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GongQing Forest Park

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GongQing Forest Park is located in Yangpu District, Shanghai, bordering Huangpu River in the East and Jungong road in the West. The park covers an area of 1965 Mu and 1870.6 mu of open public green space, including 1631 mu of "Gongqing Forest Park" in the north and 239.6 mu of "Wanzhu Park" in the South.

Shanghai Gongqing National Forest Park is a special park with forest as its main landscape, with more than 200 kinds of trees planted, totaling more than 300000. The park is divided into two parks, the North Park covers an area of 1631 mu, which is called Gongqing Forest Park, and the South Park covers an area of 239.6 mu, which is called Wanzhu park. The north and south gardens have different styles. The North Garden focuses on forest scenery, with hills, lakes and grasslands. The South Garden has a southern scenery of small bridges and flowing water. In addition to sightseeing, visitors can also ride horses, barbecue and fish in the park.

Historical evolution

The park was originally a shoal marsh beside the Huangpu River. In 1956, the Shanghai municipal government dredged the river to reclaim wasteland and turned it into a nursery.

In the spring of 1958, Hu Yaobang, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, led the National Youth activists who met in Shanghai to plant fruit trees. A youth experimental orchard was established in the garden, named Gongqing nursery. In early 1982, as a key practical project for the municipal government to expand the area of public green space, the north part of Gongqing nursery was transformed into "Gongqing Forest Park", which was officially opened to the public in March 1986. At the end of 1995, the south part of Gongqing nursery was built into a "ten thousand bamboo garden", which was opened one after another.

In 1986, it was renamed Gongqing Forest Park. In January 2006, the park was officially approved as a national forest park by the State Forestry Administration and named as "Shanghai Gongqing National Forest Park".

geographical environment

Location context

Shanghai Gongqing National Forest Park

The park is located at No. 2000, Jungong Road, bordering Huangpu River in the East, and adjacent to factories, schools and units in the South and North. Because Nenjiang road crosses the south of the park, 270 mu (180000 square meters) of land in the south of the road is temporarily used as nursery land.


It belongs to the north subtropical monsoon climate, with hot and rainy seasons, full sunshine, mild and humid climate, short spring and autumn, long winter and summer.

plant resources

167 species of 121100 trees and shrubs were planted in the whole garden, the ratio of trees to shrubs was 1:0.58, and the ratio of evergreen trees to deciduous trees was 1:0.46. Trees are mainly planted in groups and forests. The eastern part of the river bank is densely planted with mixed forests of trees and shrubs. On both sides of the road and at the edge of the inter water lake, intermittent sparse planting or cluster planting is adopted to form a green corridor covered with green shade. Arrange sparse forest on the gentle grassland. The Northeast terrain of the park is relatively high. In combination with the requirements of the scenic area, high evergreen trees, such as cedar, camphor and cypress, are planted in the park to enhance the precipitous momentum of the mountain forest with majestic tree posture. In other areas, a group of trees and trees with one kind of arbor as the main body are arranged in combination with the terrain and artistic conception to form garden spaces with different sizes, heights and canopy degrees, such as Sapium sebiferum, red maple, torch tree, Phoebe, etc. are planted near "autumn forest loves late", which highlights the seasonal phase with red leaves; "water town Yingxiu" scenic spot sets off the scenery of Jiangnan Water Town with bamboo forest; the lakeside lake is planted with weeping willow and Pulu; ditch The shallow water is dotted with aquatic plants such as arrowhead, taro, calamus, Polygonum hydropiper, and the lake is planted with water lily and lotus. The ground cover plants include Oxalis, Lycoris, conglan, shudai grass, ground garlic, wild chrysanthemum, Zhuge vegetable, etc. The flowers planted in the open field of the park include the perennial flowers such as Echinacea, Martian flower, Senecio, Hemerocallis, Phlox, digitalis, etc., and the flowers such as tianrenju, Zinnia, jiangbeet, Campanula, Yumei, yichuanhong, calendula, etc.

