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Nanluogu Lane

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-16 17:59
Nanluogu Lane

Located in the center of Beijing, Nanluogu Lane is a Hutong with petty bourgeoisie and old Beijing charm. It is also one of Beijing's fashion landmarks. There are many specialty shops of literature and art, and many kinds of snacks. Young people, especially young people of literature and art, tend to regard this place as a necessary place to visit Beijing.
Nanluogu Lane1

Nanluogu Lane is famous for its delicacies, such as Wenyu Cheese Store (No. 49 Nanluogu Lane). The original cheese, double-skinned milk and sour plum soup are its characteristics and are always in long lines. Passengers (No. 108 Nanluogu Lane) and Bamo (No. 106 Nanluogu Lane) all have creative pizza. Passengers'mutton string pizza, Gongbao Chicken Ding pizza and Beijing Roast Duck pizza are excellent. There's no corn juice here (No. 145 Nanluogu Lane) but it's thick corn juice.
Nanluogu Lane 3

After eating, naturally you have to go to a specialty shop for digestion and digestion. Band aid 8 (Nanluogu Lane 61) is a must go. The boss is the humorous and interesting British Jiang Senhai in the TV program "duty to go to work". The shop sells a T-shirt representing the old fellow Beijing's cultural pattern, which is lined with enamel red basin and old iron toy. Some stores just look at their names and find them novel and interesting. For example, the clothes seller is called belly button eye (No. 53 Nanluogu Lane). It's interesting to take the name of the store and share it with friends.
Nanluogu Lane 4

Turning into the alleys on both sides of the main street, there are fewer visitors. Old houses tell the history of old Beijing. Here are the Qing Dynasty Monk Greenqin Palace, the last empress Wanrong's former residence, and the gardens imitated the style of Jiangnan gardens. Unfortunately, most of the buildings can not be visited, but can only be seen outside.
Nanluogu Lane 5

At present, Qibaishi Old Residence Memorial Hall (Yuer Hutong) and Mao Dun's former residence (No. 13 Hutong of Houyuan Ensi) are open to the outside world. In addition, the Central Academy of Drama (No. 39 East Cotton Hutong) is also located in Nangonggu Lane.

Nanluogu Lane 6

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