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Longhua Tourist City

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Longhua tourist city


Longhua Tourist City is a priority project of the National Tourism Administration. It is located in the south of the downtown area of Shanghai, adjacent to Xujiahui commercial center, Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Botanical Garden. It is one of the most powerful and potential tourist attractions in Shanghai in this century.
Location of Longhua tourist city ticket price of Shanghai 10 yuan (2010) famous scenic spot Longhua drum Garden
Characteristics of scenic spots
Longhua tourist city
Longhua, the only Millennium town in the central city of Shanghai, an international metropolis, is located in the southwest of Shanghai, adjacent to Xujiahui business center. Longhua ancient temple, Longhua ancient pagoda, Longhua tourist city and Longhua Martyrs Cemetery have formed a Longhua tourist area integrating folk culture, Buddhist culture and revolutionary traditional culture. In Longhua tourist city, the fresh and simple Jiangnan residential style buildings and temple buildings form a scene, with tiles and scales on the surface, covered by towers and bridges, double lions in the door, and quiet streets, which reappear the style of Jiangnan ancient town. On Longhua day, there is a listening bell near the tower, a Buddhist festival on the moon, and four hour festivals are connected. Untitled ringing bells, drum beating for new arrivals, Longhua temple fair and other festival activities are colorful and joyful. The main landscapes are: one thousand year flying tower, Longhua tower. It is said to have been built in the chiwu period of the Three Kingdoms. It has a history of more than 1750 years. It is the oldest of the existing 16 ancient towers in Shanghai. Every night, the bright lights reflect on it, creating a fantastic atmosphere, known as "Oriental glass light" Longhua ancient temple, a famous temple on the sea, is the oldest, largest and most famous Buddhist jungle and famous tourist attraction in Shanghai. Shuangshiyingmen ancient mountain gate, the existing ancient mountain gate was the entrance of Longhua town. There are a pair of Ming Dynasty stone lions in front of the gate post. It is said that there are only two and a half in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Longhua tourist city has a unique pair. The third floor of the ancient town - Longhua building, Jingu building and zhenqu building, with a total construction area of 60000 square meters, is a group of buildings with Jiangnan residential style. The third floor is cleverly connected with pavilions by antique corridors, integrating tourism, shopping, food, cultural entertainment, leisure and fitness. In addition, Mingjing tour of the dragon, Langqiao tour of the tower, Longhua Gaogu, Guyue Tonggu, Baizi Maitreya, and Danxin monument are also indispensable scenery.
Longhua tourist city takes the Qingli and fluency of Jiangnan folk houses as the leading style of the architectural complex, recovers the ancient Shanmen site and Shishi historic site, and newly builds "Mingjing" and "guwangge" and other landmark landscapes. With the "China's largest drum" with a diameter of 4 meters, longhuagao drum, ringing in the new century, a large number of tourism characteristic businesses, such as Chenghuang jewelry store, huabaozhai Ancient Book Bookstore, Chunsheng tea house, longxige, pingzhenfang food Square, have settled in the tourism city, and started to show up in the new century.
Main attractions
Longhua ancient temple: stepping into the gate of Longhua temple, you can see Maitreya hall, Tianwang hall, Daxiong hall, Sanshen hall, hualinzhangshi room and Sutra collection building arranged in the central axis, with bells, Drum Tower and side hall on both sides, magnificent and magnificent.
Longhua temple is said to have been built in the fifth year of wuchiwu (AD 242), the Three Kingdoms. It was destroyed in the wars of Qianfu and Guangming (AD 874-881). It was rebuilt in the second year of Taiping and Xingguo in Song Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. Its architectural pattern remains the "seven hall system" of the Song Dynasty, and it is the oldest, largest and most famous Buddhist jungle in Shanghai.
Since the Tang Dynasty, for more than a thousand years, scholars of all ages, such as PI Rixiu, Kou Zhun and Lu You, have left a large number of poems in Longhua. People can enjoy the charm of Longhua Temple as much as they can. There are three treasures of Exorcism in Longhua ancient temple: one is "god Buddha", a two meter high bronze Buddha statue of pilujana, which is a rare boutique in the south of the Yangtze River; the other is "dragon Tibet", which is the great Tibetan Scripture of Qianlong edition approved by the emperor and the Heart Sutra of prajnaparami carved in the stone of the Northern Song Dynasty; the third is "gold seal", which is granted by the emperor Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty and is the real treasure in the Buddhist world“ Like the king's treasure seal.
"The spring of March 15 is good, and you can find many ancient Zen customs. The waves piled up and the bells rang, and the boat crossed Longhua 18 Bay. This is the famous "Longhua evening bell" at home and abroad. It was once called "eight sceneries in Shanghai" together with "Phoenix tower overlooking", "sea sky rising sun", "Huangpu autumn wave", "Wusong misty rain", "Shiliang night moon", "wild crossing Jianjia" and "Jianggao Jiyun". On New Year's Eve every year, a large number of people come to the bell tower in Longhua temple to strike the bell. Among the 108 bells, they pray for safety and blessings to welcome the new year. This kind of activity has a history of one hundred years. At that time, Chinese and foreign tourists will come here for a good night.
Tourism information
Tickets and preferential measures
(1) the ticket of Longhua temple is 10 yuan. (2) ticket of Longhua drum garden is 10 yuan. (3) 1 yuan for cemetery and 6 yuan for memorial hall. (4) no ticket for other scenic spots
Traffic guide
Longhua District is located in the southwest of Shanghai, bordering the Huangpu River in the East, with Huangpu River Wharf, Longhua railway marshalling station and the earliest Longhua Airport in Shanghai. At present, there are 20 traffic lines in the District, and light rail passes through Longwu Road.
Sightseeing route
Longhua Tourist City Longhua Temple Longhua Martyrs Memorial Hall Shanghai Botanical Garden Shanghai Stadium Xujiahui business district


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