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The former site of the central organ of the Chinese Socialist Youth League

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No. 6, yuyangli, Xiafei Road (now Lane 567, Huaihai Middle Road). It is a two-story building with brick and wood structure. The building was applied for in late August of the Republic of China (1915), and was completed about the following year to 8 years ago. Facing south, it was rented by Dai Jitao. After Dai Jitao moved out in the spring of 1920, vikinsky, a representative of the Communist International, and Yang Mingzhai, a member of the Shanghai Communist group, once set up the "China Russia News Agency" here, which was one of the important venues for Shanghai Communists on the eve of the founding of the party. In August 1920, Yu Xiusong and others initiated the establishment of Shanghai Socialist Youth League here. In September, the Shanghai Communist group opened a "Foreign Language Institute" here to prepare for sending young people to study in Russia. At the beginning of 1921, after the establishment of the Chinese Socialist Youth League, it became the central organ of the league. On May 26, 1959, it was announced as a municipal cultural relics protection unit. On March 4, 1961, it was announced as a national key cultural relics protection unit.


Related history

In the spring of the ninth year of the Republic of China, Yang Mingzhai accompanied Wei jinski, a representative of the Communist International, to Shanghai to discuss with Chen Duxiu about the establishment of the Communist Party of China. When the house was rented as a place of activity, a Sino Russian news agency was set up, later renamed as the Sino Russian news agency, and he became the president of the house. In April, preparations for Shanghai's first celebration of May Day were held here.

On August 22, under the initiative of Chen Duxiu, the leader of the < b > Shanghai < / b > Communist group, Yu Xiusong, yuan Zhenying, ye Tiandi, Jin Jiafeng and other eight people established the Shanghai Socialist Youth League here, and Yu Xiusong served as secretary. In September of the same year, a foreign language society was established as a cover. The sign of "foreign language society" with black and white background is hung at the door. At the beginning of the next year, the Socialist Youth League of China was established, and the central organ of the League was established here. On April 29, he was searched by the French Concession patrol house and confiscated the publicity materials of the Preparatory Committee for labor day. Since Yu Xiusong went to Russia to attend the second National Congress of the Communist Youth International, the Socialist Youth League suspended its activities in May. The China Russia News Agency did not close until August 1, 2014.

In the 10th year of the Republic of China, it was renamed mingdelhi. In 1957, the old site was restored as it was, and its name was restored. In 1987, it was further renovated. The two pavilions above are Yu Xiusong's bedroom and Yang Mingzhai's bedroom. Yang's bedroom is also the office of the China Russia News Agency. The lobby building is the central office of the Communist Youth League, and the downstairs lobby is the classroom of the Foreign Language Institute. The kitchen and dining room are behind the classroom.

Main departments

The work of the foreign language society is one of the main tasks of the organization. It aims to send young people with aspirations to study in Russia and train revolutionary talents. It is called the earliest Cadre School of the Communist Party of China. Yang Mingzhai is the president and professor of Russian. Yu Xiusong is the Secretary in charge of administrative affairs. Kuznetsova, Mrs. weijinski, teaches Russian. Li Da teaches Japanese. Li Hanjun teaches French. Yuan Zhenying teaches English. Later, Wang Yuanling was hired as a Russian teacher. Nominally, open enrollment is recommended by Communist groups or early Communists from all over the country. The students are more than 50, including Liu Shaoqi, Luo Yinong, Ren Bishi, Xiao Jingguang, Xu Zhizhen, Wang Yifei, Wang Shouhua, Ke Qingshi, etc. Since the spring of the Republic of China, young students have been sent to Moscow Oriental University of Soviet Russia to study. By the end of May of the same year, dozens of young students have been sent successively.

Guide to visit

Address: No.1-6, Lane 567, Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District

Opening hours: 9:00-11:00, 13:00-16:00 (open all year round, closed from 11:00-13:00)

Appointment: free group explanation appointment, three to five days in advance at 9:00-11:00 and 13:00-16:00 every day.

Public transport: bus 920, 146, 911, 926, rail transit line 1, rail transit line 13

Ticket price: the museum is free for group appointment and individual visit. At the same time, the venue and help are provided for the youth group (team) oath ceremony, 18-year-old adult ceremony and other activities free of charge in the preface hall.

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