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Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

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Zhu Qizhan Art Museum is a public art museum named after Zhu Qizhan, a famous contemporary Chinese calligraphy and painting master. It was opened in 1995. After ten years of entrepreneurship, it has taken "traditional innovation, modern classics and today's vision" as its academic orientation, and "inheriting historical context, innovating modern classics, and cultivating new artists" as its concept. It is not only a specialized organization for collecting, displaying and studying Mr. Zhu Qizhan's calligraphy and painting art, but also an important window for carrying out the domestic and foreign traditional and contemporary art exchanges, and performing the functions of small and medium-sized art museums. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out research, collection, exhibition, exchange and art education with the goal of high quality and academic quality.

Library brief introduction

Zhu Qizhan art museum is a public art museum named after Zhu Qizhan, a famous contemporary Chinese calligraphy and painting master. It was opened in 1995. It is not only a specialized organization for collecting, displaying and studying Mr. Zhu Qizhan's calligraphy and painting art, but also an important window for the art exchange at home and abroad, performing the functions of small and medium-sized art museums. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out research, collection, exhibition, exchange and art education with the goal of high quality and academic quality. Since its opening, the museum has not only devoted itself to Mr. Zhu Qizhan's art research and publishing exhibitions, but also successfully held a series of influential art exhibitions, including the introduction of foreign excellent exhibitions, strengthening exchanges and cooperation with museums in other provinces and cities, and realizing resource sharing. At the same time, it has also planned some thematic exhibitions of contemporary artists, which have produced better social benefits and established a good reputation.

building structure

Located in the northeast corner of Lu Xun Park in Shanghai, the Art Museum covers an area of 750 square meters, with a total construction area of 1500 square meters. It is a three-story building with grey walls, green tiles and Jiangnan style. A granite passage with a width of 2 meters and a length of more than 10 meters welcomes the audience into the hall. The west is directly connected to the park, with a row of transparent glass doors, giving you a panoramic view of the park's green color. Surrounded by plum trees, the scenery is quiet. In the preface hall, there are Zhu Qizhan's Bust Statue and historical materials exhibition room, elegant VIP Hall and 100 square meters exhibition and conference multi-functional hall. The second floor is divided into two halls in the South and the north. The exhibition hall in the south is 140 square meters. The wall is closed floor to floor glass. Zhu Qizhan's paintings and calligraphy are displayed all the year round. The North exhibition hall, with an area of more than 200 square meters, is a venue for various art exchange exhibitions. On the third floor, there is a plum blossom thatched cottage named after qilaozhai, covering an area of 80 square meters. It is a place for high-level academic activities. The painting table and chairs are imitated Ming style furniture, simple and elegant. The desk displays some of the relics of the study that Zhu Qizhan used. One side of the bricks and inkstones of the Jin Dynasty 1500 years ago and a bald pen tell the story of Zhu Qizhan's silent work in art.

Collection features

The collection of Zhu Qizhan art museum is based on the art works donated by Mr. Zhu Qizhan, including more than 100 of his own works, and more than 70 of the works of contemporary famous calligraphers and painters, as well as 30 of the works of ancient famous calligraphers and painters. Although these ancient paintings are the remains of the disaster, there are not many of them are of high quality. In recent years, the museum has successively collected some outstanding works of contemporary artists, gradually enriched the collection, and ranked first in the collection of similar memorials.

Zhu Qizhan Art Museum has a good professional service system. Its business structure is mainly composed of academic department (Research Department), collection department and Exhibition Department. In addition to collecting, publishing, researching, displaying and organizing art exchange, we also carry out extensive art education and popularize elegant art.

Idea of running a library

After ten years of entrepreneurship, the museum will take "traditional innovation, modern classics and today's vision" as its academic orientation, take "inheriting historical context, innovating Modern Classics and cultivating new artists" as its concept, and take the academic construction of Shanghai new ink as the starting point, build a new ink forum, face the international and face the future, and promote the development of contemporary art with national characteristics The exhibition will also work together with Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum to build a modern culture and Art Center in the northeast of Shanghai!

