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Qibao Old Street

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Qibao Old Street is located at Qingnian Road, Xinjie, Qibao ancient town, Minhang District, Shanghai. It was formed in the Han Dynasty, developed in the early Song Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and has a history of more than 1000 years. Qibao ancient town is a thousand year old town in the Taihu Lake Basin in the south of the Yangtze River. It has picturesque scenery, a typical town in the city, and the closest ancient town to the city.

The street is divided into North and South streets. The South Street is mainly featured by snacks, while the North Street is mainly featured by tourist crafts, antiques, calligraphy and painting. There are antique buildings and so on in the whole street. Qibao Old Street & nbsp; has become a prosperous market integrating leisure, tourism and shopping.

Traffic information

Subway line 9 goes directly to Qibao station.

It is 10 minutes from Xinzhuang station of Metro Line 1, 20 minutes from Caobao Road Metro station, and can be reached by bus 803, 513, 87, 91, 92, Shenbei special line, etc., or by tourism line 1 and tourism line 10. At present, rail transit line 9 has also been opened to traffic. Take bus to Qibao station and walk for about 3 minutes.

You can also take a special tour bus to the tourism distribution center of Shanghai Gymnasium.

Self driving route: holidays or weekends: West Changjiang Road - Gonghe new road turn right (Baosteel direction), after passing huma road directly up the viaduct - S20 (Hongqiao Airport direction) - S20 (Xupu Bridge direction) - Viaduct under the exit of Caobao road - right Caobao road - Caobao road - left Xinzhen road - Xinzhen road - Destination--- Gonghe new road - North South viaduct - Zhonghuan Road (Hongqiao Airport direction) - Zhonghuan Road (Shangzhong Road Tunnel direction) - viaduct at the exit of Caobao road - right turn of Caobao road - left turn of Xinzhen road - Xinzhen road - destination.

Main attractions

Cricket hall and old trade show the folk customs of Shanghai in the past; the old hotel and Tianxiang building present the Representative Shanghai dishes; Qibao opera park shows some major local operas in Shanghai; the micro sculpture hall and Shuhan hall show the harmonious combination of Chinese folk art and Shanghai culture; the Western sculpture art of Zhang Chongren Memorial Hall explains the spirit of Shanghai school for foreign literature To be tolerant and rational in intervention The tavern and teahouse are all old-fashioned eight immortals tables, long benches, long mouth copper pots and square bamboo chopsticks.

Surrounding attractions

Yinqixing indoor ski resort: it is known as the largest indoor ski resort in China. It is located at 1835 Qishen Road, Qibao town, near Gudai road. (now closed)

Tropical storm water park: in the summer, the nearby tropical storm water park will come one after another. Located at the intersection of Gudai Road, Xinzhen, water park is one of the largest open-air water parks in Asia. The park has created lakes, rivers and beaches, with more than 30 kinds of thrilling and exciting water amusement projects.

Qibao glass workshop: the workshop now has complete glass production process equipment and technology, has become the best glass casting room in the world, located at 488 Huazhong Road, Qibao town. There are also facilities for artistic research and display of finished products. It has naturally become a new artistic creation for Chinese and foreign sculptors.

Minhang Sports Park: Minhang Sports Park, located in the west of the outer ring road, the north of Gudai Road, the east of Xinzhen Road, and the south of nongnan Road, is to build an ecological and humanized space environment of the times. It is the first sports theme park in Shanghai.

festival activities

Qibao old street is a bit like Town God's Temple, but snacks are more concentrated than Town God's Temple. Among them, the South Street is mainly featured with snacks, and the featured foods are mainly Qibao soup group, fanggao, etc. Every year, there are food festivals in Qibao old street.

Historical legends

19971; 327693; Shippo Old Street

Seven treasures were formed in the later Han Dynasty, developed in the early Song Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a history of more than 1000 years. As the important town of Songjun in history, Qibao has rich cultural heritage.

There is a popular saying of "seven treasures" among the people, that is, flying Buddha, bell, Golden Lotus Sutra, sacred tree, Golden Chicken, Jade axe and jade chopsticks. (in addition, there is a legend that at the beginning of the seven treasures, there were eight treasures. Because one was stolen, it was called seven treasures. Because those who know are old, and because of the age, this legend has no way to be verified.)

The flying Buddha is actually the Tathagata iron Buddha of Nanjiao temple. It's said that it came from the sky. It was actually raised and cast by Xu pan, a native of Wanli town in the Ming Dynasty; (now hidden in Qibao Temple)

It's said that Bo Cha, the abbot of Qibao temple, was floating from the river when the bell system was in Yongle of Ming Dynasty.

The Golden Lotus Sutra was written by the princess of Qian Liu, king of Wuyue, in Gongkai with gold powder.

Catalpa tree is a thousand year old tree, which is located in the original seven Treasures Temple.

These four are real objects.

The legend of Jade axe has something to do with the construction of Puhui Tangqiao. At the beginning of the bridge, it was difficult to combine the arches. When the craftsmen had no choice, they came to the old man with white hair and picked up a butcher's axe from the Qiaotu shop and threw it under the bridge to lay the foundation of the bridge. The Tangqiao was built.

Jade chopsticks said that in ancient times, the Emperor gave a pair of jade chopsticks to the meritorious officials, which can drive away poison and avoid evil. The meritorious officials hid them in the East Bridge Post of Jiangjia bridge in the north of the town, and then they were stolen, leaving a pair of chopsticks on the post.

Jinji said that there were seven jars of gold and eight jars of silver hidden under gaonitun in the north of the town, which were guarded by Jinji. The gold and silver buried must be excavated by the family of nine sons and nine daughters in law. It means that the foundation industry will last forever and that nine things will return to one.

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