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Tropical storm water park

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Tropical storm water park





Tropical storm water park, located at Gudai Road, Xinzhen Road, Shanghai, covers an area of 130 mu. The park is one of the largest open-air water parks in Asia, with lakes, rivers and beaches, more than 30 thrilling and exciting water rides.


Paradise allocation

Tropical storm water park, which has "pirate ship", "happy water factory", "forest house exploration" and "little dinosaur slide" specially designed for children, integrates the fun of the playground and conforms to the fun of children. Moreover, the design also takes into account the needs of children's safety, and the risk coefficient is designed completely within their ability range. Therefore, the accompanying parents can experience the fun of tropical storm together while taking care of them. "Dream Arctic" and "South activity area" are the entertainment facilities suitable for the old and the young: the former is the water slide, but the modeling and route are quite exquisite, which can regain the fun of childhood; the latter is a bit similar to the "brave man's game" on land, but because it is carried out in the water, the risk factor has been reduced to zero. The exciting young people can try "dragon race" and "pirate slide group". The pleasure of high-altitude gliding accompanied by the wind whistling in your ear may really make you feel the charm of "tropical storm".

Finally, the most distinctive "Thunderbolt River" and "storm Beach" should not be missed if you go to a tropical storm. Thunderbolt River, with a total length of 1200 meters, is the longest water park river among similar rivers in Asia at present. Among them, there is an ice tunnel with a length of 75 meters and a section of Bermuda storm with huge waves. Tourists become drifters and can only be led to unknown places by the huge waves. Storm beach wave pool covers an area of more than 6000 square meters. It is the largest artificial wave pool in Asia at present. It has a really clean artificial beach for tourists to have fun and rest. The unique golden beach allows you to fully experience the integration of human and nature, and experience the romantic seaside style. In addition, there are various kinds of water programs in the park, such as sand row, water polo, etc.

Fare information

The full price ticket in 2015 is 200 yuan

From Monday to Sunday (special day), the fare is 120 yuan from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 150 yuan from 12:00 to 16:00, and 120 yuan after 16:00. The fare for children under 1.5m is 120 yuan. Children under 0.8m are free of charge.

Ticket price on July 11, 2015

Monday to Thursday (special day) is 150 yuan.

On Friday (discount day), the fare is 150 yuan from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 180 yuan from 12:00 to 16:00 in the morning, 150 yuan after 16:00, 120 yuan for children under 1.5 meters. Children under 0.8m are free of charge.

The ticket price is 180 yuan from 9:00 to 12:00 on Saturday / Sunday morning, 200 yuan from 12:00 to 16:00, 180 yuan after 16:00, 120 yuan for children under 1.5m. Children under 0.8m are free of charge.

Opening time

The opening time of tropical storm water park in 2015 is from June 26 to September 6.

Among them:

From June 26, 2015 to July 5, 2015, Monday to Sunday, 9:00-22:00

July 6, 2015 - Monday, August 23, 2015 to Sunday 9:00-24:00

From August 24, 2015 to September 6, 2015, Monday to Sunday, 9:00-22:00

Garden facilities

Storm Beach

It is the largest artificial wave pool in Asia, which can create seven different wave types and generate waves up to 1.2m high.

Thunderbolt River & nbsp

With a total length of 1200 meters, it is the longest floating river in Asia. There are 9 push pumps along the thunderbolt river. The highest flow rate can reach 60 meters per minute, spanning 8 paradise bridge, surrounded by the entire park. There are 11 different images of water and spray along the coast.

Pirate slide Group & nbsp

A. the time and space war general's slideway is eight slideway which can be used for competition side by side. The sliding speed is extremely fast and it is divided into four levels of ups and downs. The slideway is about 100 meters long with the use of a sliding pad and prone sliding;

B. There are three circular slideways for the chariot, which are 12 180 degree curves, and the sliders are used to slide down on their faces.

The dragon race for supremacy over the slideway Group & nbsp

A. the double peak slide of Julong is two giant spiral and open slides, which can slide on your back and make tourists feel lost in the process of rotation;

B. Shenlong water exit slideway is an open slideway with two air circles, which can be shared by two people. In the curve, tourists can slide along the highest point of the slideway under the action of centrifugal force together with the air circle;

C. three closed pipeline slideways of Jiuqu Chencang type, without any light during the sliding process, like a dark space-time tunnel;

D. the sonic flying dragon is a two-way high-speed slide. It glides on its back, with three layers of glide ups and downs, with a speed of up to 20 m / s.

Adventurer's paradise & nbsp

A. forest house secret amusement park: the first high-tech "chain reaction" principle water play project in Asia, with three floors high, can accommodate 600 people at the same time. There are two open slideways and two closed slideways with water gun, bucket, seesaw and other playing facilities. After the wooden bucket on the roof is filled with water every 8 minutes, about 1 ton of water pours down.

B, octopus submarine: the simulated manufacturing submarine, the interior decoration is foam plastic, to prevent collisions, and set up various small organs specially designed for children, making use of the paw of octopus's image to make 4 small slideways about 4 meters long.

C. happy water factory is the two slideways for children's entertainment.

Southern active pool & nbsp

It is an active area with an area of about 500 square meters and an average depth of 1 meter. All kinds of lifelike animal buoys float on the water for tourists to play.

North active pool & nbsp

It is an activity area with an area of about 500 square meters and an average depth of 1 meter. There is a water polo field.

Ice Tunnel & nbsp

The length is about 75 meters, with a large number of ice droplets dropping on the water surface and spray cooling in the air. There are dummy models on both sides of the coast, with different shapes and drifting. It feels like the North Pole.

Pirate ship Recreation Area & nbsp

Simulating the scene of the wreck of the pirate ship, using the principle of "chain reaction" to design and manufacture various small mechanisms, and equipped with 4 small slideways for children's entertainment;

Little dinosaur slide & nbsp

There are four wide and low slideways designed for children.

Leased goods

In addition to tickets, there is no additional charge for all kinds of play facilities. There is a separate charge for dining or renting changing boxes and air rings.

Deposit box for valuables & nbsp

Rent: 50 yuan;

Deposit: 50 yuan;

General storage box & nbsp

Rent: 30 yuan;

Deposit: 30 yuan;

Single ring gas ring & nbsp

Rent: 30 yuan;

Deposit: 30 yuan;

Double air ring & nbsp

Rent: 50 yuan;

Deposit: 50 yuan;

Traffic information

Internal traffic

Bus lines

1. Take 763 or 173 at Xinzhuang station of diliao line 1 to Gudai Road, Xinzhen Road

2. Take 753 at Lianhua Road Station of diliao line 1 to Gudai Road, Xinzhen Road

3. Take 803 from Shanghai South Railway Station to Gudai Road, Xinzhen Road

4. Get off 803 at Qibao station of Metro Line 9 to Gudai Road, Xinzhen Road

External traffic

Self driving line

From outer ring road A20 to Gudai Road exit to the first crossing, turn right at Xinzhen road

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