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Shanghai Century Park

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Century Park, formerly known as Pudong Central Park, is a large park in Pudong area, covering an area of 140.3 hectares, and is located in the southeast of Pudong flower and tree administrative area (New Area Office Center). Century Park is the largest ecological city park with natural characteristics in Shanghai. It embodies the integration of eastern and Western culture, human and nature, and has the modern Chinese garden style.

Development history

Since March 2002, Shanghai Century Park has opened four tree adoption theme forests in the park, i.e. "wish forest", "love forest", "love forest" and "mutual forest". You can give a nickname to the adopted trees and write a blessing sentence, which is engraved on the adoption card together with your name. The adoption card is green heart-shaped and is very lovely to hang on the trees. During the period of adoption, 3 tickets will be given to you every year. Please come back to visit your family for free. It's very meaningful! The adopted tree species are mainly camphor trees, which are evergreen in all seasons, with a height of more than 3 meters.

Main attractions

Century flower clock

It is a landmark of Century Park. It backs on Jingtian lake and faces Century Avenue. The round flower bed has a diameter of 12 meters, with green melon seeds and boxwood as the scale and flowers as the ornament. The whole flower clock is gorgeous and colorful. The century flower clock is controlled by satellite instruments, with an error of only 0.03 seconds. It is not only scientific, artistic, but also practical. The park was officially opened to the public on April 18, 2000. In order to commemorate this cross century significance, and the clock is at the end of Century Avenue, it is called century flower clock.

Jingtian Lake

Stepping into gate 1 of Century Park, you can see Jingtian lake with an area of 12.5 hectares. It is the largest artificial lake in Shanghai at present. Jingtian lake is connected with Zhangjiabang on the outer edge of the park. A sluice is built in the east of the lake to control the water level in the lake. When the breeze blows, the lake water is sparkling, and the blue waves are rippling; when the sky is clear, the lake water is clear as a mirror, and the clouds in the sky are reflected lifelike, so it is called mirror Sky Lake.

Open air Music Square

The amphitheater built against the slope is located on the west side of Century Park, covering an area of 8000 square meters. The front area can accommodate 2500 audience seats, and can receive 4000 tourists under full open conditions. The auditorium is equipped with stage and music mask, light control, sound control and some auxiliary rooms. Its scale is currently the largest man-made outdoor theater in China. The music mask made of white steel film is used to enhance the sound effect. It can collect the singer's voice and transmit it to the audience. The voice is very clear and loud. Facing the green water and leaning against the mountains and forests, the square is a great pleasure for tourists to enjoy and sing for themselves.

Music fountain

Located in the scenic spot, the fountain integrates sound, light, movement, shape and rhyme, with strong appreciation, multi perspective art and participation of tourists. Its design concept adopts geometric arrangement, 20 × 20 meters square dry fountain is divided into 4 × 4 meters cells. Each cell is arranged by 8 DN25 adjustable DC sprinklers at an equal distance of 1.33m, using one pump and one sprinkler, controlled by multi-media computer frequency conversion; each sprinkler is equipped with 3 special waterproof lights of different colors, 208 sprinklers and 600 color lights to integrate light and water, achieving perfect results, reflecting high, new and cutting-edge technology.

Yunfan Bridge

It is located in the center of Century Park, with Jingtian Lake in the west, ecological lake bird reserve in the East and two recreation areas in the north and south. The bridge is the largest walking bridge in the park of Shanghai area, with a suspension structure and a span of 43 meters. The bridge body is beautiful, and the reflection of the bridge in the water is like a leaf of cloud sail, which is integrated with the cloud shadow and becomes one of the most beautiful sceneries in Century Park.

Green world relief wall:

It is made of granite, with a total length of 80 meters and a total area of 178 square meters. The work shows 29 kinds of animals and plants in Asia and the Pacific, including Chinese Panda, Thai elephant, Vietnamese Buffalo, Australian kangaroo, American Eagle, Russian bear, etc.; the plants from left to right are tropical, subtropical, wet and cold zones, from land to sea, reflecting the combination of species and ecological environment Rational transition. The sculpture is designed and produced by famous artist Chen Yifei as art director, which focuses on the theme of harmony between man and nature.

