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Little Kunshan Garden

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Xiaokunshan park is located in the northwest of Songjiang River, about 10km away from the urban area, at the southwest end of Jiufeng. The mountain is 54.3m high, 1.5km around, and the mountain area is about 300mu.


Xiaokunshan is the hometown of Lu Ji and Lu Yun, famous writers in the Western Jin Dynasty. The predecessors compared "Erlu" to beautiful jade and praised them with "jade comes out of Kungang". According to Lu Ji's poem, "as if the valley and the water were the sun, and the temple was the shadow of Kunshan", the name of Kunshan should be before Ji Yun. Later generations are Ma'anshan (named Kunshan), which is different from Kunshan County in Jiangsu Province, so it is called Xiaokunshan There are two peaks in the South and the north. The whole mountain is in the shape of "8", handsome and mellow.

It looks like covering an ang, and looks like lying at the head of a cow. Therefore, it is also called "Niutoushan" There used to be Erlu's former residence in the shadow of the mountain. There were Erlu reading platform, Wanshi Caotang, Baiju spring on the hillside, Sizhou tower yard, Sansheng Pavilion on the top of the mountain, honglingdu, yangliuqiao, jihuachang, yuguangting, yishanlou, Qixian hall, etc. Most of these historic sites are now in oblivion Xiaokunshan has a history of more than 5000 years of human civilization, and there are two ancient cultural sites in the Neolithic age, which are important birthplaces of Shanghai's history and culture. It is said that "first there is Xiaokunshan, then there is Songjiang City, and then there is Shanghai beach".

Xiaokunshan has been famous for generations, and has been honored as "jade out of Kungang" since ancient times. This is the hometown of Lu Xun, the great general of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Ji and Lu Yun brothers, the literary giants of the Jin Dynasty, Xia Yunyi and Xia Wanchun, the heroes of the anti Qing Dynasty at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and Ms. Zhou Hanqiong, the wife of the current Vice Premier of the State Council, Comrade Qian Qichen. In ancient times, Xiaokunshan is also one of the famous scenic spots in the south of the Yangtze River. There are hundreds of ancient trees and famous trees on the mountain for more than one hundred years. There are many temples and churches around it. It is an area where religious activities are popular.

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