With a greenhouse area of 887 square meters, the park cultivates various flowers, tropical plants and bonsai for its own use. To the south of Nenjiang Road, 180000 square meters of nurseries are planted with 48 species of ginkgo, palm, Magnolia, arhat pine, metasequoia, cedar, Begonia, Guazi boxwood, Elaeagnus, Longbai, Cuibai, etc. to provide seedlings for the green allocation, adjustment and transplantation of the park, and sell seedlings for greening.

Main attractions

Mainly plant landscape, with natural, rough, wild and peaceful features, the park is divided into seven scenic spots.

Songtao Valley

Located in the northeast of the park, it covers an area of about 13300 square meters. Most of the soil excavated from Yinghu lake is deposited here, forming a hilly and rolling terrain. The main peak is 15 meters high, and the Mountains extend to the West and south, in a right angle radial shape, with winding mountains. There are 1750 cedar trees planted in the mountains, forming a spectacular cedar forest belt, with waves of pines, towering and majestic. A stone path runs through the woods, deep and far away from the noise. Wenqiao Pavilion is built in the middle of China, with a mixed structure and an area of 16.4 square meters. In the south, there is a mixed structure, covering an area of 16.4 square meters. Then south across the reinforced concrete bridge and cuiya listen to the oriole.

Jungle field

Located in the northeast of Songtao Valley, it covers an area of 23400 square meters. It is mainly planted with tall trees such as Ginkgo biloba, Taxodium, camphor, white elm, etc., with shrubs such as pedunculate Begonia, gardenia, oleander and wild ground cover plants, forming a dense plant community with distinct high and low levels. In 1994, the memorial forest of life, which was originally located in the southwest of the park, was transferred here for tourists to plant trees and flowers to commemorate major festivals of life, such as birthdays and weddings.

Autumn forest loves late

Located in the northeast of the park, it is a large island of Yinghu lake, covering an area of about 25100 square meters. Red maple, red leaf plum, Chinese tallow, gingko, camphor, torch tree and other trees are planted on the island. In late autumn, all kinds of leaves are gorgeous and colorful, which looks like a piece of rosy clouds floating on the water. At the south end of the lake, Hongzhuang tea house is built, with mixed structure and Jiangnan residential style, covering an area of 293.03 square meters. A temporary water platform is built in front of the room, covering an area of 110 square meters. There is a reinforced concrete wooden bridge in the northeast and west of the island, which is respectively connected with Songtao Valley and camping forest area.

Jade cliff Oriole

Located in the east of the park, covering an area of about 20000 square meters. In the east of the scenic spot, there is a tall and dense forest of Metasequoia, which looks like a green cliff and a screen peak. In front of the Metasequoia forest, a piece of fast-growing cypress, cypress and other cypress plants are planted. A lawn of about 20000 square meters extends from the bottom of the cliff to the west to the edge of Yinghu lake. In the middle of the scenic spot, there is a small peninsula stretching into the lake. In the north of the peninsula, there is a Yixie with bamboo structure, covering an area of 100 square meters. There is a Chengbi cottage in the north of the scenic spot.

Ying Lake rafting

Yinghu lake is located in the east of the central part of the park, with a total water area of 126700 square meters. The lake is wide in the west, with zigzag coastline and wide water system. Tourists can row, fish and appreciate lotus in different areas.

Yingxiu in Water Village

Located in the middle of the park, the streams vary in width and width from here, with twists and turns. Bamboo, fir and shrubs are planted on both sides of the river, willows are floating along the river, and a bamboo pavilion with an area of 18.5 square meters is hidden in the trees on the south bank. On the north bank, there is a green and shady tea house in a right angle shape. The wall is made of rubble. The shape is simple and rough. Some buildings extend out of the water. There are bamboo corridors connected with the bank, with a building area of 350.25 square meters. The interior is decorated with a fireplace, with antlers hanging on the wall, which is full of wild interest. There is a three hole stone arch bridge in the south of the scenic spot, 13 meters long and 3.1 meters wide; the granite Pavilion on the bridge covers an area of 10 square meters. Across the bridge to the west, there is a group of mushroom Pavilion, mixed structure, with an area of 30.6 square meters, under which there are stone tables and stone benches.

