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Old summer palace

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-16 17:48
Old summer palace

Character 1: Royal Gardens of Qing Dynasty Destroyed by War
Old Summer Palace  is located in the north of Haidian District, the western suburb of Beijing. It was built by the five emperors of the Qing Dynasty. It was crowned by the world as "the garden of ten thousand gardens", "the model of world gardens", "the Palace of Versailles in the East" and so on. Old summer palace  consists of Old summer palace , Changchun and Qichunyuan.
The Royal Palace Old summer palace  lives by water. Water lotus is the soul of Old summer palace  in summer. After decades of operation and construction, the lotus planting area in Old summer palace  ruins park today totals more than 1000 mu, with nearly 400 varieties.
Old summer palace 2

Old summer palace , once known for its vast regional scale, outstanding building skills, exquisite architectural landscape, rich cultural collection and profound national cultural connotation, is known as "all the model of gardening art" and "garden of ten thousand gardens". Unfortunately, this world famous garden was brutally looted and burned by the Anglo-French coalition forces in October 1860. After that, it went through numerous destruction and looting, and a generation of famous gardens eventually fell into ruins. After the baptism of blood and fire, Old summer palace  is like a history book of modern Chinese history, which has a shocking value. Standing in front of the broken stone pillars of the Western Tower, people seem to hear the cry of history.
Old summer palace 3

Dashuifa Site is a part of Xiyanglou (European Palaces) in Beijing Old summer palace . The main scenic spot of Xiyang Building is the artificial fountain, sometimes called "water method", which is characterized by its large quantity, great momentum and peculiar conception. It mainly forms three large fountain groups, namely, harmony and interest, Haiyantang and Dashuifa, which are quite interesting and the essence of Chinese and Western culture. Dashui Fashion, adjacent to Haiyan Hall in the west, is the most spectacular European-style fountain landscape in Changchun Garden at the intersection of the North-South main axis and the east-west axis of Xiyang Building. In 1860, when the Anglo-French allied forces invaded Beijing, they destroyed the Old summer palace  Garden. Among them, the British army set fire to it. Today, only a few marble pillars of the Great Water Law and the Great View stand there, recording the enormous crimes committed by the Anglo-French allied forces in destroying Chinese culture.
Old summer palace 33

Qichun Garden, also known as "Wanchun Garden", consists of Bamboo Garden, Hanhui Garden, Xishuang Village and the northern half of Chunhe Garden. It was once one of the main residences of Emperor Jiaqing's perennial garden in Qing Dynasty. After Daoguang, it was mainly used as the residence of empress-in-law. There are many small scenic spots in the park, which is a large collection of small waterscape gardens.
Now, Qichun garden is the main venue of the annual Lotus Festival of Old summer palace . There are a large number of lotus flowers planted on the water surface of the garden. In midsummer, lotus flowers blossom in full bloom, and the whole Yichun Garden is purple and red. It's also a good experience to row a boat and walk among lotus leaves.


Changchun Garden is dominated by large-scale waterscape. At that time, the core building, including the Jingtang complex, was large in scale. Its layout was based on the Ningshou Palace in the Forbidden City. It was the habitual residence of Emperor Qianlong after his abdication. There is a lion forest in the northeast corner of the park, which is modeled after the Lion Forest in Suzhou. In the northwest part of the park, a series of European-style garden buildings, commonly known as "Western Towers", are built. The well-known "Great Water Law" is located here.
In addition, there are more than ten buildings and gardens, such as harmony and interest, line method bridge, sea Yantang, far-reaching view, water observation, line method mountain and line method wall, but now there is only a fragmented wall, which can only be imagined in the ruins of the grand occasion of that year.

The Yellow Flower Array in the Western Building Scenic Area of Old summer palace  is a rectangular maze imitating European style. The emperor and his concubines were sitting on a high platform to watch the palace lanterns, which were made of yellow flowers, so they were called "Yellow Flower Array". So far, we must walk through this maze and feel the atmosphere of the emperor and the people enjoying together.

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