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Former Residence of martyr Li Bai

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Li Bai's former residence is located at No. 15, Lane 107, Huangdu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. Li Bai came to Shanghai from Yan'an in 1937 and has been engaged in underground radio of the Communist Party of China for a long time. He was arrested by the Kuomintang authorities in December 1948. On May 7 of the following year, he was killed in qijiamiao, Pudong. The Former Residence of martyr Li Bai is now a cultural relic protection unit in Shanghai.

Former residence location

Brief introduction of former residence

Martyr Li Bai, born in 1910, joined the Communist Party of China in 1925. From 1945 to 1948, he was sent to Shanghai to work as a secret radio station. He and his wife, Qiu Huiying, lived on the third floor of Beiwu with their son. There were three rooms, totaling 27 square meters. The secret underground radio station of the party is set up in the small pavilion. He was arrested on 29 December 1948 at the time of official publication and was secretly killed on 7 may 1949.

In November 1985, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government approved the former residence of martyr Li Bai as a municipal cultural relics protection unit. In February 1986, the District Cultural Bureau was mainly responsible for the renovation and construction preparation of the former residence. On May 7, 1987, it was officially opened to the public. Chen Yun wrote the name of the museum for his former residence, which was under the administration of Hongkou District Bureau of culture.

Former residence scale

Libai martyr's former residence is an old-fashioned three-story brick and wood building with a building area of 160 square meters. It is a yellow brown pebble exterior wall and a cream yellow gate. There are copper hanging carvings and relief carvings of martyrs' former residence inlaid on the left and right sides.

Collection of former residence

On the first floor and the second floor, there is a martyrs' deeds exhibition room, which consists of three parts:

First, to join the revolution; second, to fight in the heart of the enemy; third, the never-ending wave.

There are statues of martyr Li Bai in the hall. In the exhibition room, there are 10 precious historical photos, calenders made by Li Bai's youth and oil lamps for his sister.

On the second floor, there are 36 precious historical photos of Li Bai's hand-made wooden escalators, four letters written by the martyrs to his family.

The third floor has restored the original appearance of the living room according to the memory of Qiu Huiying (late). There are big cupboards, chest of drawers, sofas used by Li Bai, suitcases and bamboo baskets used for loading transmitters in the bedroom.

Family letter of martyrs

This is the first time that the family members of martyr Li Bai have collected it from their hometown and exhibited it to the outside world. This is also the first letter we have obtained since the campaign of "letters of home in the war" was started.

During the Anti Japanese War, Li Bai wrote many times to return home to report peace. At that time, the revolutionary environment was complex, and Li Bai established the first secret radio station in Shanghai, which was in danger of life at any time. However, in his family letter, there is no mention of this, leaving only one ordinary son's concern for his family.

Find the letter in the country loft

This letter, which was sealed in my hometown for more than 60 years, was written to my father by Li Bai under the pseudonym of Li Jing'an. From the vaguely recognizable postmark, it can be seen that in 1943, the Japanese army was frantically searching for the underground radio station, and the situation in Shanghai was very tense. According to Li Hengsheng, Li Bai's son, Li Bai was just released from prison, and his public identity was to work as a clerk in Liangyou candy store. Li Bai said in the letter that he missed his parents, brother and sister who were far away in Liuyang, Hunan Province, doing small business in Shanghai.

At that time, Li Bai was imprisoned in the Japanese military police department in the north of beiluqiao, Sichuan Province due to the exposure of the radio station. He was tortured and was still watched by the enemy after he came out. But until his death, his family did not know that he was engaged in the dangerous work of secret radio. Li Hengsheng told reporters that his father didn't leave many relics before his death. Unexpectedly, when he returned to his hometown some time ago, his uncle Li Huaqing, 89, turned over the letter and the clothes his father had worn from the attic.

Educational significance

The former residence also has a video room to show the report of the martyr's wife Qiu Huiying's recollection of the martyr's fighting deeds, which becomes the base of ideological education for students.

Guide to visit

Address: No.15, Lane 107, Huangdu Road

Visit time: 9:00-17:00 every day, ticket sales will stop at 16:30. (rest on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

Admission price: Free

Discount method: 20 or more domestic guests, including 20, can enjoy 20% discount of ordinary ticket with the help of the letter of introduction. More than 20 students, including 20, can enjoy 20% off of the student ticket with the help of the letter of introduction, and one teacher is free of charge. Those with a disability certificate will enjoy a 50% discount on the ordinary ticket. Disabled revolutionary soldiers and retired cadres are free of tickets. Those who are over 70 years old are free with their valid certificates.

Transportation: No. 18, 21, 47, 51, 70, 97, 101, tourist line 10

Impressions of after reading

Visit the former residence of martyr Li Bai

From Duolun Road to Liyang Road, Hongkou District has gathered many revolutionary historical buildings and memorials. Many revolutionary martyrs and cultural celebrities have fought and lived here. On Huangdu Road, an inconspicuous path, there is the memorial hall of Li Bai, the revolutionary martyr.

On the 60th anniversary of the martyr Li Bai's death, with the feelings of reverence for the martyrs, he visited the former residence of martyr Li Bai inscribed by Comrade Chen Yun. This is a 400 square meter house. From the first floor to the third floor of Dai, there are three parts of pictures and real objects, i.e. "joining in the revolution", "fighting in the heart of the enemy" and "never disappearing radio wave". This paper systematically introduces the life and combat achievements of martyr Li Bai. Martyr Li Bai was the earliest telegraph operator of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army. Yan'an sent him to Shanghai after the long march to be responsible for the secret liaison between the Shanghai organization of the Communist Party of China and the Party Central Committee. He directed the Shanghai party organization to fight against the enemy through radio. The conditions were quite tough. He was caught by the Japanese aggressors and the Kuomintang four times successively. He was brave, tenacious, willing to die, and unyielding, which showed the excellent quality of a communist. He was arrested at the end of 1948 and killed at qijiamiao temple in Pudong on May 7, 1949. Taking his deeds as the prototype, the film "the never fading radio wave" once aroused the admiration of countless people for the heroic struggle of the martyrs. Especially for young people played a good patriotic education. Look at the display of radio stations, transmitters, telecommunications equipment and tools and other physical objects in the museum. People can't help but think of Li Bai's heroic battle for the victory of the revolution 60 years ago.

After visiting the exhibition hall, we will ask why revolutionary martyrs shed their blood and their heads? Isn't it for the happiness of future generations? How to take over the guns of revolutionary martyrs and complete the unfinished revolutionary cause of revolutionary martyrs is not the responsibility of later generations? Now we live in a new era of reform and opening up, which means we should think about the past in the name of revolution and continue and carry forward the glorious tradition of revolutionary martyrs. Hold high the great red flag of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and do our work well under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development to console the heroic spirit dedicated to the revolution. We solemnly swear to the Martyrs: we will inherit the revolutionary cause you dedicated to, never fail to live up to your ardent expectations, always and everywhere with your revolutionary spirit to spur and inspire our fighting spirit, build a prosperous motherland with our full blood, and plant red flags dyed with your blood all over China and the world! Revolutionary martyrs are immortal!

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