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China Travel,China Tours,Travel China guide,Shanghai travel

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Liangcheng Park

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Liangcheng Park is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 1.37 hectares, with a total investment of more than 6 million yuan. In addition to highlighting the green tone, the park layout also adds abstract sculpture, performance platform, etc. Dozens of new plants and more than 19000 seedlings have been planted in the park. Through the introduction of new plant varieties and tree shaping, the landscape of this open green space has been increased, providing a beautiful green environment for the surrounding residents' leisure and entertainment.

Opening Hours

5:00-18:00 from April to June;

5:00-19:00 from July to September;

6:00-18:00 from October to March;


800 Liangcheng Road, Hongkou District (near North Station Road) < span > Liangcheng Park

132, 133, 142, 518, 554, 745, 823, 874, 875, 876

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