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Gemini Villa

Source:http://www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-03 14:34
Gemini Villa is located in huangjiawan, shiliangzi village, Xiannushan Town, covering an area of nearly 20 mu. Two elegant yellow Spanish colonial villas are located at the commanding height of the scenic area, both of which are three floors.
Chongqing Industrial accommodation, catering and sightseeing
brief introduction
Recently, it has become a new "scenic spot", just like the "Red Mansions" in Fujian, most of the tourists who come to Xiannv mountain want to visit
"Wow! The villa is so beautiful and luxurious!" Wen Qiang, the former director of Chongqing Judicial Bureau, was exposed by the media that he owned the "twin villas" in Xiannv mountain town, Wulong county. Several tourists are taking photos with interest. A tourist bus stops in front of the villa. A group of tourists from other places comment on the villa and take photos under the guidance of a guide. "Now the twin villa has become a new scenic spot A new scenic spot of anti-corruption education, just like the "Red Mansions" in Fujian, most of the tourists who come to Xiannv mountain want us to take them to have a look. " The tour guide surnamed Liu said.
Wenqiang's "twin villas" exposed by the media have the same appearance. The high chimneys show that there are European fireplaces in the villas. The outer wall of the first floor is made of dark yellow precious stones, and many tropical trees are planted around. The second floor and the third floor have super large terraces, which can be used to watch the rolling mountains at this high point. Outside the villa, there is a small artificial lake. The lawn beside the lake has a neat path for walking, and the wooden hydrophilic corridor extends to the center of the lake. The whole villa area is surrounded by fences. Looking inside, there are flowers and trees, pavilions and waterside pavilions.
Wulong county belongs to the fold belt of dalushan vein on the southeast edge of Chongqing. It is mostly in deep hills and river valleys, mainly in mountains. The general picture of nature is divided into eight mountains, half land and half water.  The terrain is high in the northeast and low in the southwest. Dongshanjing mountain, Baima Mountain and Tanzi mountain are arranged in parallel from north to South and drift across the whole territory, forming Tongzi, Mugen, Shuanghe, iron ore and Baiyun highlands. Because Loushan fold anticline is broad and open, it is composed of Cambrian limestone. In the long-term geological process, the anticline is deeply eroded. From east to west, the Wujiang River runs across the whole area from the middle. Tongzi mountain and Xiannv mountain in the north of Wujiang River belong to Wuling mountain system, while Baima Mountain and Tanzi mountain in the south of Wujiang River belong to Dalou mountain system. The branches of Mulong River, Furong River, longdistance River, Qingshui River, Shiliang River, Daxi River, etc. flow into Wujiang River from the north and South wings. As a result of deep erosion, the deep grooves and valleys crisscross, forming the county's high mountains, steep hills, crisscross valleys, crisscross rivers and caves. The highest fairy mountain, the main peak mocaowan, is 2033 meters above sea level, and the lowest Daxi river mouth is 160 meters above sea level. Generally, the relative height is between 700 meters and 1000 meters. Wujiang River is the only navigable river course in the county, which runs through 16 towns and villages, starting from Mulong River in the East and ending at Daxi River in the west, with a journey of 80 kilometers. The river valley on both sides is narrow, and the river runs between the cliffs, with overlapping mountains, the mountains re entering the clouds, the river coming out of the first line, with majestic momentum. The channel has many fjords and dangerous shoals, especially Yangjiaoqi wulitan yarrow. Except for the few and small flat dams in mountains and river valleys, most of the county is terraced soil. The soil is mainly yellow soil, yellow brown soil, followed by purple soil. Poor natural conditions. The climate is warm and humid, with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 18 ℃, the annual extreme minimum temperature is - 3.5 ℃, the maximum temperature is 41.7 ℃, and the frost free period is 240-285 days. The annual precipitation is 1000-1200 mm, and the precipitation from April to June accounts for 39%. The main disasters are hail, mountain flood and gale. In mountainous areas with an altitude of more than 800 meters, there is a rainy season of about five months each year, with foggy rain and little sunshine,
The temperature is low, the frost period is long, the autumn wind and cold dew have great influence on the growth of crops, and the area below 600 meters is prone to drought. The temperature difference between the mountain and the mountain is about 10 degrees, and the three-dimensional climate is significant Wulong county is rich in resources in the vast mountainous area. It is mainly composed of pine, fir and cypress, with a forest area of about 660000 mu. It has been mined and stored in coal, iron, pyrite and aluminum mines. There are dozens of economic crops and trees, such as tung oil, rolls, lacquer, tea, Coptis, ramie, eucommia, flue-cured tobacco, and some varieties have been listed in the bases of the whole country and the city. There are abundant aquatic resources. In addition to water storage and irrigation, there are more than 100 large, medium and small hydropower stations built in damming rivers. At present, there are more than 100 large, medium and small hydropower stations in the high mountains, where wild animals such as tigers, leopards, horse leopards, monkeys and wild boars live. According to the investigation of experts, there are rare animals at home and abroad, such as little panda, civet, musk deer, silver fir, true Nan and giant salamander, in the primitive forest area of Baima Mountain, Wulong county. Wulong county is also rich in tourism resources. It is famous for its beautiful mountains and rivers, magical caves, quiet Grand Canyon, ancient primeval forest and unique Southern prairie. Wulong is launching Wulong tourism at home and abroad with the brand of "dreamlike Wulong".
The tour guide with the tour group said to the reporter, "these tourists come to Xiannv mountain for vacation, especially for Wenqiang's villa. In fact, the road to the "twin villas" is not the most convenient way to enter the fairy mountain scenic spot, but tourists have to take a detour to watch the 30 million villas in the rumor, which are said to be super luxurious and really corrupt. "


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