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Jiangwan Sports Park

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Jiangwan Sports Park, located at No. 245, Songhu Road, Shanghai, is a large-scale entertainment place with complete facilities and novel features.

brief introduction

The whole park is integrated with Jiangwan Stadium, covering an area of 25.4 hectares. There are more than 20 kinds of amusement projects in the park. Among them, there is the largest "wave making circulating swimming pool" in China, which can hold 4000 people each time. There are 180 degree ball screen films introduced from Japan and jointly operated by Shanghai and Hong Kong. Four military aircraft of the Air Force stationed in Shanghai are parked on the domestic square. There are physical objects, pictures and materials about aviation knowledge in stand 2, which is a collection of ancient and modern aviation knowledge at home and abroad.

The park also has a buffet, fast food restaurant, hostel, parking lot, etc.


Jiangwan Stadium was incorporated into Shanghai Institute of physical education in 1958.

At the end of 1959, the construction of Jiangwan Stadium was restored to the management of the Municipal Commission of physical culture and sports.

It was incorporated into Shanghai Physical Education School in 1961.

In the spring of 1964, due to the suspension of the sports school, Jiangwan Stadium once again resumed its independent construction. In the "Cultural Revolution", the Shanghai Municipal Revolutionary Committee in April 1974 ordered the Municipal Sports Commission to cancel the construction of Jiangwan Stadium and incorporate it into the May 7th sports cadre training class.

In 1977, the Municipal Sports Commission resumed the construction of Jiangwan Stadium. The opening ceremony of the Fifth National Games in 1983 was held here.

In the autumn of 1984, the Municipal Sports Commission approved the construction of Jiangwan sports park.

By 1988, Jiangwan Stadium had 6 departments, including administration, business, operation, entertainment, human security and office, with a staff of 200.

Travel Tips


The best travel season is in March, April, may, June and September, October and November of each year, which are all suitable months.

Jiangwan Sports Park - accommodation

Name: Tianyi Hotel

Address: 1805 Siping Road, Yangpu District

Name: Shanghai SHUIHUA Holiday Hotel

Address: No.399 Handan Road, Yangpu District

Name: shangwai Hotel

Address: No.555, Chifeng Road, Hongkou District

Jiangwan Sports Park - Transportation

8, 55, 61, 75, 59, 90, 139, 910, 537, 538, 866, 828, 842, 942, 758

Delicious food

There are many ordinary hotels near Guoji road to the south, and some hotels on Hengren Road near Shanghai Institute of physical education about 400 meters to the East.

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