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Shanghai Huoshan park

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Shanghai Huoshan park is located in the southeast of Hongkou District, near the downtown of tielan bridge. The gate is at the junction of Huoshan road and Zhoushan road. It faces north and covers an area of 3700 square meters. In 1950 after the liberation, the government built parks, which were open to the public free of charge in the same year. The Cultural Revolution was closed to 80 years and reopened. In 1999, the parks were rebuilt.

Development history

Six years before the Republic of China, the nearby overseas Chinese rented this place as a children's playground. In the Republic of China, the concession industry and Commerce Bureau turned it into a park, which was first named sidelai park. Zhoushan Park was changed into Zhoushan Park in the 10th year of the Republic of China. It was opened to Chinese in September of the Republic of China. It was renamed this name in June of the Republic of China. During the Second World War, a large number of Jews came to Shanghai to escape the persecution of fascism. The Japanese army set up isolation near the park. During the "Cultural Revolution", kilns were built in the park to burn bricks and air defense works were dug, and the park was forced to stop opening. In 1978, the park was renovated and reopened.

When the park was first built, only a few flowers, plants and trees were planted and a small number of children's play facilities were set up. A pavilion was built in the 14th year of the Republic of China. Washrooms and fountains were built in the 16th year of the Republic of China. During the renovation in 1978, scaffolding and fences were built. In 1983, the greening was adjusted to plant red leaf plum, privet, hibiscus, etc. There is a grape stand in the center of the garden. Roses and begonias are planted on the flower beds on the left and right sides. South of the park is a children's activity area, with seesaw, slide, swing chair and other recreational facilities. The pavilion and corridor in the west of the garden is a place for the elderly to have a rest. In 1994, a new explanation monument was built in the park. The trees in the garden are dense and dense. There are 41 kinds of trees in the garden, 678 in total.

Main attractions

Jewish refugee shelter

There is a nameplate on the front wall of the building, which reads in Chinese and English: in order to thank the Shanghai people for the Jewish refugees before and during the Second World War, with the support of the Hongkou District People's government, the Israeli government and the Israeli enterprises have invested in repairing the building to commemorate it.

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