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Sheshan forest bird garden

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Sheshan forest bird garden





Sheshan has been a famous Catholic pilgrimage since the 1940s. The Cathedral of Notre Dame at the top of the mountain was built in 1925. After 10 years of construction, it became the "first Catholic Church" in the Far East. In 1985, Sheshan monastery was built again. There are also astronomical observatories and seismic stations built in 1990 at the top of the mountain for tourists to visit.


Introduction to bainiayuan

Located in the beautiful Sheshan National Tourism Resort, Sheshan forest bird garden is jointly constructed by Sheshan National Tourism Resort Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Wildlife Park Development Co., Ltd., covering an area of more than 20000 square meters. It is a large-scale new ecotourism scenic spot with the functions of sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, and it is also one of the popular science education bases in Shanghai. There are more than 50 kinds of birds in the park, nearly 10000 feathers. Among them, there are Oriental White Stork, Red Crowned Crane, Green Peacock and other birds under the first and second level national protection. The imported birds include Macaw, black swan, EMU, African ostrich and so on.

main features

There are more than 10 viewing and entertainment areas in the park, such as parrot Pavilion, Peacock Garden, ostrich area, pigeon square, swan pool, Starling forest, Thrushcross cluster, golden pheasant garden, leisure Pavilion, bird feeding Pavilion, bird theater, etc. Every day, there are many large-scale bird skill performances, which is even more endurable. Specially trained parrots and magpies can perform various programs such as "human bird dialogue", "mountain bike race", "disco dance", "arithmetic" and "copper wire walking". There are also bird food supply points in the park for tourists to feed and enjoy the wonderful experience of birds around you. It is a good place for tourists to return to nature and cultivate their sentiment.

Yu Shan's most

Yushan National Tourist Resort, the only natural mountain resort in Shanghai

Yushan National Forest Park, the largest national forest park in Shanghai

Yushan National Tourist Resort, the only national resort approved by the State Council in Shanghai

Yushan National Tourism Resort, the largest tourism industry development base in Shanghai

Sheshan National Tourist Resort, the area with the most ancient cultural sites in Shanghai

Xiyu mountain, the highest natural altitude in Shanghai (98.8m above sea level)

Yushan District, the area with the highest green coverage rate in Shanghai (green coverage rate of 78.88%)

Yushan National Tourist Resort, the largest land vegetation area in Shanghai (892 species of plants)

Yushan National Tourist Resort, the area with the most species of wildlife in Shanghai

Sheshan National Tourist Resort, the area with the largest distribution of wild birds in Shanghai

The oldest existing tower in Shanghai, Yushan xiudaozhe tower (built in 976 A.D.)

Xiyushan tea garden, the only tea production base in Shanghai

Tianmashan Luyuan, the largest sika deer farm in Shanghai

Sheshan Forest Hotel, the only villa hotel built on the hillside in Shanghai

Yushan Seminary, the only seminary in East China

The largest Catholic Church in the Far East

Famous Chinese "the fourth spring in the world" -- Tianmashan "Zhuoyue spring"

Yushan children's camp, the first field education camp for children in China (founded in July 1983)

Yushan work station of Shanghai Observatory

The largest astronomical telescope in China -- Yushan station 1.56m astronomical telescope

The largest radio telescope in China -- the 25m Radio Telescope of Yushan workstation

The largest man-made water park in Shanghai -- Yushan Jinjiang drifting world

The largest bird garden in China -- Yushan forest bird garden

Yushan Seismostation, the oldest seismological research institution in the world (founded in 1874)

The most complete preserved seismic data in the world -- Yushan Seismostation (126 consecutive years recorded in seismopsychic survey report)

The world's first inclined tower - Tianma mountain Pearl Tower (with an inclination of 6'51'52 ")

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