Viewing platform

It is located in the north side of Jingtian lake. It is in the shape of four steps. Along the platform, you can see a variety of plants planted in the territory of sishihua, such as Eurasian blood activating pill, beautiful evening primrose, oregano, dangshen willow, Wanjia grass and German iris. In the west side of the platform, the legendary Yangzhou Qionghua is also planted, climbing to the top, overlooking far away, with a panoramic view of the shimmering Jingtian lake.

Golf course area

The small golf course area in the park is located on the west side of Century Park. The club covers an area of 670 square meters and is composed of a lounge, a coffee shop, a golf rental house, a bathroom, etc. The small golf course covers an area of 35000 square meters, with nine holes, which can be used to cut and putt golf. It is an elegant fitness activity place with exquisite design, elegant environment, reasonable allocation of sand pit, pond, Bush and other obstacle areas.

Spring Garden

Located in the southwest corner of Jingtian lake, it covers an area of 0.6 hectares. There are plum blossom, wintersweet, winter jasmine, late cherry, peach, Begonia, golden peach, bamboo, willow and other early spring plants in the garden. When everything recovers, the garden will send out a strong spring.

Summer garden

It is located in the forest community scenic area, covering an area of 0.5 hectares. In the summer season, there are azalea crying, durian drying, Redwood heading, sunflower sunflower, hibiscus wind, Sophora soaking in the moon, gardenia fragrance, Lingxiao climbing on the shelf. The summer garden will create a beautiful scene of purple and purples, green trees and lush vegetation for you.

Autumn garden

Located in the forest community scenic area, covering an area of 0.3 hectares. When autumn comes, the garden is full of fragrance of sweet osmanthus, hibiscus and water, snow and grass, cassia seed, red leaves and fire, layers of forest are dyed, chrysanthemum and Oriental hedgerow are planted, persimmon are in the branches, cicadas are singing at the beginning, birds are competing for food, and beautiful autumn scenery is weaved together.

Winter garden

It is located in the forest community scenic area, covering an area of 0.3 hectares. When winter comes, loquat in the garden is full of jade, wax petals are full of fragrance, Ruixiang is full of tulip, mountain alum is full of hair, Sea red is beautiful in four seasons, and mountain tea contains five colored flowers, especially pine bone, bamboo rhyme and plum wind. Although everything in the winter garden is dormant, it is full of vitality.

Other attractions

In addition to the above, Century Park also has high column fountain, music dry fountain, four seasons garden, century flower clock, large relief, forest stream, pebble beach, ginkgo Avenue, edge pool and other landscape. Century Park has crisscross paths, rolling hills, evergreen trees, clear lake water, winding streams among the forests, among which people are in a very peaceful mood. It is an excellent place for leisure and business exchanges, enjoying the reputation of "Holiday Garden". Century Park has 7 scenic spots, including local field Park, sightseeing area, lakeside area, sparse forest lawn area, bird protection area, international garden area and small golf course, as well as open-air music theater, Huiwu square, children's playground, fishing and other activities.

Tourism information

Fare information

Opening Hours

7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Best season

Spring is the best time. At this time, all flowers in the garden are in full bloom, very beautiful.

Suggest playing

3 hours

Traffic information

Century Park is located at the end of Century Avenue, with Century Square and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in the north. The address is Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area (No. 1001, No. 1, No. 901, No. 2, No. 701, No. 3). Century Park is divided into Metro Line 2 Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station and Century Park station. Other transportation:

Gate 1: 184, 640, 640 section, 794, Dongzhou line, Pudong 21 Road, Pudong 35 Road, Shenchong second line and Shenchong fourth line;

Gate 2: 184, 794, 640 Road, 640 section, East perimeter;

Gate 3: 983 road;

Gate 7: 746 Road, 1013 Road, Huamu 1 road.


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