The ink age of Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

The 2010 Shanghai new ink art exhibition, jointly sponsored by Zhu Qizhan Art Museum and Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum, will open at Zhu Qizhan Art Museum at 3:00 p.m. on May 15, 2010. This exhibition is supported and co organized by Changshu Museum, Shanghai Chinese Academy of painting, Shanghai calligraphy and painting publishing house and Wuhan Art Museum. At the same time, in order to deepen the academic topic of the exhibition, the academic forum of "ink age" will be held at Zhu Qizhan Art Museum from 9:30 to 6:30 p.m. on May 16, 2010, presided over by the critic Mr. Wang Nanming, and invited many authoritative scholars, including Huang Zhuan, Gao Minglu, LU Hong, PI Daojian, Zhu Qingsheng, Lin, Lu Fusheng, etc,

Since 2005, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum and Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum jointly built and established "Shanghai new ink base", and jointly held the first exhibition "harmony between heaven, earth and man" -- 2005 Shanghai new ink art exhibition has been five years since this exhibition, and the influence of "Shanghai new ink art exhibition" has changed from the regional characteristics of the original contemporary "Shanghai school ink" In the first exhibition, Liu Guosong, a Taiwanese ink painter with international influence, was one of the sponsors; in the third exhibition "ink on the way" held in 2007, the list of artists who had great achievements in overseas, Southeast Asia and the global Chinese cultural circle appeared in the list of artists, such as Zhao Wuji and Zhu Dequn The participation of overseas Chinese, especially foreign artists (the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and other countries) in the 2009 Shanghai new ink art "overseas ink rhyme" sub exhibition has made the academic influence of the exhibition widely spread at home and abroad. Many in-depth discussions on the topic of "modern ink" in this exhibition have made "Shanghai new ink" "Ink art exhibition" has become an international exchange platform for classic and contemporary ink art. On the arrival of the 2010 World Expo, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum and Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum continue to work together to prepare for the "ink age - 2010 Shanghai new ink art exhibition", to show the world the classic and contemporary Chinese ink art with a broad view of Shanghai school art, which combines the advantages of numerous artists and a wide range of exhibitions. This exhibition is mainly divided into two parts: the traditional ink classics of Zhu Qizhan Art Museum and the contemporary ink of Shanghai Duolun modern art museum. The exhibition of Zhu Qizhan art museum is composed of two themes, one is "tracing to the source, ink and wash", which mainly displays the history of Shanghai school painting art in the form of literature and modern painting and calligraphy exhibition, and looks back and arranges the background of contemporary "new ink and wash". Another theme is "contemporary ink classics", which will present the appearance of some new works of contemporary Shanghai school, and invite the representative artists in China to participate in the exhibition, in the form of North-South dialogue to present the continuity and innovation of ink for tradition. The three sub exhibitions of "the edge of ink", "the other side of ink" and "the third abstraction" in Duolun art museum were planned by Mr. Wang Nanming, Mr. Jiang Qigu and Ms. Ma Lin respectively, and were hosted by Zhu Qingsheng and other scholars. The exhibition invited ink artists from all over the country and even overseas, through their vision, through images, installations and other diverse arts Form profoundly reveals the transformation and derivation of traditional ink language in the context of contemporary art.

In addition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, whose mission is to inherit classics and pay attention to the contemporary, held a series of exhibitions such as "ink and mind - Qi Baishi, Zhu Qizhan, Liu Haisu joint exhibition" and "Zhu Xuanxian painting exhibition", so as to present the inheritance and interpretation of traditional cultural spirit, and strive to show the unique language of ink art.

