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Located on the east side of Dongdaqiao road of Yingbin National Road, world trade Tianjie is close to many top office buildings such as Guomao, Kerry Center and famous apartments such as world trade international apartment and Xincheng international. It is located at the west gate of CBD in Beijing. It has been identified as a key government work project by Chaoyang District government and has become the flagship business of CBD.
Chinese Name: the city of world trade Tianjie, the country of Beijing, the suitable season for playing in China, four seasons, it is recommended to play for 2 hours
brief introduction
World Trade Tianjie Investment Group invested heavily in the development and construction of world trade Tianjie project in 2003. It is composed of two 5A office buildings and two leisure shopping centers on the north and South wings. The sky with a length of 250 meters and a width of 30 meters rises from the sky. At the same time, it has elegant and luxurious staircase square and semi closed pedestrian street. In the whole harmonious space combination, various classic architectural elements make world trade Tianjie show noble time everywhere  Shang's commercial atmosphere.
World Trade Tianjie is positioned as "a leisure shopping place that combines food, entertainment, space art and fashion information window to meet the all sensory journey of seeing, listening, smelling, smelling and touching", providing fashionable retail formats and commercial service facilities for middle and high-income white-collar workers in CBD, integrating 6-star night club exotic theme restaurant, home life, spa, food plaza and brand flagship store Equal to one.
The project was completed and put into use in 2006. It is a high-end comprehensive fashion shopping place with unique fashion taste, leisure and entertainment, cultural and artistic atmosphere and Olympic brand characteristics in CBD area of Beijing. It is called "the place where dreams start" by people of insight.
Architectural characteristics
The world trade terrace is composed of two commercial corridors and two office buildings on the north and South wings, as well as outdoor places such as staircase square.
Commercial corridor
The commercial gallery is an all stone building with modern style and ancient and mellow connotation. Over it, the first electronic dream sky in Asia and the third largest in the world rises in the sky. The curtain is 250 meters long and 30 meters wide, with a total cost of 250 million yuan. It was designed by Jeremy Railton, a Hollywood stage master who won an Oscar and four Emmy Awards. Jeremy Railton said: "such a bold business idea, let me directly see the economic brilliance from Asia, such a plan with the significance of the times, for designers, is enough to inspire unlimited creative enthusiasm.
Although the scale of the world trade sky curtain ranks the third in the world after Suzhou and Las Vegas, the most advanced technology used far exceeds that of Las Vegas. Therefore, the world trade sky curtain is the first in the world in terms of technology. " This skyline will bring a combination of sound and light with dreamlike color and fashionable taste to the whole commercial street, and become a world-class spectacle attracting people. After completion, people here can enjoy the colorful day and night landscape and experience the sound and light art with dreamlike color and fashionable taste brought by modern technology.
At 21:10 p.m. on March 8, 2009, Jolin, an Asian diva, premiered the music video of her new song "big husband" in the world trade Tianjie, becoming the first singer of the world trade Tianjie to play the song MV. It also attracted tens of thousands of fans to watch. Screening time of sky screen: the playing time of the sky screen depends on the color of the sky. It is usually opened before dark.
Summer: it starts at about 19:30 every half hour and ends at 23:00.
Winter: it starts at about 17:00 every half hour and ends at 22:00.
Office Building
World Trade Tianjie has two 5A office buildings - C fashion building and D Tianjie building. The two high-end office buildings have advanced supporting facilities and excellent service team, superior geographical location, bright and stable office lobby, intelligent and advanced hardware equipment and 24-hour all-weather service, etc. all major international brand companies have successively settled in.
Sky background
The place investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. Since its establishment, the company has been based on the project construction of improving the living environment and life taste, successively invested in Guangqumen, shunsidiao, Fangcao, Jinmao apartment and other projects, and established an investment, development and management team with professional knowledge. Now it has developed into a comprehensive investment group with real estate development as the core and multiple businesses including commercial operation, property management, international trade, etc.
1999 marks the rapid development of world trade Tianjie investment group. The company invested and established Beijing AOZHONG base Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to develop the world trade international apartment project. Located in CBD area of Beijing, world trade international apartment is a high-end export hardbound apartment in the core area of Beijing. Due to the adoption of international linear plane layout in the design of house type and living room, the North-South connection and the rising sun of each household, the design of "World Trade International Apartment" won the gold medal of "innovation storm" national housing design winning activity of the Ministry of construction, and was rated as "the best classic house type" in 2000 by Beijing Youth Daily. 90% of the apartments were sold in the first six months, a record high in sales of high-end export apartments, and received unanimous praise from customers.
Sky class idea
The concept of "looking up all over Beijing" shows the world trade Tianjie's public spirit of advocating civilization, a living attitude of advocating civilization, a behavior concept of advocating civilization, and a sense of social responsibility of advocating civilization. It carries a kind of belief of the world trade scale, and also accurately interprets the spiritual connotation and life essence of the world trade scale. "Looking up" is life, fashion, taste, food and creativity.

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