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Temple of Heaven - Wangfujing 1 Day Tour

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-05 18:23
Itinerary details

First days.

Today's memo: from the Tiantan in the morning, I visited the solemn architecture of the ancient emperors' sacrificial offering. Then go to Qianmen Street and visit the old business center. In the afternoon, I will go shopping in shopping mall.
4.5 points (7219 comments)
Tour Guide: One of the most famous ancient buildings in China, the special altar for emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties to worship heaven, to pray for rain and to pray for a good year, the Hall of Prayer for New Year and the Echo Wall are all famous buildings in the scenic area, which are very delicate.
Play time: 2-3 hours recommended
Opening hours: 6:00-17:30 in peak season (April 1-October 31), 16:00 stop selling tickets; 6:30-17:00 in off season (November 1-March 31 next year), 15:30 stop selling tickets;
Ticket Price: 63| Price: 46 Reservation
 Temple of Heaven

The distance between the two places is about 2.3 kilometers: about 38 minutes by bus.
  • 2. Qianmen Street
4.5 points (1208 comments)
Guidebook: from Tiantan to Qianmen Street, which is the most famous commercial street in Beijing since ancient times. Now there are many old name restaurants and shops, as well as a collection of snacks all over The Place, which is suitable for shopping and enjoying food.
Play time: 1-2 hours recommended
Opening hours: open all day
Ticket Price: 280 Price: 280 Reservation
Qianmen Street

The distance between the two places is about 432 meters: about 6 minutes'walk
  • 3. Big fence
4.4 points (814 comments)
Guidebook: big fence and Qianmen Street are in a region, which is a famous ancient market and bustling commercial downtown. It is also the epitome and essence of Beijing culture. Shopping, dining, entertainment and other shops in the block row upon row, and the time-honored brands are listed among them. They are the places of choice for entertainment, shopping and food culture.
Play time: 30-60 minutes recommended
Opening hours: open all day
Big fence

The distance between the two places is about 1.1 kilometers: about 14 minutes'walk
4.7 points (12377 comments)
Guidebook: after passing through the barrier and Qianmen Street, it is necessary to go to Wangfujing through Tiananmen square. If you haven't been here before, you can have a good picture of the many signs of the Republic.
Play time: 1-2 hours recommended
Opening hours: 5:00-22:00
Tian'anmen Square

The distance between the two places is about 441 meters: about 1 minute's walk
4.6 points (1469 comments)
Tour Guide: A collection of the cultural essence of various places. Here, not only can we see the shadow, but we can also see the mask, the beast head and so on.
Play time: 3-4 hours recommended
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (stop at 16:00, exit at 16:30), closing on Monday.
Ticket Price: 300| Price: 279 Reservations
National Museum of China

The distance between the two places is about 1.6 kilometers: about 22 minutes by bus
  • 6. Wangfujing
4.4 points (1403 comments)
Guidebook: the collection of many shopping malls is a veteran shopping mall. There are snacks Street, Wangfujing church and so on. Shopping, shopping, delicious food and scenic spots are very good.
Play time: 2-4 hours recommended
Opening hours: open all day


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