Introduction to Zhu Qizhan

Born in Liuhe new town, Taicang, Jiangsu Province, on the second day of May, the 18th year of Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty, it is named Zengjun, and its name starts from Zai and erzhan old people. Zhai Name: Plum Blossom thatched cottage, PI Si Ju, yangchangpu room, Xiuzhu Wulu. Grandfather Chang Yi Gong, the word Xiangzhou. Business, there are Confucianism, silence, set up a collection of good hall, seven Yi temple, in the countryside more good deeds. Father big Kun, Ke Chengzu business soy sauce garden, life is also benevolent. Mother Shi, the daughter of Shilian history, a Confucian businessman in Liuhe Town. He has published Zhu Qizhan's collection of paintings, paisiju's talk on paintings, Zhu Qizhan's selection of paintings, etc.

On May 4, 1991, Zhu Qizhan, a 100 year old art master, was admitted to the party with the approval of the Committee of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture of the Communist Party of China and became the oldest New Party member in the country.

Mr. a lost his mother when he was eight. His father hired Songyu, a scholar, as a tutor to study in the old house of Xinzhen. In the spare time of the library class, the teachers of the school are versatile. They draw orchids and bamboos to entertain themselves. Mr. and his mother are deeply in love. When they miss each other, they cry. For this reason, the teacher of Tong Shushi stroked his head and recited the book of songs, Wei Feng, saying, "I'll walk over the other side and see my mother!" So he changed his name to Qizhan. After that, Yu studied hard at home and never stopped learning painting. About after the victory of resistance, when he was 14 years old, he was supported by his uncle and enrolled in Baoshan school. In the meantime, he often painted and contributed to the Shanghai times. At the age of 17, he graduated from Baoshan school and was admitted to Shanghai Industrial School (the predecessor of Shanghai Jiaotong University). He got the teaching benefits of Tang Wenzhi, a famous Sinologist. In the meantime, he continued to learn how to draw by himself. "Master Tang earnestly warned:" calligraphy painting, point to draw must focus on, avoid slippery In order to show in the future that I am dedicated to painting.

Mr. Zhang began to learn painting at the age of eight or nine and pursued art for nearly a century. "Over the years, I have always sought for myself in terms of" independence "," strength "and" Jane, "he said in" pishijuhua Tan ". Those who are "alone" are loyal to their own faces and do not depend on their own doors; those who are "powerful" are concentrated, calm and diligent, which also contain the depth of the author's thoughts, that is, "heart power"; those who are "simple" are the "spirit combination" and "penetration" of shock works, which are "clean and simple, free from worldly constraints, unremitting and non sticky". Reflecting the spirit of never tired pursuit, sir, the virtue of being modest, open-minded and diligent is universally recognized. He never thought that his painting was better than others, nor was he satisfied with one of his own. He always said modestly, "I can't draw, I'm just falling." He is not proud of his fame, nor proud of his age, nor intoxicated with his glory. Mr. Chen has experienced the turbulent social situation for more than one hundred years and has deep feelings for the socialist country and the Communist Party of China. He often said: "painting used to be a meal. Today, painting is an art, creating spiritual wealth for the country. Life in the past was not as stable as it is today. The Communist Party is good. " In 1991, when he was 100 years old, he became the oldest member of the Communist Party of China. He said under the party's banner, "in the daytime, we can only keep our hearts open and unswervingly follow the party. This is the most solemn and important choice of my life. On April 20, 1996, the cause of his illness was incurable and he left peacefully. However, his artistic strength and moral character were going to be with the mountains and rivers, with the sun and the moon. Liuhe people in their hometown will always miss you.

Major exhibitions in recent years

"Zhu Xuanxian painting exhibition" 2014-12-05-12-21,

"Ink painting and mind - joint exhibition of Qi Baishi, Zhu Qizhan and Liu Haisu",

Zhu Qizhan, special exhibition of houbei people's World Expo 2010-04-08-2010-04-18,

"On the warm land" exhibition of honorary chairman of Russian Art Association 2010-02-28 ~ 2010-03-14,

"Yinhu Yingchun" Chinese Zodiac exhibition 2010-02-05 ~ 2010-02-25,

"Poetry of Russian spirit" works exhibition 2010-01-09 ~ 2010-01-24,

"Tradition and creation" Ruan Rongchun Chinese painting tour exhibition 2009-10-10-2009-10-15,

