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Songjiang CHENGONG temple

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Chen Gongci was originally located at the bottom of xitalong, Songjiang District. At the end of 1999, due to the reconstruction of Zhongshan 2nd Road, Songjiang District, with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural relics management, the ancestral hall was moved and built in Shanghai square tower garden as it is. It was completed in June 2000. In July 1985, Chen Gongci was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Songjiang County.

Chen Huacheng, born in Tong'an, Fujian Province, was originally appointed as the commander of Fujian Navy, and later as the commander of Jiangnan, who was stationed in Songjiang Prefecture. Chen arrived at the front to supervise the defense. At dawn on June 16, 1842, the British warship launched an attack on Wusong fort. Chen Huacheng garrisoned the Western Fort and led his troops to fight bravely. Because the garrison of the East Fort feared the enemy, the fort was lost. The British attacked the Western Fort by land and water, and Chen fought hard. Before dying, his fingers were blue, and he shouted three times: "good man!" Die bravely. Songjiang Prefecture set up a special shrine in memory of the national hero.

The existing temple of Chen Gong temple has two entrances. The hall is composed of three rooms and seven beams. Under the eaves, there is a Dougong, among which there is a cushion arch plate with flower pattern. According to the characteristics of the trunk of the Dougong, it shows that the building age is relatively near. The original site of Chen Gongci was Xiujia garden of Wang Xuling, a great scholar in Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty. It was purchased by Zhu Wenxuan and others in Daoguang period to build Chen Gongci.

In the temple, Chen Huacheng's memorial tablet is enshrined, along with Xu Lin, Xu Dahua and Qian Jinyu, who died in the same service. In the first year of Tongzhi, the temple was destroyed in the war. In the 24th year of Guangxu, Huang Enxi, a member of Qingpu County, initiated the reconstruction. On December 27, 1912, Mr. Sun Yat-sen came to Songjiang to inspect the work of Songjiang branch of the alliance. When Mr. Sun was arranged to go to bed, Mr. Sun said, "tonight, let's stay with Mr. Chen Gong, which is also a great blessing in life.". So I stayed in the ancestral hall of Chen that night.

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