Big lawn

Located in the middle of the park, north of the green tea room, covering an area of 93200 square meters. Around planting cedar, camphor, Albizzia, Chi fir and other trees and shrubs, forming a beautiful canopy line. The wide lawn provides an ideal place for teenagers to go camping.

Amusement events

At the beginning of the park, there were only a few simple slide, swing, climbing frame and other facilities such as horse riding, cruise ship and children's Park. With the development of the park, more than 20 roller coasters, inertia blocks, luxury waves, extreme speed windmills, electric slideways, karts, classical carriages, forest trains, bumper boats, bumper cars, torrent bravery, crazy mice, skating rinks have been added successively.

Horse riding yard

Located in the north of the park, west of the jungle field, covering an area of about 67500 square meters. In the dense forest, a 4-meter-wide and 300-meter-long circular runway, a brick and ballast subgrade, and a mud mixed sand pavement are set. Both sides are provided with reinforced concrete columns and wire rope guardrails. At first, there were only six horses fostered by Shanghai Film Studio. After 1988, horses were successively purchased from Shaanxi and Xinjiang, forming a horse riding amusement park with 40 horses and complete facilities.

Forest Train

The original site is located in the south of the west gate of the park, with a track length of only 300 meters. There are platforms, ticket rooms, simulated animals and other scenic spots, with an investment of 560000 yuan. In 1993, it raised 900000 yuan and was under the construction of Zhonghua shipyard. It extended the railway line to all scenic spots in the park, with a total length of about 2 kilometers. In the middle of the construction, it added 4 platforms, 2 diesel locomotives and 10 carriages.

Sightseeing Boat

In the early days of the garden, a simple wharf was built in the north of "autumn forest loves night". In 1993, an investment of 80000 yuan was invested to build an electric boat wharf, a steel structure and glass tile roof dock shed and a repair room in the east of the simple wharf, with a construction area of 1147 square meters. In 1994, an additional investment of 402000 yuan was made to build a boat wharf, a cement flat top dock and a management room in the south of "autumn forest love night", with a construction area of 429 square meters. There are 62 rowing boats, 10 pedals and 43 electric boats in total.


It is located in the north of the park and the west of the horse riding field. Designed by Shanghai Amusement Machine Engineering Co., Ltd., manufactured by Jiangnan Shipyard, and constructed by Shanghai Textile Construction Co., Ltd., with an investment of 2.3 million yuan, it was completed and put into use in 1994. Equipped with 10 surfers, the maximum reception capacity is 200 person times per hour.

Game barbecue

In the early days of the park, it was located in the south of the "autumn forest love night" scenic spot. It built temporary stoves with bricks and stones and supplied simple cookers such as firewood, iron pot and shovel. In 1992, an investment of 150000 yuan was invested to build a barbecue area covering an area of 10000 square meters in the north of the park, surrounded by streams, and a chain bridge was built at the entrance and exit. There are management room, sales department and unique fiberglass barbecue shed in the area. There are barbecue table, stone bench and stone table in the shed to supply game and refined charcoal.

Children's Playground

Located in the southwest of the park, it covers an area of 11000 square meters. At the beginning of the park, only a few groups of children's climbing frames, swings, slides and other activities were carried out, and then sea balls and inflatable jumps were added. In order to meet the needs of children and teenagers, we have gradually added equation racing car, bumper car, Dragon Boat pulley, children's swing car, crazy mouse and other amusement facilities.

Tourism information


South Gate of Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park (address: No.228, Nenjiang Road)


Self driving: at the exit of Minxing Road on central line, go straight for 200m, turn right on Nenjiang road and reach the Park South Gate parking lot.



Public transport: get off at Xiangyin Road Station of Metro Line 8, and transfer to bus No. 102 at exit 2.


West gate of Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park (address: No. 2000, Jungong Road)


Self driving: exit of Minxing Road on central line, go straight 400 meters to the Park West Gate parking lot.



Public transportation: 1. Get off at hailun Road Station of Metro Line 4, transfer to bus 147 or people's Square 123 to post and Telecommunications new village of Siping Road, transfer to bus 147


Opening Hours

5:00-18:00 from April 1 to June 30

5:00-19:00 from July 1 to September 30

6:00-18:00 from October 1 to March 31

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