"Surpassing -- returning to the traditional accumulation" Tang Yonggang art solo exhibition 2009-09-05 ~ 2009-09-17,

"Tao Qinghua" Pan Jie's painting exhibition 2009-07-25 ~ 2009-07-31,

"Looking back and forward" exhibition of the creation process of Taiwan's senior ceramic artist Li maozong from July 10, 2009 to July 20, 2009,

The 60th anniversary of China DPRK Friendship Cultural Art Exhibition 2009-06-27 ~ 2009-07-03,

Xu zhaobing's art solo exhibition of "childish self reflection" from June 12, 2009 to June 21, 2009,

Ding Li's solo art exhibition of "the pondering of human nature" from April 22, 2009 to May 3, 2009,

From January 21, 2009 to February 22, 2009,

"Beside" Cao Ming and Yu Chen oil painting double exhibition 2008-12-11 ~ 2008-12-17,

"A young man's dream" art exhibition 2008-12-03 ~ 2008-12-09,

New Loudong landscape painting exhibition 2008-12-26 ~ 2009-01-04,

"Symptoms" contemporary art exhibition 2008-12-18 ~ 2008-12-24 2008,

Ding Liren art exhibition from November 14, 2008 to November 27, 2008,

Boun solo exhibition - L ` essence de la couleur (color essence) 2008-10-18 ~ 2008-10-30,

Zheng Zhiyun's solo exhibition: spring in the desert, October 1, 2008 to October 15, 2008,

Clemens briels, the Olympic spirit of art,

Individual art exhibition 2008-08-03 ~ 2008-08-30,

"Roaming 4" Huangyan solo exhibition 2008-06-17 ~ 2008-06-30,

Shanghai Exhibition of famous calligraphers and painters of Silk Road Association of "Haina Baichuan Silk Road highlights" 2008-07-18 ~ 2008-07-30,

Invited exhibition of contemporary Chinese young ink painting masters of "new array of colleges" 2008-05-28 ~ 2008-06-13,

"Lovely personification" & "dye love" the three red big & Shun two solo exhibitions 2008-04-11 ~ 2008-04-22,

Mr. Zhu Qizhan art life image exhibition 2008-04-25 ~ 2008-05-11,

"Chinese ink painting" exhibition of famous works of Chinese drama and ink painting masters from March 19, 2008 to March 29, 2008,

"Double peak" Huang Chengyuan, Peter Lee double exhibition 2008-03-02 ~ 2008-03-15,

Li pingye's animal painting exhibition of "old dream and new search" from February 19, 2008 to February 29, 2008,

Map of Zhu Qizhan Art Museum in Shanghai

"I" Wang Ying works exhibition 2008-01-10 ~ 2008-01-30,

"Hongkouyuan" calligraphy and Painting Art Invitation Exhibition 2007-12-15 ~ 2007-12-28,

Zhou Yuntian's solo exhibition of "peaceful nature" from December 1, 2007 to December 10, 2007,

Beijing BS1 Contemporary Art Museum 2007 art Nomination Exhibition 2007-08-31 ~ 2007-09-27,

"Roaming" Huangyan solo exhibition 2007-07-18 ~ 2007-08-04,

"Ink on the way" 2007 Shanghai new ink art exhibition 2007-05-15 ~ 2007-06-14,

"Stranger dating" Sino German contemporary art exhibition 2007-03-02-2007-04-01,

"Moving shadows" Li Dafang solo exhibition 2006-11-09 ~ 2006-12-03,

The exhibition of Liang Quan, Wang Chuan and Yan Shanqi "Chinese abstract" from October 18, 2006 to October 28, 2006

Collection boutique

Address traffic

Zhu Qizhan Art Museum Address: No. 580, Ouyang Road, Shanghai

Transportation lines: direct line No.100, 848, 751, 749, 70 track No.3 to Hongkou Football Field, inner ring elevated line, Guangzhong Road exit to Dalian West Road, turn right to Ouyang Road; No.18, 21, 139, 939 from Lu Xun Park

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