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Silver Seven Star Ski Resort

Source:http://www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-07 10:18

Shanghai Yinqixing indoor ski resort is the first professional indoor ski resort invested and built by Shanghai Dashun Hokkaido ski Co., Ltd. its scale is currently the first in Asia. The ski resort covers a total area of 100800 square meters, and the construction area of phase I project is 52000 square meters. The whole ski course is 380 meters long and 80 meters wide, with a maximum drop of 42 meters. It is divided into three sections of ramps (12 °, 15 °, 17 °) and a large training platform, which can be used by ski lovers of different degrees. The whole ski resort covers an area of more than 25000 square meters and can be used for skiing by nearly 1000 tourists. The temperature in the snow field is kept below - 2 ℃ all year round, and the thickness of snow varies from 30cm to 50cm.

It's a pity for ski lovers that as the only indoor ski resort in Shanghai, the Silver Seven Star Ski Resort located in Qishen road is still being expanded and renovated, and the current situation of no snow to slide will last for some time. The new venue, which can accommodate up to 1000 people, will open in 2017.

Basic introduction

Silver Seven Star indoor ski resort is built by Shanghai Dashun Beihai

The first professional indoor skiing venue invested and built by the ski company is the largest in Asia for the time being.

Information introduction

Since SARS, Yinqixing indoor ski resort has introduced 10 latest refrigeration oxygen delivery units from Japan, which can deliver 5000m3-5 ℃ fresh air to the resort every hour, so as to achieve the air circulation inside and outside the resort, eliminate the possibility of air borne pathogens, and provide safety guarantee for tourists. For the time being, there are nearly 60 coaches, 3000 pieces of equipment and 6000 sets of clothes in the snow field, which can provide tourists with ski, snowboard, snowboard and other projects. Some snow bikes have not yet been put into use.

Yinqixing indoor ski resort also provides tourists with sightseeing bar, qixingge restaurant, sauna, rest room, multi-functional hall, KTV, massage room, spa room, tea house and other leisure and entertainment facilities. On the fourth floor, the company will introduce the latest entertainment equipment of Japan's famous electronic entertainment machine Sanrong Co., Ltd. to build the most modern comprehensive electronic entertainment city in Southwest Shanghai. The second phase of the company's project will build business hotels, standard track skating rinks and other related supporting facilities, and will build the most professional ice and snow sports leisure and entertainment center in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Ticket price

Ticket type / one hour / two hours / unlimited hours

Daily ticket for adults / ¥ 98 / ¥ 138 / ¥ 198

Children / ¥ 80 / ¥ 120 / ¥ 180 weekend tickets adults / ¥ 118 / ¥ 158 / ¥ 218

Children / ¥ 100 / ¥ 140 / ¥ 200

Weekend night tickets (Friday, Saturday) (19:00 - 1:00 in the morning) ¥ 158

Bath 6 yuan/ person

Bath room for two RMB 58 / person, room for three RMB 68 / person

Meal cost 50 yuan / person

Skiing process

After entering the snow field, don't itch your feet. First listen to the skiing coach at the gate to talk about the basic actions. After 10 minutes, it should be OK to slide on the flat slope, then on the primary slide. There are three slides with different slopes from top to bottom in the snow field. Anyway, you can't fall dead. One hour down, it should be OK to slide on the intermediate slide.

Business Hours

9:00-22:30 (21:00 suspension of tickets) 9:00-24:00 (21:00 suspension of tickets) on Friday and Saturday

Period definition

Free shuttle bus

Bus location: North Square of Xinzhuang station of Metro Line 1

Departure time: 30 minutes, full time and half time (no dining time at 12:00 and 18:00)

First bus: 9:00 (subway station) 9:30 (ski resort)

Last bus: 21:00 (Metro Station) 22:00 (ski resort)

Note: it will be delivered to Xujiahui every hour from 23:00 on Friday and Saturday to 1:00 in the morning

Self driving route

Inside Shanghai: A20 outer ring road, Gudai Road, West to Qishen road.

Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway: it's about 3 kilometers to the North (turn left) from Qishen road crossing.

Shanghai Nanjing Expressway: turn to A20 (in the direction of outer ring Hongqiao Airport) and drive to the west of Gudai intersection (turn right to Qishen Road).

Public transportation

Public stations: 91, 92, 803, 953, Shenbei line (under Gudai Road)

Snow field address

1835 Qishen Road, Qibao town, Shanghai (near Gudai Road)

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