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Gubei Water Town

Source:Flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-10-15 08:57
Gubei Water Town i

Gubei Water Town is located in the northeast of Miyun County, Beijing, about 140 kilometers away from the center of Beijing. It is an ancient town scenic spot rebuilt on the basis of the original ancient villages. The town is built according to water. Many mountain courtyards in Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China style are reserved and built on the streets. They are full of the majestic style of the ancient town in the north. At the same time, many areas with the characteristics of southern water towns are constructed. The environment is simple and elegant.
There are many special shops in the town. Eating, living and shopping are very convenient. You can come for a stroll to take photos and go shopping. It is a good choice for leisure and vacation in the suburbs of Beijing.
Relying on the historical and cultural heritage of Simatai, Gubei Water Town carried out in-depth excavation. The holidays of 9 square kilometers were planned as "six districts and three valleys". They are Old Camp District, Republic of China Street District, Shuijie Custom Area, Wolong Fort Folk Culture Area, Tanghe Guzhai District, Folk Suite Restaurant Area and Houchuan Chan Valley, Eden Valley, Yunfeng Cui Valley. Gubei Water Town is an international tourism destination with comprehensive characteristics, such as sightseeing, leisure and vacation, business exhibition, creative culture, first-class service and facilities, high participation and experience.
The resort has 430,000 square meters of beautiful Ming-Qing and Republican style mountain compound buildings, including 4 boutique hotels, 5 theme hotels, 23 guest houses, a total of 1378 rooms, more than 10 cultural exhibition experience areas, characteristic shops and restaurants and perfect supporting services.

gubei water town day
The night view of Gubei Water Town is one of Beijing's best. In 2016, it is a brand-new and heavy-duty night tour under the Great Wall to create "eight famous games": climbing the Great Wall, night tour with lanterns at Simatai; tasting the Great Wall, delicate dinner at Lakeside under the city; looking at the Great Wall, swaying under the Great Wall; watching the Great Wall, stars and hot springs; listening to the Great Wall, romantic water dance show; sleeping under the Great Wall; playing the Great Wall, playing under the Great Wall; drunken under the Great Wall; Tasting wine and watching the stars on the top of the mountain. The town, built on the basis of northern water culture, is becoming a new fashion landmark for night trips in Beijing, attracting more and more young people and international friends to take holidays and leisure. It is also a paradise for photographers and food lovers.
Gubei Water Town  is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing. It is situated on the Yuanyanghu Reservoir, backed by the Great Wall of Simatai. It is a rare scenic resort in the suburbs of Beijing, which combines mountains and rivers. Night view is excellent, and it has become a new landmark of night tour in Beijing.

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