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Shanghai Weimeng ecological forest

Source:http://www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-07 15:43

Weimeng ecological forest in Shanghai




Located in Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, Weimeng ecological forest is a modern agriculture Co., Ltd. integrating modern agriculture, eco-tourism and urban agricultural sightseeing. It is a joint venture jointly invested and built by Taiwan businessmen and the village.

It took five years to form a modern farm covering an area of 3600 Mu and dozens of Chinese and Western scenic spots. The water network in the park is crisscross, and the water landscape resources are superior. More than 280 kinds of seedlings have been planted, with a number of more than 1 million. In addition, there is a modern agricultural technology exhibition center with an area of nearly 20000 square meters. The center's ancillary rooms, catering, entertainment and other services are available for visitors to visit, discuss and meet business needs. There are also small villa communities for tourists to live in.

Entering Huaqiao is a dense forest. The farm is full of birds and flowers. The green belt beside the road is pleasant to see. The small bridge and flowing water create a comfortable atmosphere. The scenic spots are mainly set up by nature, returning to the original, so that tourists can directly integrate with water, sand, trees and grass, and have the feeling of being in the nature. In addition, a national cultural village with national characteristics has been opened up in the bamboo forest.

There are many species in the park, including Acacia introduced from Australia, and many thousand year old osmanthus, living fossil ginkgo tree, ancient camphor tree, etc.

Considering the needs of young people's growth and their awareness of science and technology, we have set aside a large area as the activity base of model airplane and model sea. We have cooperated with Shanghai Aircraft Model Association to build a model airport for competition in the park. At that time, we will welcome the fans of aeromodel sports in Shanghai and even the whole country, and come here to hold various levels of aeromodel competitions.

We have also fully considered the needs of all kinds of fitness activities of the public, and built a fitness road for massaging the sole of the foot by using the paths in the park. In addition, the establishment of tennis courts, swings, cars and other fitness facilities for them to exercise, cultivate sentiment.

In order to improve the service quality, we specially invited "Zhongguan management consulting company" from Taiwan to train our service personnel at all levels. In order to support the development of the western region, we have cooperated with Kunming vocational school in Yunnan Province to run schools so that they can use what they have learned.

We also cooperated with the Ministry of agriculture to establish an agricultural technology exhibition and training base. In the activity of welcoming the 1250 anniversary of the founding of Songjiang, we are willing to make our own modest efforts to learn from our brother units, complement each other's advantages, base ourselves on Songjiang, face Shanghai, open up domestic and foreign markets, do a good job of Songjiang as a tourist attraction area of Shanghai, and make our contribution to the economic development of Songjiang.

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