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Sheshan Moon Lake

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Sheshan on the lake, the largest artificial lake in Shanghai, was built in the autumn of 2000. It is like a landscape painting with several peaks facing the mirror. With an area of 456 mu, Yuehu Lake is surrounded by green Dongshe mountain, Xueshan mountain and Fenghuang mountain. It can be seen that she mountain stands alone near the lake. The water is clear and the waves are light. At the north end of Yuehu Lake and the south end of changxiangjing, the 800 meter long cuidi reaches into the water.


Shanghai Sculpture Park

Yuehu sculpture park is a sculpture art park which combines natural scenery and modern landscape art, which was built by Cao Rizhang, President of Taiwan Jinbaoshan group. The park has a total area of 1000 mu, including 465 mu of monthly Lake area and more than 500 mu of hinterland along the lake. More than 60 sculptures were created with the theme of "Moon Lake". They are scattered along the Bank of the lake. The whole sculpture style is "peaceful, comfortable and warm". Many sculptures have the meaning of "life", reflecting that water is the theme of "the source of life". We hope that people care for nature and protect nature.


The large-scale banquet and Conference Center "Yuehu hall" and super five-star Hot Spring Hotel "Yuehu dream" are in full swing. In the near future, Yuehu sculpture park will become a comprehensive art park integrating modern sculpture art, modern landscape art, modern architecture art and high-end leisure, so that tourists can enjoy a period of leisure time in the environment of nature and art.

Design concept

The design of the park is based on the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The riverside of Yuehu Lake is divided into four seasons wharf waterfront, designed with different styles of landscape and architectural style, and the supporting facilities show different sceneries in four seasons.

Spring coast

It is composed of water curtain bridge, tourist service center, Crystal Palace and water stage. After entering the park, the first thing to see is the unique design of water curtain bridge. Tourist service center provides consultation, medical treatment, deposit and other services for tourists; Crystal Palace is mainly composed of rocks and stalactites, with novel and unique shape. It is a washroom with artistic, landscape, human nature and technology. The water stage is the largest stage built in Shanghai so far, which can accommodate more than 1500 audiences to watch the performance at the same time.

Xia an

There are water beach, children's intelligent activity square, carnival entertainment area and other attractions. Taking advantage of the natural lake advantage of Yuehu Lake and nearly 5000 tons of yellow sand, the park has built a hydrophilic beach, where tourists seem to be on the beach of Hawaii with rich tropical flavor; children's intelligent activity square is a tourist attraction with strong participation in the park. During this period, there are the world's most advanced, imported from Canada and Japan, the unique moon net and jumping cloud in China; the "old giant wood" interwoven with real and fake trees has a maximum height of 26 meters and a maximum diameter of 14 meters, which is intricate and childlike. It is the best perspective to climb the tree roof and overlook the park. The pool is made of blue, deep and shallow, like a dream; the shallow water in the pool only reaches children's knees, and all convex and concave designs have no edges and corners, fully considering the safety of tourists when they are playing. All kinds of advanced amusement facilities are novel in design, and all amusement activities need children to combine physical and intelligent to complete smoothly, which is unforgettable. In addition to traditional hooping, shooting, fishing, dunking and other projects, carnival entertainment area has also added large-scale amusement facilities in naughty war City, including 28 projects such as rock climbing, rings, explorers' road, etc. to challenge you! More exciting pirate ship, thrilling self-control aircraft, romantic merry go round, bumper car let you enjoy! Xia'an wharf also has various cruises and dragon boats to let you enjoy 400 mu of water.

Autumn shore

The building of Yuehu art museum is a double helix landscape project, in which there are regular series of painting exhibitions, art exhibitions and large-scale auto exhibitions. Qiuyuefang is a high-end restaurant located in the natural landscape. Its design is unique and new. During the day, we provide Hong Kong style tea, coffee, etc. for tourists, and in the evening, we reserve and supply high-grade food such as abalone and shark fin. The delicious food, beautiful scenery and high-quality service are sure to bring tourists a wonderful leisure time. If you are tired after walking, the post coffee shop is definitely a good place to rest. With 360 degree full glass design, you can enjoy the delicious coffee on the sparkling lake and the beautiful scenery of the first cathedral in the Far East. It seems that time is freezing and fascinating at this moment.

Winter shore

Yueshanhai club is a water glass palace for members' dining, entertainment and business gatherings. The professional private secretary will arrange all the itineraries for you, making you extremely luxurious and enjoying your own dignity! Xiaoshe mountain trail is the best place for lovers to talk about love. The lush forest is romantic and quiet. You can sit down and rest when you are tired. It is also the best place to watch the magnificent water dance performance. With the classical music melody and bright lights, the large-scale water dance performance transforms various shapes, showing the eternal artistic charm of the perfect combination of nature and technology. The book bar beside Xiaoshe mountain is a rare reading place in Shanghai. Sunshine, shade, lake water and coffee make time solidify here. It's a good book and a pleasant time. Stretch your back and let go of all your troubles. Yuehuzhen restaurant at the gate of the park provides green farmhouse dishes and special game, with luxurious decoration and fair price. It is the most petty bourgeois farmhouse restaurant in Shanghai.

Yuehu sculpture park is also the most beautiful resort in Shanghai. The green and high-quality green grassland throughout the park, and the shallow water area with the water beach on the summer shore can provide pets to play freely, which can help the City pet to care about!

Spring area: visitors can feel the warmth and breath of spring when entering the park. There are tourist service center, water stage, Crystal Palace, viewing platform and other leisure service points that show spring.

Summer area: the natural lake advantage of Moon Lake and the artificial beach built with nearly 5000 tons of yellow sand make tourists feel the real breath of summer beach. Standing on the summer bank, there are several big banyan trees with a height of 12 meters and a diameter of more than 1 meter, which are composed of real trees and fake trees

It is another highlight of the park. The viewing platform on the tree is the best place to enjoy the park scenery.

Autumn area: the autumn area mainly includes wedding hall and Autumn Moon square. The architectural concept is unique and the technique is unique. Autumn district brings mature and comfortable autumn charm to people, and at the same time, it can enjoy the beauty of modern and natural landscape created by art masters for tourists.

Winter area: the winter area near xiaosheshan has huxinting and comprehensive supporting facilities building. After three beautiful sceneries, the winter area brings people another view. The old plum trees on the bank are proudly placed in the winter snow, which makes visitors feel the excellent demeanor and the power of life of plum trees at the time when everything is bleak.

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