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Beijing Roast Duck

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-01 13:58
Roast duck is a famous dish with world-renowned reputation. It originated in the northern and Southern Dynasties of China. It is made of duck meat, duck and Beijing charcoal. It is roasted with fruit and wood charcoal. Its color is ruddy, its meat is fat and not greasy, its crisp outside is tender. The roast duck is divided into two main schools, and the most famous roast duck shop is the representative of two schools. It is known as "the world's delicious food" because of its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy characteristics.
Beijing Roast Duck
  • Historical reason
According to legend, the beauty of roast duck is derived from the rare breed of duck. It is the best quality duck in the world today. It is said that The breeding of this special pure ducks was about 1000 years ago. It was because of the hunting of the emperors of the Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasties that they even got this pure white duck species. After that, they were raised for hunting, and had been preserved until they got this fine breed. That is, a kind of white duck fattened by filling method, so it is called "filling duck". Not only that, duck has spread to Europe and America in the past hundred years, and it has been amazing through breeding. Therefore, the duck has become the world's most valuable duck species for a long time.
In the early Ming Dynasty, the people liked to eat the dried salted duck, and the emperor liked it. The Royal chefs in the palace tried every means to develop the new method of eating duck food to please the hail, so they developed two kinds of barbecued roast duck and roast oven roast duck. Barbecued roast duck is represented by Quanjude, while braised roast duck is the most famous one. Jinling roast duck is made from a large grass duck with a net weight of about 2.5 kg.

Beijing Roast Duck 2
It is said that as the Ming Dynasty (founder) usurped the throne and moved the capital, he also took many of the roast duck in the lane. During the Jiajing period, the roast duck was passed from the palace to the people. The old "cheap square" roast duck shop was listed in the Hutong of the rice market, which is also the first roast duck shop. At that time, the name was called "Jinling piece of duck". In the old "cheap square" market, there was also a line of characters: Jinling roast duck.
In 1864, the "Quanjude" roast duck shop, the most famous city in Beijing, was also listed and opened, and the roast duck technology developed to the age of "hanging stove". It is roasted with fruit, wood and open fire, and has a special smell. It not only roasts the roast duck, but also makes the "roast duck" replace the "roast duck".
  • Genre classification
After the founding of new China, the reputation of Beijing Roast Duck is increasing day by day, and it is more famous all over the world. Premier Zhou is said to be very appreciating and paying attention to this famous dish, entertaining foreign guests and saving roast duck. In order to meet the needs of social development, the roasting operation of duck shops has been more modern and the flavor is more precious. The most brilliant of the roast duck family is Quanjude, which establishes the status of the roast duck family. Yang Quanren, the founder of Quanjude, was a small businessman who ran a raw chicken and duck business. After accumulating capital, he founded the Quanjude roast duck restaurant. He hired a roast duck master who had served in the imperial palace. The roast duck was roasted in court with the technology of "hanging stove roast duck".
Beijing Roast Duck 3

Quanjude adopted the hanging oven roasting method, not to open the duck. Just open a small hole in the duck's body, take out the internal organs, then pour the water into the duck's belly, then hang the small hole on the fire and hang it on the fire. This method does not allow the duck to lose water because it is roasted, but also allows the skin of the duck to expand and not to be roasted. The duck skin is thin and crisp, which is the best part of the roast duck. Hanging furnace with holes and no door, using jujube, pear and other fruit trees as fuel With open fire. When fruit trees are fired, they are smokeless, have a strong primer and burn for a long time. The roasted duck has a full appearance, jujube red color, crisp skin, tender outer coke, and a delicate fragrance of fruit trees. It tastes better when tasted carefully. Strictly speaking, only this kind of roasting method is called Beijing roast duck. Compared to the roast roast duck, the braised roast duck represented by cheap square seems to be less impressive than others. Fortunately, there are nearly 600 years old cheap shops, which have applied for "national intangible cultural heritage protection" in the roast duck roast technology.  
The chef roast duck, which was founded in Ming Yongle, has a history of nearly 600 years, compared with Quanjude's reputation. The so-called "braising furnace" is actually a kind of furnace, and the furnace body is made of bricks, about one meter in size. The method of production was first introduced into Beijing from the south, characterized by the fact that "ducks do not see open flames" and are made by burning and burning the furnace walls. Because of the need for dark fire, it requires very high technology. The owner of the stove must handle the temperature in the stove well.

Beijing Roast Duck 4
If the temperature is too high, the duck will be roasted. On the contrary, it is not ripe. The roast duck skin is crisp and crispy, and its meat is white, tender and delicious. Braised roast duck is the sign of cheap house, but the braised stove of burning straw has changed to electric cooker. Nowadays, there are few roast duck shops that use stew. Most of the roast duck shops use the roasting method of Quanjude hanging stove. The roast duck is more tender and the juice of duck skin is more plump and full. The smell of fruit and wood with roast roast duck seems to make people feel the wisdom of "baked" cooking method which was first grasped by human beings.
The Dadong Roast Duck restaurant is slightly less famous than the above two, but it is also very tasty. The cuisine is very particular at the opposite side of Beijing Guangzhou center.


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