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Yangpu Park

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Yangpu Park, located in Yanji new village street in the middle of Yangpu District, borders Longchang road in the East, Shuangyang Road in the west, Liaoyuan East Road in the south, and Kongjiang Road in the north. The park has two main entrances and exits: 369 Shuangyang Road and 681 Longchang road. In 2003, the Park covers an area of 223600 square meters. The garden was built in early 1957 and opened on January 24, 1958. The overall layout of the park simulates the West Lake landscape of Hangzhou. With the water surface as the center of gravity, each scenic area is composed of bridges, pavilions, corridors, flower racks and other garden buildings and plants. The whole park is divided into five scenic areas: Yuhu scenic area, central scenic area, animal scenic area, amusement scenic area and Peony Garden scenic area. There are more than 180 kinds of trees in the park, tall and upright trees, lush shrubs, nearly 30 kinds of ground cover plants, all over the corner of the park, making the park present the scene of "green in spring, shade in summer, fruit in autumn, and state in winter". The main scenic spots of Yangpu park include Yangbu jade carving, rockery waterfall, grand lawn, Yuhu scenery, high slope flower belt, Bishui Pavilion, tea garden, fangting pool view, etc.
Yangpu park is a large comprehensive park in the east of Shanghai.
Yangpu park is located in Yangpu District, Shanghai, covering an area of 223600 square meters. Opening hours: 05:00 ~ 19:00 (daylight time) 06:00 ~ 18:00 (non daylight time). Famous scenic spots: Yangbu jade carving and peony garden were built in 1958. Comprehensive park of park type
Historical evolution
The garden site was originally farmland, cemetery and Yangpu Park of Shuitang
There are several small villages such as beimaqiao, lujiamen and wangjiazhaiji.
After 1952, new villages such as Changbai, Kongjiang, Fengcheng and Anshan were successively built nearby. In order to provide a recreational place for the surrounding residents, the Shanghai Municipal People's government decided to build a park here. The construction project shall be organized and implemented by Shidong Park Management Zone of Shanghai Landscape Management Office. In November 1956, 124700 square meters of land to the east of Shuangyang Road, the west of Longchang Road, the south of Kongjiang Road and the north of tangjiabang were acquired for preliminary construction.
Construction began in early 1957 and was completed and opened on January 24, 1958. The original name is Kongjiang Park, which will soon be renamed Yangpu park according to the opinions of the masses. Since then, it has been expanded and partially reconstructed many times, and the project is undertaken by Yangpu District Garden Management Office. In October 1958, 64700 square meters of land west of Longchang road and south of tangjiabang were expropriated for park expansion, and the expansion project was completed in 1959. In 1959, it also expropriated 2000 square meters of land near the Wang's homestead and built a zoo. The early construction of the park is restricted by funds, which are all based on simple conditions. The roads and floors are mostly paved with sand and coal debris, and there are few revetments by the lake. Most of the garden buildings such as bridges, pavilions and corridors are of bamboo and wood structures, and the varieties of flowers and trees are relatively monotonous. Since 1960, the revetments of lakes and lakes have been built, roads and floors have been rebuilt, bridges, pavilions and corridors have been rebuilt, and various recreational facilities have been added. Tangjiabang and its tributaries, which passed through the garden in 1975, were polluted by industrial waste water, which affected the garden's capacity. After being filled, 3600 square meters of land was expanded. After landscaping, it became a part of the high slope flower belt scenic spot in that year.
In 1980, Lanzhou nursery was expropriated for other purposes. As compensation, 11400 square meters of land in lujiamen and its vicinity were expropriated in batches and incorporated into the park. From 1984 to 1986, four bamboo and wood bridges in Yuhu Lake were successively transformed into stone bridges. In 1997, 1 million yuan was invested in the construction of breaking the walls and permeating the green on the north side of the park. The 385 meter long brick wall of the park beside the river control road was demolished and transformed into a metal art fence. 3460 square meters of land between the sidewalk and the park was built into green space, where pine, cypress, green bamboo, camphor, palm and flower shrubs were planted, ground was paved, stone tables and benches were placed, and various lights were installed It has become a green leisure activity area, harmoniously integrating the inside and outside scenery of the park, and expanding the vision of tourists and passers-by. In 1998, the wall adjacent to Longchang Road on the east side of the park was transformed into a perspective wall and arranged as a popular science gallery.
Since 1981, ground cover plants such as Ophiopogon japonicus, scallion, Lycoris radiata, Acorus tatarinowii, iris, Hemerocallis and February orchid have been planted in the Bush, forest and roadside every year. By 1990, there were 12 varieties, and by 2000, there were more than 30. In 2002, a number of new and excellent varieties were introduced to make the garden green.
Park characteristics
The overall layout simulates the West Lake landscape of Hangzhou. With the water surface as the center of gravity, each scenic area park is composed of bridges, pavilions, corridors, flower racks and other garden buildings and plants. The whole park is divided into five scenic areas: Yuhu scenic area, central scenic area, animal Scenic Area, amusement scenic area and peony garden scenic area After 2007, the animal scenic area was cancelled.
The opposite view of the main entrance of the park is rockery pool with artificial waterfall. The east side of the waterfall is led from the path to the lake and stone stream. Yuhu lake is located in the north of the central part of the park. It is divided into inner lake and outer Lake by curved long dike. The east of the long dike is "Jindai bridge", the west is "pressure dike bridge", the 50 meter Wisteria corridor is in the middle. There are blue water pavilions on the South Bank of Yuhu lake, and there are two rainy spring islands in the lake, one in the South and one in the north. Located in the south of the park, the comprehensive fitness area is mainly composed of activity center, open leisure square and fitness running road, which can meet the needs of morning exercise, leisure and entertainment for tourists. The characteristic plant scenic spot is composed of rose garden, peony garden and winter garden, which is located in the southwest corner of the park. The former name of peony garden is "garden in the garden", in which peony competes for splendor, which is a good place for tourists to watch the rose. Outside the garden, it is connected with "xiangyuanhe pool, Langqiao and fish watching". The eastern part of the park is an amusement park scenic spot, with small projects such as airship, small train, horse turning, electric motorcycle, and large and medium-sized amusement facilities such as torrent brave, elevated bicycle, Ferris wheel, etc. the green area of the scenic spot accounts for 65% of the whole amusement park, and separated space through trees and lawns to integrate amusement


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