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Jiangwan Stadium

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Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai was founded in 1933, formerly known as Shanghai Stadium, which was directly hosted by the then Shanghai municipal government.
In the afternoon of June 10, 2016, Jiangwan football field, the holy land of Shanghai football, finally returned to the formal opening of the football field after being vacant for many years or even turned into a golf course.
Jiangwan Stadium was built in 1933. It was originally named Shanghai Stadium and was prepared to be built by Shanghai municipal government
Historical evolution
Construction design
In July 1933, the Shanghai municipal government of the Kuomintang issued 3.5 million yuan of government bonds and designated 1 million yuan as the fund for the construction of special stadiums. The foundation was laid in August 1934 and delivered to use by the Public Works Bureau in early October 1935. The whole stadium is designed by Dong Dayou, an architect. It is composed of three buildings: sports ground, gymnasium and swimming pool, covering an area of more than 300 mu.
The grandstand of the track and field stadium is the main body of the stadium. It is a kilometer long circular building. It is made of man-made white stone, with the title of "Shanghai sports ground" engraved on it. It is 20 meters high and has three floors in total. The top of the grandstand on the left and right are bronze tripods. In front of the main gate, there is an asphalt square of more than 8000 square meters, decorated with flower beds and flags. Three eight meter high arched gates enter the hall. The space is large, thick and solid.
In the center, six arches enter into the inner hall, red brick floor, yellow powder wall, palace lamp and flower window; on both sides are VIP reception room and athletes' lounge, on the second floor are leaders' lounge and foreign guests' reception room; through the inner corridor, you can reach the rostrum and set up special seats to receive Chinese and foreign guests. Donglingtai echoes this and is also made of artificial white stone. On the three archways, there are three inscriptions of "national dry city", "I Wu Wei Yang" and "self-improvement". As a whole, the grandstand is a reinforced concrete building, 11 meters high, two floors in total, 22 steps in total, with 10000 seats and 20000 standing positions. On the ground floor, a 6-meter-wide ambulatory with a total length of 870 meters is set up, which can not only protect from the rain, but also set up shops, rest rooms, public toilets, storage rooms, etc. for the convenience of the audience. The exterior wall is composed of 120 arches, with light shape.
40000 spectators enter the grandstand from 34 entrances of the cloister to find their seats nearby. At the end of the game, it only takes 5 minutes to leave. The central track and field field is designed according to the advantages and disadvantages of buildings in Europe and the United States and the requirements of international competition rules. There is a semicircle 500m track, divided into 8 tracks, and the east straight track is 220m long (because the 200m straight track record was set in the international competition at that time). There are jumping parts on both sides of the runway, the curve is the throwing part and high jump area, the middle is a large turf football field, the North outside the runway is a tennis court, and the south is a martial arts field. The track and field venue is well arranged with wide space, 330 meters long from north to south, 175 meters from east to west, and a total area of 37500 square meters.
Reform and opening up
On the afternoon of June 10, 2016, Jiangwan football field, the holy land of Shanghai football, was officially opened to the public again.
In March 2016, in response to the No. 46 document issued by the state, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the municipal Football Association vigorously advocated the upsurge of fitness of the whole people and enhanced the public's awareness of physical exercise. After more than three months of construction and maintenance, the abandoned football field was transformed.
After reopening, Jiangwan football field is divided into 4 international standard 1-person real grass football field and 2-piece 7-person real grass football field. It is understood that in the future, Jiangwan football field will not only become the youth football training base of DFC sports, but also have the function of national fitness. The football field is usually open to the majority of football fans. In the future, it will hold many professional or amateur level large-scale football events with high level.
development history
From September 18 to October 1, he served as the main stadium of the Fifth National People's games.
On October 11, he served as the main venue for the closing ceremony of the 12th World Summer Special Olympic Games.
geographical position
Address: No. 346, Guohe Road


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