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Shanghai Huangxing Park

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Huangxing Park, located at the south end of Wujiaochang municipal sub center, covers an area of 624000 square meters and is distributed on the north and south sides of Guoshun East Road. Now it is a tourist sightseeing area, and the north is a nursery area of the office.
The park is named after the important leader of the 1911 Revolution, the founding father of the Republic of China, and General Huang Xing. It covers an area of 624000 square meters from Yingkou Road in the East, Shuangyang North Road in the west, Matang road in the south, and Guoshun East Road in the north. The park is adjacent to the University City under planning and construction, only 200 meters away from the inner ring elevated ramp, with convenient transportation, which has added a green world for millions of residents in Yangpu and become a tourist and leisure resort.
Chinese Name: Huangxing Park foreign name: Huangxing Park geographical location: south end of Wujiaochang municipal sub center opening time: 5:00-19:00 from May 1 to September 30; from October 1 to April 30 of the next year: 6:00-18:30 ticket price: free famous scenic spot: forest and water view square country: China's city Shanghai suitable for four seasons
geographical environment
The park is adjacent to the university town under planning and construction, only 200m away from the inner ring elevated ramp, with convenient transportation.
The purpose of park design is to create urban "forest", simulate natural landscape, emphasize plant landscape, and create urban leisure green space with natural landscape quality. There are more than 180 plant species in the garden. The scenic spot is surrounded by the Huansha Lake covering an area of 87000 square meters. The surrounding areas of the lake are undulating hills or gentle slopes extending into the lake surface, or the platform square is connected by green water. The scenery is beautiful and charming. The three entrances and exits of the park are distributed in the East, West and North.
Tourism information
Play item
Scenic spot
The main scenic spots in the park include forest water view square, Huansha lake, city notes, forest dance music, fan-shaped lawn, Yulan viewing area, hydrophilic long corridor fish viewing area, waterfowl green island area, gingko speech forest, shallow water bay, multi-faceted pictorial stone, Fujimoto art garden, North Mountain combination Pavilion, dieqiao LiuDi, Ailian water house, etc.
Entertainment items
There are many recreational activities in the park: ancient castle, rocket plane, electric horse riding, pirate ship
Practical information
Ticket information
Free Admission
Opening Hours
5:00-19:00 from May 1 to September 30
6:00-18:00 from October 1 to April 30
Parking information
Entrance parking lot, 10 yuan / time
Traffic information
Address: no.369, Guoshun East Road, Yangpu District
Transportation Guide: Metro Line 8 - Huangxing Park Station; bus No. 28, 812, 813, 934, 577, 726, 522, 133, Daqiao line 5, etc. (get off Yingkou Road or Jiamusi Road Station)
Famous figure
Huang Xing (October 25, 1874-october 31, 1916), a Han nationality, was renamed Xing, Keqiang, Yiwu, Qingwu and Jingwu. The former names were Li Youqing, Zhang Shouzheng, Okamoto and present village head Zang. Modern democratic revolutionist [1], one of the founders of the Republic of China, Sun Yat Sen's first acquaintance. GAOTANG Township, Shanhua County, Changsha City, Hunan Province (now liangtang, Huangxing Town, Changsha County).
The founder of the Republic of China, the pioneer and leader of the 1911 Revolution, was well-known at that time, and Sun Yat Sen was often referred to as "Sun Huang". On October 31, 1916, Huang Xing died in Shanghai. The coffin was transferred to Changsha in 1917. On April 15 of the same year, it was buried in Yuelu Mountain, Changsha, Hunan Province by the honor of the Republic of China. His works include the complete works of Mr. Huang Keqiang, the collection of Huang Xing, the unpublished electronic manuscript of Huang Xing and the achievements of Mr. Huang Keqiang's calligraphy. When the Nanjing interim government was founded, he was the chief of the army. When Yuan Shikai became emperor, he was commander-in-chief.

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