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Ocean Undersea World

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Ocean Undersea World is located in the bottom of yinhoe lake, covering an area of 10000 square meters. It is as magnificent as a magnificent undersea palace. The underwater world adopts the world's advanced artificial sea water life support system, and more than 300 kinds of more than 10000 marine fish live in a leisurely way in the museum. The museum is mainly centered on famous biosphere such as "the Andes in South America", "the Amazon River Basin" and "Caribbean coral reef group", and conceives a unique and beautiful wonderful landscape: the nature winning by strange stones The great white shark museum with beautiful scenery and breathtaking excitement It's a great attraction.
Chinese Name: ocean bottom world geographical location: yinhoe lake covers an area of 10000 square meters. Opening hours Monday to Friday: 09:00-16:00 Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: 08:30-17:00 admission price adult ticket: 180.00 yuan children's ticket (applicable to children with height of 1.1-1.4 meters): 120.00 yuan construction scale reaches 15000 square meters. Recommended travel time 2-3 hours is suitable for playing in all seasons
Sightseeing route
The entrance is a simulated engine room, with seats, hanging TV, small oval windows, etc. "The journey to the bottom of the sea has begun. Now take the East Airlines flight to the ancient temple of Inca and the Amazon River Basin," the guide said Here, you can see lovely kissing fish, fat red dragon fish, thin black and white duck beak color, and even terrible piranhas and sharks. So many marine creatures, it seems that people are really in the deep sea, enjoying the beauty of the sea. When entering the aquarium, the first thing they see is the inner wall of the ancient Inca temple built of stone, and then the birthplace of the Amazon River - "the Andes". Along the Amazon River, which is famous for its tropical fish watching, they can come to a circular water tank for children to touch the pool and swim  Visitors can touch the beautiful coral and lovely shells with their hands, and feel the clear sea water. Everything is so real and natural! Walking through the shallow sea coral pond and the former deep sea coral pond, you will see the vibration of coral under the blue waves, and observe the happy life of all kinds of fish, which is the lovely life under the natural state. This is the main pool in the museum, the shark pool. It's frightening when the terrible big shark roars overhead!
Amazon scenic spot
Out of the hatch, I stepped down a lot of steps in the weird Inca music. There was a feeling of going straight to the bottom of the lake and entering the ancient temple.  This is the Amazon River scenic spot, which specially displays some aquatic groups in the river. I saw the terrible "piranha" very small, in groups, around a white bone cruising, it makes the scalp cool. Different from the general undersea world, the scenery and sound effect here are particularly good. There are waterfalls, rockeries, and cabins, not only fish tanks but also fish tanks. There are always very lifelike sound effects around the ears. The sound of waves and bubbles makes you feel like you are in the scene. It is said that the ocean and underwater world was designed by New Zealand experts.
Shallow sea scenic spot
After touring the Amazon River, continue to the bottom of the lake and come to the "shallow sea scenic spot". Further ahead is the "deep sea scenic spot", which obviously feels like reaching the deep sea. The water surface is far away from itself. The two scenic spots respectively show the marine life there.
All kinds of aquariums swim among the colorful algae mosses and corals, including walrus, silver dragon, Texas leopard, angel fish, swordfish, swallow fish, catfish, lantern fish, etc. to show off their vitality. There are also long and fat eel, curled up on the coral reef to sleep, a lazy and fierce look.
Touch pool
The touch pool is a quiet and beautiful "bay" with crystal clear stalactites on the bottom. You can touch starfish, sea urchins, turtles, etc. with your hands. It's a pity that a big starfish died the day before I went. Other things are probably afraid to be touched. They hide far away and can't be touched.
Eco cylinder
Suddenly I saw three transparent columns with a diameter of more than 2 meters and a height of one floor. These are ecological tanks, in which there are group fish and various marine ecological species living in open waters.
Submarine tunnel
The next step is to the deepest part, which is actually 13 meters deep at the bottom of yinhoe Lake in Changfeng Park, but it gives you the feeling of deep sea effect.  This is the necessary "undersea tunnel" for all undersea world. But I think the tunnel is a little short and not good enough. But it's fun to see the big shark grinning towards you. The big turtle's stupid and ugly swimming posture is so close to you. It's said that the turtles here have a "sense of lens". As soon as they take photos, they will swim to "grab the lens".
The last stop is to see penguins living in the islands of Peru and Chile. I think they are quite different from the "Penguin gentleman" in my mind who swaggers in the snow. They look like ducks, swimming in the water, very naughty, make the water dirty and muddy. Because they are separated by the glass, the tourists can't hear their voices. The sound gives out their real voice, which is sharp and noisy. It seems very sad. I think it's better to send them to the South Pole.


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