengbang road; No.18, 21, 52, 167, 318, 854, 939 Sichuan North Road hengbangqiao station; No.70, 97 Sichuan North Road Duolun Road station; No.18, 21, 47, 52, 167, 318, 597, 854, 939, 962 Sichuan North Road Shanyin Road Station
In order to recreate the brilliance of this period, in 1998, with the care and support of Gong Xueping, deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hongkou District People's government decided to transform Duolun Road into a "cultural celebrity street". According to the overall development plan and the principle of "repairing the old as before", after renovation, the cultural customs of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s were reappeared. The road surface is paved with stones, and all kinds of foreign buildings on both sides of the road are decorated with new ones, with open doors, all of which are elegant merchants, calligraphy and painting, antiques, mahogany appliances, all of which are elegant Duolun Road area has a profound cultural heritage and a rich community of modern historical sites. Using the former residence, memorial hall and Art Museum of historical celebrities along the line, together with a series of souvenirs of cultural celebrities arranged organically in the walking system, the theme of "cultural celebrities walk with you" is expressed, and the unique urban context of the area is inherited and continued. Thus, with its unique cultural landscape and elegant cultural taste, it has become one of the tourist hotspots in Shanghai, and with numerous museums, exhibition halls, antique calligraphy and painting, library and literature garden, teahouse bar Gallery, it has become a good place for domestic and foreign guests to reminisce and relax, travel and sightseeing, and cultural consumption.
Main landscape
Duolun Road mainly drives the formation of cultural management network by cultural landscape. The cultural landscape is mainly the highlight of the distinctive architectural style and cultural atmosphere along the cultural street of Duolun Road, as well as the design and decoration of the municipal facilities such as the laying of the bullet Road, road greening, street lamps, etc., to show the basic features of the cultural street. On this basis, the restoration and reconstruction of old famous cultural landscapes such as "gongkecaf é", "neishan bookstore" and the construction of "century bell tower", "Street Garden", "celebrity sculpture square" and other cultural and leisure attractions are carried out, especially the introduction and establishment of nearly 30 "Folk collections", "museums", "art galleries" and so on, so as to form a cultural street market with cultural and Museum characteristics 。
As the largest linear leisure street market in Shanghai and the main branch road of Sichuan North Road Commercial Street, Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street has outstanding cultural taste and commercial benefits. On the one hand, it emphasizes the characteristics of the 1930s, and at the same time, it widely recruits Chinese boutiques to participate in international competition. For example, celebrity Gallery, art ceramics, four treasures of study, antique market, Shikumen Inn and so on.
Old movie Cafe
The old movie cafe is a very famous caf é on Duolun Road. It is located in a small villa. The back projection TV in the cafe continuously plays black and white films. From the silent era to the classic domestic and foreign films in the 1930s and 1940s, the films of that day can be seen on the small blackboard at the door. The squeaky stairs, dim lights and wooden floors in the shop reveal the "old Shanghai feeling" of Zhang Ailing's era everywhere. If you like nostalgia, you may as well invite three or five friends to taste coffee and watch movies here.

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