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Water Cube (National Aquatic Center)

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-17 10:01
Water Cube (National Aquatic Center) 1

As one of the main competition venues of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the National Swimming Center has the international level of facilities and popularity, the surrounding area has more than 500000 consumer residents, the convenient and quick transportation conditions of the Subway Olympic branch line, the professional company with rich stadium operation experience selected through international bidding, as well as the distinctive business projects, and Neighboring large-scale cultural and sports facilities will have obvious competitive advantages in the operation after the game.
On the opposite side of the Water Cube is the Bird's Nest. The two buildings are in one circle, which contains the Chinese philosophy of the round sky and The Place, and forms the unity of the balance of yin and Yang. The colorful water cube is a beautiful and bright scenery of Beijing.
Water Cube (National Aquatic Center) 2

It is designed according to the arrangement of cells and the natural structure of soap bubbles. This kind of shape has never appeared in the architectural structure, and its creativity is very strange. The water cube at night is bursting with the charm of blue ocean.
The Water cube water park has many water amusement facilities, such as deep-sea tornado, rapid dark surge, sea bottom shuttle, magic vortex, river turning and so on. These thrilling and exciting entertainment projects can bring you a new exciting experience. Every inch of space and bubble film here is full of the element of "water", as if you are in a magical underwater world. Coral, jellyfish, seaweed, fish and dreamlike lights and music in the water make you feel dreamlike.
The air quality in the competition hall is excellent, and the natural light, sound effect, architectural structure and color are beautifully combined to create a comfortable, pleasant and exciting comprehensive indoor environment.
Water Cube (National Aquatic Center) 3

The group photo is one of the important links of the APEC banquet. The group photo hall cleverly uses the Olympic warm-up swimming pool of the original water cube to build the group photo area in a pool of clear water. The unique steel membrane structure group photo backboard of the water cube is set at the "Shore".
The art floor design of the banquet hall "winding water flowing Cup" is unique. It is composed of 360 meters long, 30 cm wide and interconnected "winding water". It is winding and zigzagging, and connects the circular water rings representing 21 economies. In the colorful water belt, the water and grass depend on each other, the goldfish swim and are beautiful, which successfully highlights the beauty of the "water" of the water cube; the meaning of "winding water flowing from the ancient Chinese culture" and feast guests and friends highlights the Chinese charm.
The VIP lounge is the place where the economic VIP rest before the handshake. It is surrounded by wooden platforms, scattered and semi open. Flower Bonsai and unique ceramic horse are placed on the stage. There are eight horses in total. Each one is painted with auspicious clouds, longevity peaches, flowers and other patterns to show auspiciousness. Inside the wooden platform, there are sofas and tea tables with simple and generous furnishings.
Water Cube (National Aquatic Center) 4

In August 2007, Beijing National Swimming Center Co., Ltd. was registered and established. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the municipal state-owned company, it is fully responsible for the construction, management and operation of the National Swimming Center project under the leadership of the state-owned company.
During the 2008 Olympic Games, the national swimming center undertook swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and other competitions, producing 42 Olympic gold medals. After the Olympic Games, the swimming center can not only undertake major water competitions (such as the Paralympic Games, world swimming, Diving Championships) and all kinds of regular events, but also a multi-functional international fashion center with international advanced level, integrating swimming, sports, fitness and leisure, providing good basic conditions for citizens to strengthen their health.

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