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4-day Snow Tour in Beijing

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-05 18:55
Itinerary details

First days.

Today's memo: standing under the Meridian Gate, the power of the imperial power of the past will surge. Out of Shen Wu gate into the park, overlooking the central axis. Go to the bar street in the evening.
4.8 points (102712 comments)
Guidebook: the grand royal ancient architectural complex, the valuable cultural relic is dazzling, before you visit, you'd better do some homework ahead of time, you can also rent the voice interpreter to the scene or hire a narrator.
Play time: recommended 0.5-1 day
Opening hours: busy season (April 1-October 31), Tuesday-Sunday 8:30-17:00, 16:00 stop ticket sales, 16:10 stop admission, 17:00 close; off season (November 1-March 31) Tuesday-Sunday 8:30-16:30, 15:30 stop ticket sales, 15:40 stop admission, 16:30 close. Monday is not open (Monday is not closed on statutory holidays).
Ticket price: ¥ 60   |   price: ¥ 60 reservation
The distance between the two places is about 973 meters: about 18 minutes'walk
the Forbidden City
  • 2 Jingshan Hill Park
4.6 points (2679 comments)
Guide to play: Park on the back of the mountain, from the door of Shen Wu, crossing the road can directly enter the park south gate. The "spring Pavilion" at the top of the mountain is the best location for overlooking and shooting the panoramic view.
Play time: 1-2 hours recommended
Opening hours: 6:30-21:00 in peak season (April 1-October 31), 20:30 in off season (November 1-March 31 next year), 6:30-20:00 in off season, 19:30 in check.
Jingshan Hill Park
4.6 points (3293 comments)
Tour Guide: "Let's swing our oars and push the boat away from the waves..." This is what is described in the familiar song. The three seas are called "Zhonghai" and "Nanhai". Once a royal garden, the pavilions in the park were covered with shadows, and the woods on the lakeside were luxuriant.
Play time: 2-4 hours recommended
Opening time: peak season (April 1-October 31) 6:30-21:00; off season (November 1-March 31) 6:30-20:00.
Ticket Price: 10| Price: 10 Reservation
Beihai Park

4.4 points (475 comments)
Guide to play: the most artistic gathering place for bars is drinking and chatting in the bars along the lake and in the Hutong bar.
Play time: 2-3 hours recommended
Opening hours: open all day
Shichahai Bar Street

Second days, Beijing

Today's Memorandum: Gongwang Palace was once the residence of Hejie. After the visit, the lake will be thickly ice covered in the middle of the winter, and the ice rink will be open as scheduled. Go for a stroll in the evening.
  • 5 Gong Wang Fu
4.5 points (8090 comments)
Tour Guide: Gongwangfu is the most complete preservation of the imperial complex in China. It witnessed the historical process of the Qing Dynasty from prosperity to decline. Therefore, there is the saying "a Gongwangfu, half of the history of the Qing Dynasty". From today's bustling crowd and spirit like architecture, we can see the glory of the past. Choose to come before work day as much as possible so that you can enjoy the seclusion of the deep courtyard.
Play time: 2-4 hours recommended
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 in peak season (1 April-31 October); 9:00-16:00 in off season (1 November-31 March next year); closed on Monday. Closed on September 30, October 1, 2019
The distance between the two places is about 679 meters: about 13 minutes'walk

Gong Wang Fu
  • 6. Shichahai
4.5 points (1633 comments)
Guidebook: both the Ho and ho have opened a regular ice rink. They can rent ice cars, skates and ice bikes near the lotus market and the silver ingot bridge. The cost is not high and the time is limited.
Play time: 2-4 hours recommended
Opening hours: open all day
Ticket Price: 60| Price: 55 Reservation
The distance between the two places is about 1.2 kilometers: about 15 minutes'walk
  • 7 Drum Tower
4.4 points (347 comments)
Guidebook: the core area of the old man, Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420) built, Qing Jiaqing five years (1800) rebuilt.
Play time: 1 hour recommended
Opening hours: 9:00-17:45
The distance between the two places is about 901 meters: about 12 minutes'walk

drum tower
4.4 points (2693 comments)
Guide to play: a Hutong which combines the petty bourgeoisie sentiment and the old Beijing flavor is everywhere.
Play time: 2-4 hours recommended
Opening hours: open all day
Nanluogu Lane

Third days
Today's memo: less than the "non hero", as the most famous scenic spot, is also a must for tourists. There is a ski resort on the west side of the river, which can be skiing here in winter.
  • 9. Badaling Great Wall
4.6 points (20203 comments)
Tour Guide: Bus No. 877 starts from the bus platform of Desheng Building. There are many fake 877 buses on the way to the platform. The fare is 80 yuan. Don't believe it. You can also take the S2 Station Road at the Loess station to get off the train.
Play time: 3-4 hours recommended
Opening time: 6:30-19:00 in peak season (April 1-October 31), 6:00-19:30 in July 1-August 31 and 7:30-18:00 in off season (November 1-March 31).
Ticket Price: 40| Price: 40 Reservation
The distance between the two places is about 7.2 kilometers: efforts are being made to calculate traffic.
Badaling Great Wall
  • 10 Badaling Skiing Ground
4.1 points (124 comments)
Guide: Beijing Badaling ski resort has two 800 meter long primary skid, two 600 meter intermediate slide, a 800 meter long 160 meters high slipway, and has 4 snow blanket, four person lift chair ropeway and other facilities, very suitable for primary skiers.
Play time: 4 hours recommended
Opening time: The scenic area is temporarily closed. For details, please refer to the announcement of the scenic area. The original opening time was from 8:00 to 16:00 on December 21 to March 31 next year.
Badaling Skiing Ground

Fourth days, Shunyi District

Today's Memorandum: On the last day, you can choose a hot spring in the suburbs to soak up and drive away the cold in winter.
  • 11 Chunhui Garden Hot Spring
4.6 points (1887 comments)
Guidebook: Chunhui Garden Hot Spring Resort lies on the edge of the Wenyu River with charming scenery. It has a unique all-weather hot spring bubble pool, which connects with the inside and outside of the house. It can feel warmth in the indoor pool, and also can look up at the stars in the open air and breathe fresh air.
Play time: 2-3 hours recommended
Opening hours: 9:30-24:00
Ticket Price: 168_Price: 108

Chunhui Garden Hot Spring

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