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Notre Dame Hall

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Notre Dame Hall, located in Xinle Road, Shanghai, is the only orthodox church, also known as Xinle road church.
Location of Notre Dame Hall Shanghai Xinle road scenic spot level Shanghai modern excellent building construction time 21 years of the Republic of China (1932)
Basic data
The bishop of the orthodox Shanghai diocese, Victor (Belarus), raised money from the orthodox and the overseas Chinese to build the Orthodox Church, also known as the Notre Dame hall.
Architectural style: a typical Russian Orthodox style building with a large dome at the top and four corners. A two-story building on the south side is for clergy, with a building area of 538 square meters. In 1988, the church was renovated.
Brief introduction of scenic spots
Dongzheng church is a Byzantine style church built in 1933. It is located on Xiangyang North Road, Xinle road. The interior walls of the church are simple, but there are nine exquisite oil frescoes covered by paint in the vault and the adjacent walls. The Municipal Academy of housing Sciences organized scientific researchers of all disciplines to set up a special scientific and technological research team, elaborately developed special repair and protection materials for murals, and adopted special repair technology. On the basis of not damaging the original murals and the original grassroots, the layer upon layer veil covering the wall picture was successfully uncovered at the end of September 2007 to repair and protect the murals, so that nearly half of them were annihilated by multi-layer coatings Nine exquisite murals of the past century have been replayed in splendor.
The most prosperous period of Orthodox Church in Shanghai was after Japan invaded Northeast China in 1931. At that time, foreign Orthodox Church gathered in Shanghai from all over the country and had seven churches. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, many foreigners left the country, and the number of orthodox believers gradually decreased. Only Xinle road church remains intact.
The hall is simple and round in shape. There are five drum domes on the roof. The beautiful peacock blue and milk white walls are integrated under the blue sky and white clouds. It is particularly magnificent. It often attracts many art school students and painting lovers to come here for sketching
Architectural style
The Notre Dame hall in Shanghai is located at the North crossing of Xiangyang, Xinle Road, Shanghai, Henri Road (No.55 Xinle road today). It is an orthodox church with ancient Russian style. The hall was built in 1931 and has been renovated recently. The hall has a simple and round shape. There are five drum domes on the roof. The beautiful peacock blue and milk white walls are integrated under the blue sky and white clouds. It is very magnificent and often attracts many art school students and painting enthusiasts. In addition, there is a branch in Gaolan road. The architectural style is basically the same as this hall. As a research institute, securities company and a senior private club. Now it is "Aloha dome Music Restaurant".
Traffic information
Transportation: No.94 Xiangyang North Road terminal, Shaanxi South Road Station of Metro Line 1, No.02, 24, 41, 42, 45, 104, 128, 831, 835, 911, 920, 926, tourism line 7, 10.
Tourist guide
Delicious food
Crispy Pigeon: this kind of pigeon is about 28 days old and weighs 8 Liang or 1 jin. With the chef's careful preparation, it is roasted to scorched yellow, with special seasoning. The meat is fresh and tender. It tastes tender outside and tender inside. It is suitable for all ages. Crispy Pigeon is also called one yuan pigeon. Customers can buy this authentic Shanghai specialty dish for only 1 yuan when the consumption amount in the hotel reaches the specified amount. It's a typical big dish for a small fee.
Braised lion's head: the so-called lion's head is cooked with pork balls, soy sauce and other seasonings. I've only heard that ducks and snakes can be eaten in two ways. So there are two ways to eat braised lion's head. One is pork balls, steamed, braised, watered, added with special ingredients, after special processing, people can only smell its fragrance, but not feel greasy. The second is to add white crab powder on the basis of the first method, so as to have the flavor of meat and the freshness and consistency of seafood.
Shopping Xu Sihai pot set: Xu Sihai made pot started in the 1960s, and the red sand big pot created by Xu Sihai is famous. Influenced by the works of Chen Mansheng and Yang Pengnian in the Qing Dynasty, and in cooperation with Tang Yun, Xie zhiliu, Cheng Shifa, Hu Wensui and other calligraphers and painters, many calligraphy and painting pots were made by combining pot art with calligraphy, painting, Zhuan and other arts. In cooperation with Professor Li Qimao of Taiwan, "Qin Quan pot" has Han Tianheng's title of "perfect combination of Pearl and Pearl", which was compiled by Gu Jingzhou into "Yixing purple sand appreciation". Xu Sihai also painstakingly collected ancient and modern Chinese crockery, and founded Sihai crockery Museum at 322 Xingguo road in 1992. There are more than a thousand collections from the original painted pottery pot to the Ming and Qing Dynasty red sand pot. They are divided into pottery pot, copper pot, iron pot, tin pot, leather pot, glass pot, etc. by texture; and by function, they are water pot, wine pot, liquid pot, teapot, etc. There are more than 200 pieces of Chinese pots in the exhibition, including some masterpieces of contemporary pot makers and ceramic artists.
Needlework: needlework is one of the emerging Chinese arts and crafts. Its products are divided into two categories: appreciation and application. It is popular with the masses at home and abroad for its rich colors, clear layers, vivid shapes and vivid images. Among the Shanghai needlework works, "the Great Wall", "flowers competing for splendor" and "Everest overlooking" have become masterpieces with definite comments at home and abroad. Among them, a picture of the Great Wall was sent to the hall of the United Nations building for exhibition, which made the representatives of all countries marvel. Tips
The annual average temperature in Xuhui District is 15.5 ℃. The average temperature in January in winter is about 3 ℃. The average temperature in August in summer is about 27.5 ℃. According to records, the extreme minimum temperature of Xujiahui is - 12.1 ℃ on January 19, 1893, and the extreme maximum temperature is 40.2 ℃ on July 12, 1934. Spring and summer are the best tourist seasons


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