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Shanghai Museum

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Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952. It was originally located in the old horse racing Association, No. 325, Nanjing West Road. In October 1959, it moved into Zhonghui building, No. 16, Henan South Road. Now it is located at No. 201, Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, south of the people's Square in the center of Shanghai.
In August 1993, the construction of the new museum of Shanghai began, and it was fully opened on October 12, 1996. The total construction area of Shanghai Museum is 39200 square meters, covering an area of 11000 square meters. It has two floors underground, five floors above the ground, 29.5 meters high, and a total investment of 570 million yuan. The new building is a combination of square base and round overhanging, which has the meaning of "heaven and earth" in China.  The name of the museum "Shanghai Museum" is written by Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai after the founding of the people's Republic of China.
Shanghai Museum has eleven special halls and three exhibition halls, with an exhibition area of 2800 square meters. There are nearly one million cultural relics in the collection, including 120000 high-quality cultural relics, especially those featured by bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy and painting. It has collected bronzes from Baoji, Henan, Hunan and other places, known as "half of the rivers and mountains" in the field of cultural relics, and is a large Museum of ancient Chinese art.
Chinese Name: Shanghai Museum foreign name: Shanghai Museum comprehensive museum location: No. 201, Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, time for completion: 9:00-17:00, opening time: 1996, price of fine collection of Shangyang Fangsheng, dakiding, Chibi volume before and after cursive script, etc. are free of charge in Shanghai, the city of China It is suggested that the travel time is 3-4 hours, suitable for the season, suitable for all seasons, scenic spot level AAAA
Historical evolution
In April 1950, the Shanghai museum began to be built.
On December 21, 1952, the Shanghai Museum officially opened at No. 325, Nanjing West Road, under the administration of Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural relics.
In July 1953, Shanghai Museum was under the leadership of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture.
In 1959, he moved to No. 16, South Henan Road (formerly Zhonghui bank building).
In September 1960, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural administration and the Shanghai Museum worked together, with two brands and one team.
In January 1987, Shanghai Museum was upgraded to vice bureau level.
In October 1988, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of cultural relics resumed its independent system, and the Shanghai Museum was still under the leadership of the Municipal Commission of cultural administration.
In 1991, a 4000 square meter cultural relics warehouse was built at 1118 Longwu Road.
In 1992, the branch of Shanghai Museum, China Coin Museum, was established at 1286 Hongqiao Road. In the same year, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Shanghai Municipal People's government decided to build a new museum in Shanghai, which will be located at 201 Renmin Avenue, south of the central axis of the people's Square.
In August 1993, the construction of a new museum in Shanghai began.
In 1995, the new museum was partially completed and put into trial operation.
On October 12, 1996, the new museum was fully completed and the opening ceremony was held.
In 2016, Weng Wange donated the painting "the statue of the king" by Liang Kai, a painter of the Southern Song Dynasty, to the Shanghai Museum.
In October 2018, it was rated as the national primary and secondary school students' research and practice education base.
Exhibition hall display
Shanghai Museum has a total exhibition area of 12000 square meters. On the first floor, there are ancient Chinese bronze Museum, ancient Chinese Sculpture Museum and exhibition hall; on the second floor, there are ancient Chinese Ceramic Museum, temporary Ceramic Museum and exhibition hall; on the third floor, there are ancient Chinese calligraphy Museum, ancient Chinese painting Museum, ancient Chinese Printing Museum; on the fourth floor, there are ancient Chinese jade Museum, ancient Chinese coins Museum, Ming and Qing furniture museum , China National Minority Arts and Crafts Museum and exhibition hall.
Ancient bronze Museum: the exhibition hall of ancient Chinese bronze Museum covers an area of 1200 square meters, in which more than 400 exquisite bronzes are displayed. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties of China, bronzes are an important symbol of ancient social civilization The bronze wares collected in Shanghai Museum are characterized by long inscriptions and descriptions. Among the new exhibits are important cultural relics such as the Jin Hou wares of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Qin Gong wares of the early Qin state.
Ancient Sculpture Museum: the exhibition hall of ancient Chinese Sculpture Museum covers an area of 640 square meters, including more than 120 exhibits.  The exhibition hall takes gold, red and black as the basic colors, lotus petals commonly used in Buddhist art as partition walls, niches in Grottoes as closets and exposed display forms. In addition to the display of some wood and pottery sculptures, stone sculptures are mainly displayed here. There are sculptures in the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Northern Zhou and Sui and Tang Dynasties, as well as stone carvings in the south, gold and copper Buddha statues.
Ancient Ceramic Museum: the exhibition hall of ancient Chinese Ceramic Museum covers an area of 1300 square meters and displays more than 500 pieces of exhibits. Among them, there are painted pottery and grey pottery of the Neolithic age, primitive Celadon of the Shang, Zhou, spring, autumn and Warring States periods, Celadon of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and tri colored pottery of the Tang Dynasty. In song, Jin and Liao dynasties, there were many kilns. In the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jingdezhen became the center of China's porcelain industry, with its under glaze, over glaze and color glazed porcelain on display.
Calligraphies of past dynasties: Chinese calligraphies of past dynasties have collected typical masterpieces of various periods, systematically displaying the historical track of Chinese calligraphy art. The exhibition hall adopts exhibition frame and automatic induction lighting.
Seal house of the past dynasties: the seal house of the past dynasties in China is the first art house in China to display seal and seal. The exhibition hall covers an area of 380 square meters, displaying more than 500 seals and seals. The whole exhibition is based on the development history of seal art. From the Western Zhou Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty, it is a representative and artistic boutique selected from more than 10000 seal relics in the collection. In the exhibition hall, with the help of high and low Exhibition cabinets, various technical means are applied to make the physical objects and auxiliary display cooperate with each other.
The exhibition hall covers an area of 1200 square meters, displaying more than 120 fine paintings of all ages. From Tang Dynasty to modern times, there are various kinds of paintings

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