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Gaoqiao park

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Gaoqiao park is located in Gaoqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is adjacent to nanqun River in the south, Dazhai River in the west, Huashan Road in the north and Tongyuan road in the East. It covers an area of 69.6 mu, including 4.5 mu of water surface area and 2 mu of lawn area. It has planted more than 50000 plants of nearly 100 varieties and 40 plants, with a greening coverage rate of 66%. In May 1988, with the concern of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture, the construction of Gaoqiao Park was officially started. The park was completed and opened to the public on June 1, 1990. It is a secondary Park mainly invested by the government and supported by social support.



After the completion of Gaoqiao Park, the daily management of plants and all kinds of park facilities in the park will be implemented by the relevant departments of the park. After years of careful management, the park has a rich green atmosphere, a clear water and a red willow, and has won the honorary titles of advanced greening unit, Shuangyou Park, etc.

Main attractions

The main scenic spots of Gaoqiao park include South Gate, Lake Pavilion scenic spot, stone rockery, long corridor, bihuang lake, etc. The south gate is located in the southeast corner of the park, which is composed of box office, management room, gate post, gate, fence, etc. the gate is covered with red granite, and above the gate is the spread seagull wings. The gate post is inlaid with three pieces of white marble, forming the word "Sichuan". The big blades on the wall and the roof tiles are wavy, which means the high bridge on the coast of the East China Sea as a whole, which is vigorous and thriving.

The Lake Pavilion scenic spot It is located at the East Stone Road on the north side of the south gate and consists of huxinting, quqiao, Furong villa, etc. there are thousands of red carp in the lake and dozens of peach willows planted on the lakeside. Every spring, the peach, red and willow are green and the red carp are chasing. The scenery is pleasant. The scenic stone rockery, which is 6-7 meters high in the south of the park, was originally a combined blockhouse during the war of liberation. Now it is covered with Yellowstone. There are round pavilions, round tables The benches are for the tourists to have a rest. From the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of the park: the long corridor is located in the west of the park, next to Dazhai River in the west, and the Zhulin mountain in the north. There is a western style pavilion at both ends of the long corridor. The middle corridor is decorated with hollow flower windows, whitewashed walls and black tiles. Here, you can relax and hear the bamboo waves, which makes people calm.


The park has opened up children's Park, battery car, bumper car, cruise ship and other amusement projects, and jointly organized some cultural activities with relevant government departments, including 1991, 1996, 1998 Juzhan, 1992 light show, etc., which provides a beautiful environment and complete facilities for the residents in the nearby community.

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